August 1, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Video: Bible Prophecy Update


Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: shares a promise from God’s Word as to why we should not be afraid or discouraged concerning that which is now happening.


excited to check it out. can’t right at the moment.

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The first time my boss said something she was kind. She was not so kind last Thursday. Anything I shared was “fake news”. She told me that the next time she will tell me to get vaccinated. It’s not just jab or no jab, it’s the spirit behind the jab. Unfortunately, it is also in the church :cry:
I pray more and more daily, “come quickly LORD Jesus!”


Oh this was such an encouragement, AND a challenge. I posted this on another thread earlier, but thought I should post it here instead/as well. Perhaps it will encourage and challenge others on the forum to join in. I am going to embark here on a thirty day challenge to praise God and thank Him for parting the Red Seas in my life.

I thank you and praise you Lord, for YOU are able! NoTHING is impossible for You! I choose to believe, though I don’t see how or when, that ALL the ones I love will be found worthy to escape the wrath to come!! Not one will be left behind! And, though I know not what challenges and trials may lie ahead before you call us out of this world, I believe, though I know not how, that you will provide EVERYTHING I might need to live out these days as a witness to your honor and glory! Praise you, Lord, for the HOPE that lives in my heart and the glorious future that awaits all who believe! Amen!


This is only applicable to Malaysia on mandatory vaccinations. The omission is a loophole which is a concern to be exploited by employers or government. There is no religious exemption allowed from what I read here:


I Love this! :rofl:


Maybe it’s just me, but the sound seems a bit out of sync with the video.


Thank you Jesus! You are so very faithful. I will praise you in the storm, and though I cannot see what tomorrow brings I know my Savior walks beside me. All my tomorrows are in your hands and every day I will choose to praise you no matter what the future brings.
And when that trumpet sounds I will be ready to fly away home to be with you forever.
I love you Jesus, oh how I love you!


I do agree with Pastor JD in this Prophecy Update, mandatory vaccines are coming.

In some places in the world like Sydney, Australia, the military already looks to be involved as the Vaccine Force.

I do not know what will happen next on this earth, I do know that unless Almighty YHVH GOD Raptures us soon, we will have some exponentially increasing tough challenges ahead.



Hi Janny,

That is a very nice prayer that all of us should pray…Thank You : )


We have been singing this song in Church for the last several weeks.
It is so true.


I am encouraged to start praising God aloud as well praising Him BEFORE He acts.


Hello I am living in Northern Ireland, and I work in health care. I was asked why was not vaccinated by boss, and my reasons why. I have been looking for an exemption form, on religious grounds online and can’t find any. I have seen forms that apply to other countries but not the uk. I need a uk form to provide an answer to my boss. If you can help with this I would be very grateful. Thank you.
Please email me at:


I hear you my friend. We must all pray for each other. I am retired so I don’t face that one. I can only imagine how that feels. I will share something with you. I had a very bad fall 12 ft hitting my head on hard wood repeatedly as I fell. I whispered Oh God when I realized I was falling and into your hands I commit my soul before I hit the bottom. I didn’t lose consciousness and broke no bones. My eyesight has been impacted as has my short term memory but I am alive and still able to serve.

I believe very strongly in God’s promise. So no matter what happens, place yourself in the Lord’s hands. I don’t believe this can go on for very long before we are removed from here. God will take care of those who love him. I can’t say that I have always lived a Godly life but I have had Jesus in my life since I was really small. I will pray for you that God will keep you strong and I know he will take care of you and all who call out to him. Lean on this forum too. It is full of caring people so we can all encourage each other. psalm 91 is a balm for my soul.let it minister to you.


A timely message as always. We are in the midst of the exact battle Pastor spoke about regarding the “vaccine”. We live in the evil State of NY and just received notice that my daughter will not be able to attend her college and live on campus without the jab. This notice came with exactly the amount of time needed to get both doses. My daughter has 5 days to decide if she will be jabbed. I’d she doesn’t she will not be able to attend college. She has worked so hard for this and it all can be taken away by this evil and tyrannical government. I have felt real despair about this and have felt like the enemy won. Praying for guidance


Hello Paddy,

I have a website that can provide this. It is called Life Site News. (It is a Catholic site but they have much information about the vaccine epidemic.) I have downloaded several documents from them regarding this issue. I believe I saw links to such forms but I recommend you contact them and ask them for such forms and they will provide them, they have many connections medically and legally.

If nothing results, just don’t take the jab anyway. A job won’t do you any good if you are six feet under from the jab, among other reasons.

God bless


Yes! That is so true! All we do is add gray hairs to our heads.

And another point is that there are actual cures for Covid that are not the ‘vax’ and they are suppressing it. The vax is not even a vaccine and doesn’t help against the actual virus anyway, of which the numbers have been inflated. What I say to those people accusing us is this: Your rights end where mine begin, and that includes my body. I am not making you ‘sick’, I am not sick, and if any of us are we can take one of those other remedies for the virus that has a 99.9% recovery rate. And on top of that, YOU go and get the bloody vax and then you don’t have to worry about getting a virus from a healthy person who did not get the vax! AND, if you can still get the virus after the vax, then how would me getting vaxxed help either of us from the virus? I’m not making them sick or stopping them from it either way.
These people need to THINK! Ugh.


