August 3, 2023: Ezekiel 18 -- Life Isn’t Fair But God Is

Oh Carole thats heartbreaking. But thankfully your dad is free from all that pain now. Our parents can really mess us up. Even Christian ones. However i am so delighted both my mum and dad are in heaven.
But my kid has hurt me more than any other person.
How are you Ron and Gracie doing?
So looking forward to meeting you both when we transformed in the twinkling of an eye xx


Day by day and hour by hour we look for His coming in the clouds and keep both ears open for that last trump. Storm brewing on the coast so we are batten down the hatches and tieing everything down that will fly away. We are 30 miles from rhe coast as you know and not worried but prepared for 70 mph winds and up to 6 inches of rain. Yiles!!
Any good walks lately? Praying for you dear sis. Miss our chats but when I have a spot of tea and a :cookie: I think of you.


Oh i hope you will be okay dear Carole, i hope being 30 miles inland will keep you safe. You laugh at earthquakes being used to them, this will be easy in comparision.

We had a storm warning wind and heavy rain last night, but we get a lot of rain, so our homes are sturdier (i think) I dont know if any damage nothing obvious . Please God let the roof be okay i had it repaired last month hoping its okay. Still very windy and wet so not going out. The big bush outside is dancing at least it hasnt gone anywhere.
I miss our chats too. Hope to have a cuppa together at the feast
I was down in newcastle on tuesday but between bad weather and artritis not out as much. Short local walks mean if the weather gets nasty i can get hime safe. Its more like october or november than August!!
Yes we keep looking up . Please Jesus come soon.
God bless dear friend.


Oh boy. This does not bode well for SoCal. Right in the middle of a TS they catch a nice shallow 5.1 earthquake center in Ojai just up the coast from San Diego and LA. Even though Ojai is not getting a direct hit form the storm they are feeling it to some degree.

Not gonna get into any debates whether it was man made, natural, or the hand of God bringing discipline so please don’t even start with it.

On the other hand it really makes the point of this sermon subject. I am pretty a lot of those in that area are throwing up their hands and say what is next, life just ain’t fair. So time wear out some knees on my jeans for the folks in that area and south.