August 10, 2023: Ezekiel 19 -- The Harder We Grieve The Sooner We Heal

:bible2: Ezekiel 19 – The Harder We Grieve The Sooner We Heal

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_2: talks about how the prophet Ezekiel mourning for Israel, reveals that the harder we grieve, the sooner we heal.

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I was reminded of several times in my own life where grief and suffering were overwhelming. In those times when I had cried and had nothing left, I pictured myself being held in the arms of Jesus. Jesus cries with us and comforts us in those times of despair and grief. He is so loving and gentle and no words need to be spoken, for he knows our pain.
To quote the words of my favorite song ‘Just Be Held’ :
‘And not a tear is wasted
In time, you’ll understand
I’m painting beauty with the ashes
Your life is in My hands’

Praise Jesus!!! :pray: :heart:


Reference for self: 19 mins 25 s


I also know deep sorrow and grief and I have that 'special ’ place, that niche, where I can go out of necessity,where it is just the Lord and me. It is where He comforts and heals and keeps me in His care.
I’m sure this is available to evey child of God.

Thank you Pastor for this timely teaching from this chapter in Ezekiel. The Lord knew we all needed this very lesson.


@ 23m 40s

Fascinating historical and cultural note regarding the Davidic Kingdom/lineage and inherent naming conventions.

So growing up as a kid I was always known as from the house of …my father’s name

JD Farag @24m 25s

Hailing from the same cultural background as pastor JD my father was often called ‘Abu-Louay’ by close family and friends, which means ‘Father of Louay’. Louay is my twin brother and the eldest born (by about 15 minutes!) so again it references the idea of lineage and house, albeit inversed, which would be continued through the eldest male born, unless ofc almighty God has other plans (see Gen 27).

In memory of dad, to this day I still often call my brother ‘Abu-Max’ (Max being his eldest son).


This kinda hits my heart like a volley of arrows meant to heal. This was kind of a nudge to me to state the obvious I should have known. When you’re suddenly all alone and no one can help you and you can’t reach anyone to get help and you put your heart out there begging for someone to listen and help in whatever way they can. Suddenly, someone comes and offers a hand to help you in a way you need most; Refuge.

Considering the events which have transpired recently, I think this chapter is a reminder as Farag mentioned that Jesus grieves with those grieving and never shuts a door to those who are brokenhearted. And perhaps because of this chapter, we get a better understanding of just how easy it is to come to Jesus when we’re feeling alone and in need of help. We just have to let go and give it all to Him and whatever is intended will happen at the right time. Comfort.


My mum passed away last night to go home to be with the Lord.
I know about grieving like JD I lost a child also in 2015 he was my only son.
Jesus showed up many times during the greif of my son the words in Isiah used to highlight on the page as i read them supernaturally.
Please pray for me. x


So very sorry for your loss…praying for you :pray:


So sorry to hear the sad news of your losses Fred. I have prayed that you’ll find comfort under the wings of our Lord as we await our blessed hope when we’ll be caught up in the clouds with saved and sleeping loved ones to meet the Lord in the air. We have so very much to look forward to.

I pray you’ll find comfort and encouragement from Paul’s words in 1 Thes 4:13-18. I know JD does in relation to baby Noelle and his parents. Soon and very soon! Keep looking up.

God bless you :pray::pray::pray:


I’m very sorry for the loss of your mom. I lost my mom in 2007 and she was my best friend. My heart breaks for you and my prayers are with you. :two_hearts::pray:


thank you all.

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For someone that may need to hear this.

My deepest sympathies, brother in Christ. While my heart aches for your loss, my spirit rejoices on where you know she’s gone and is awaiting for the time God reunites all with our loved ones awaiting us. I will and have without knowing, pray for you, sir.


Dear Fred, losing a mum is sheer heartbreak. My mum died 2 yrs ago on Mother’s Day. I am still grieving and need her comfort so desperately, but God has done an amazing job of standing in her place until I see her again. I am praying for you and hugging you with compassion and hope for healing your sorrows.

Heavenly Father, I humbly ask that you surround my dear brother with your strong arms of comfort and strength. Heal his broken heart as only you can. Fill the emptiness and loneliness with your joy and peace as the days go by so he may be a comfort to others. Thank you for your faithfulness to the lonely and broken ones for you have said they will be comforted. In the precious name of Jesus, amen.

Matthew 5:4

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