This is following the same pattern as the holocaust you know. Jews were banned from this and that by encroaching edicts and pogroms to the point of genocide. That is the plan again.

Now I LOVE the whole ‘leaving Egypt’ thing because you know what? The whole thing is an outline of the plan of salvation from the time before they left till they entered the promised land, which, by the way, is not an analogy of heaven but the Christian life. There will be no more battles in heaven. The Red Sea is analogous to the birth canal; the nation was born, or literally BORN AGAIN! It takes faith for that, there is no other way. All the way through the desert, the Spirit indwelling the Tabernacle, the cloud overshadowing it is analogous to the Holy Spirit baptism and indwelling of the believer. The circumcision at the Jordan is parallel to the circumcision of the heart. There is water that is crossed at both ends of the journey and we undergo water baptism at some point. The Passover meal is the atonement received. We leave the world and its sinful culture behind, we are no longer slaves to sin. There are so many symbolisms I have a long list! AND, it proves that the Bible was authored by God, outside of time, or none of these connections would be there over thousands of years. It’s the signature of God on His Holy Word!
( :

Now I know that place, where you are at the end of your rope. I can share from experience that what I did was consecrate myself on the altar of God, my whole life. I literally ‘died’ to my life here on earth. This was years after I got saved. And it changed everything! He set me up in a ministry and guided my life in such a way that had I not done that, my life would have been a total waste of time for the next ten years until now. He told me this was coming BACK THEN! He wanted me to just serve Him and warn the church and not worry about going back to college to get a new career, try again to get a house, or any of those pursuits. It would all be a waste of time if I did. And… He was right! Whatever I would have rebuilt would have been blasted to nothing as well with all that is coming, as well as having wasted a decade rebuilding. Whether I have a house or a small apartment, I have a roof over my head. In a few years that go quickly it would all be taken away from me anyway. It’s like building a house only to have someone else live in it, or detail your car only to have it break down and die a few months later. At this point I say do not worry. We will only be rearranging the deck chairs around on the Titanic. It matters not. We don’t have tomorrow.

The rapture will come… later, but there will be something else that will come along. Many storms are on the way or already here. All of this will be irrelevant.

If you are one who is struggling, as we all will meet this fork in the road, just place yourself on His altar and ask Him to take it all. A Red Sea will part for you too. We often get so focused on things in life that don’t matter instead of being focused on what the Lord wants us to focus on.

Consider the following situation. There is a man somewhere in the third world right now. He recently gave his life to Jesus. He now stands to lose his career in that part of the world. (They do have doctors there too.) He will also lose his house, his possessions, his chance of livelihood, his reputation in the area, and probably even his family will abandon him once they learn that he converted to another religion. He considered this a small price to pay for what he had just received (not that you pay for salvation, but in the sense that Jesus said we are to count the cost, and a Christian is a disciple and vice versa). Soon after, all of these things happened to him. A short time after that some town elders who had heard of his conversion confronted him. He shared the gospel with them. One in the group was convicted and left the confrontation. The rest continued to pressure him and when he would not recant his faith, they put him to death. He entered heaven after this one last sacrifice he had made, received a martyr’s crown, and heard the words “Well done…” He was perplexed and knew that his time as a Christian on earth had been short, he wondered what he had time to do well. The Lord reminded him of all his sacrifices and that whatever he lost for his faith on earth, he would receive ten times more in heaven. He nodded as he remembered that verse. In addition to this, the Lord said that he had born some fruit for Him while he was there. The man asked what fruit that was. He had shared the gospel with his family and friends, they had shunned and abandoned him, but maybe they came around after all? The Lord said that this had not happened as of the time. In fact, all that he had done, all that he had built on earth did not earn any rewards, not his career, not his wealth, not his large family. The only rewards are those that last forever, the souls that get saved from sharing the gospel. The Lord opened up a window to earth and allowed him to see a small church meeting. “But, I did not get that far, even though I had wanted to do that.” Then the Lord reminded him of the man who took off when the confrontation began. The man had been convicted by his testimony. He had seen the realness of his faith under trial and threat of death, and that His eyes were fixed on Jesus, he saw his passion coming from his soul and knew that whatever he expressed was real or at least he was convinced enough to die for it. So he decided to look into it more. He went to someone in a nearby town who he knew was a disciple and asked him and the gospel was shared and he received it. After that he went on to start a small church in his town and it began to multiply. It was in the same town as the martyr had lived in. When the man saw the fruit of what came from his witness he cried for joy.

There are people like this all over so many parts of the world right now, and that is why the church is growing rapidly there. Everything else… is sinking sand.

And that is a song too! All other ground is sinking sand, on Jesus the solid rock I stand!

As one martyr put it, “I give up what I cannot keep, only to gain what I cannot lose.”