August 6, 2023: 1 John 3:10-15 – My Fruit Exposes My Root

:bible2: 1 John 3:10-15 – My Fruit Exposes My Root

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: Pastor JD talks about how it is and why it is that the fruit from my life, will always expose what’s at the root of my life.

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Thank you for sharing.

I believe its the Who’s Zoo we might be dealing with.

This all seems to mind me of the young bride and groom that want to go on the honey moon instead of leaving at this time. Meaning its like that in they are waiting for the next conference or travel to Israel or next sheep cruise.

I have been holding back as best I can from saying anything to these well meaning but equally controlling the narrative teachers that seem to not want the competition for some reason.

I had already decided at this time not to buy their books nor actually watch many of them that I used too as something sadly seems amiss. And they need to know what the sheep think about it.

And yes, they seem to only be sticking with what they have for years and now just tell us what we are all seeing. I don’t see them getting now revelation or understanding from the scriptures and seem to not be privy to the Books of Daniel.

I believe they are aware and wonder why, some may need to go back to their 1st love.

I didn’t know they are suppose to make the rules for this race but to just teach the scriptures and we will be doing the Berean studies to make sure they have not strayed or taken liberties with us that was not given by the scriptures.

So instead, I have been praying for them but not agreeing with them on this matter because they have no right to hammer me or others on our Blessed Hope. I Love what most of the Watchman and watchwomen are doing.

By the way looking back they started this just under 7 years ago and the Rev. !2 sign. And they left that young man and others hanging out to dry.

That’s was an event and we are about to see the 7 year anniversary on Sept. 23 so if something pro-found happens they were wrong but if nothing happens then they may have been correct. But if not they were still wrong in the way they treated Scotty Clark and others right or wrong.

To me they need to wake up to their disconnect to Gods people. They are still remembering how right they were but they were more wrong than Scottie and others were and they still are.

I can now see why the scriptures say at a time you think not. Why because many that should know will still be talking about later and we see its now.



Well, moving and telling or telling a moving teaching could be more appropriate. You know, it’s kinda funny how on this forum, sometimes we see people’s reaction as their only exposed fruit that exposes their heart. We don’t get to see what people do with others or for others or to others. Members could be totally different face-to-face than online… of course there are times they are who they are in both respects. But anyway it’s a question that we I hope all ask ourselves to kind of ‘check ourselves’; “How am I doing being an ambassador for Christ?”

I could see the tell-tale sign of a clipboard in the hand of a Christian constantly checking off boxes of what they’re doing to bring people to Jesus and Jesus to people. I guess those would be legalists, wouldn’t they? Okay, candidly speaking - it really helps to examine ourselves as was indicated in the study and as we all know. I think we forget at times or get too wrapped up in the world we’re trying to stiff arm to keep away from. Or keep them away from us.

I only have one question; Are we showing different fruits from different Followers of Christ? Or are they all the same? If so…can I be a watermelon or maybe a pineapple? I’ll take being an orange but only the good tasting kind!


This….I needed this….:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

And I am nodding my head with ya.


Let me be a raspberry.
Sometimes they crumble and sometimes they stew in their own juices.
Sometimes they fall right off the branch and drop to the ground.
Sometimes they just wither.
But SOMETIMES they are breaking bud and eagerly growing, and awaiting the moment when they will be at their peak.


Right now I would choose watermelon, I don’t need the sugar but the vitamin c is so good!



I still see myself as a hard nut to crack…I think a pecan best describes me.
Sorry y’all never had sugar drippin’ off my lips
But I would love to be a Louisiana strawberry
FYI, LA strawberries are the sweetest and juciest of any other


I thought rev12 sign was 2017. Isn’t this year the 6th anniversary ? Or did I misread something?


Susan, have you tried Mango? It is the sweetest and juicest fruit of all lol!


Who knows the year thing always throws me off about counting the 1st one and so on. You may be correct, thank you and dang I was getting ready to see something, oh well I sure we will we are seeing stuff everyday now.

I am going to recount just to be sure!



would you believe I’ve never tasted a mango? I’ve heard they are delicious tho


You have to get some! They’te yummy :mango::mango::mango::mango::mango::yum:


I am going to repost this again, I watched it not long ago then came back today and watch it again. I see to this timeline and confirmation used get there, its an amassing work.

So many good points are made that can’t be ignored. And I hope He is correct.



Oh ok…thanks. I just wanted to be sure. Frankly there is just too much info for me to keep up with. I am narrowing most of my attention to prayer, praise and trust-because without Jesus every minute, I’m toast.

I do enjoy hearing others thoughts and concerns as BP unfolds, so thank you forum family.
Blessings! And Maranatha!


I really appreciate this pastor watchman.
Not selling any thing and straight to the point.

UK dropping 1000 a day non-compliant humans.
World Bank stops loans to Uganda because the gay agenda.

“Leaders that can’t find their way across a lawn, but have LAUNCH CODES!” :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :joy:

Where do we stand on the timeline in just a few minutes.
Pray for for our fellow humans and our brothers and sisters.
Pray for the people in the trench’s that are forced to go out and take their chances of being sacrificed or escaping somehow.

I can relate. I need Him most all the time now. Things all around me are just too crazy. It’s imperative to stay very close to our Good Shepherd.


OK. I believe we are to count the year we were in 2017 and the year it finish’s in 2023. That would give us 7 years that we are in the prophetic zone.

At least that how I got there.


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Like so many things its a personal choice, i dont like them but almost everyone i know raves about them. I like mango orange and pineapple juice for some reason the 3 flavours together are just wow


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Oh yes yum i have tried that! :mango::pineapple::tangerine::mango::pineapple::tangerine::mango::pineapple::tangerine: