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Hello a to all and Praise Glory and Honor be to Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour! My husband and I have been instructed by The Holy Spirit to put up 2 billboards (see images) in Tipton, MO. We paid cash for them for 6 months. The 6 months is up in March 2022. We have also been praying about an additional billboard at Highway 54 at the Miller County Stockyards. We prayed over it 1 year and 1 month ago and it is still available as other billboards surrounding it have filled up. It seems that God is holding that door open for us to purchase a new billboard! Well…we are Believing God for the money! We started a Gofundme page and a Givesendgo page and no one has contributed! BUT GOD is in control! A friend and fellow listener pointed out that I should post this on the JDFARAG website support page. So here it is! If The Holy Spirit touches your heart to give, Praise Jesus! We give ALL GLORY to God…to quote a song “Not to us oh Lord”! Thank you for your Prayers!


Do you know of anyone who has gotten saved from the billboards? Or any other feedback you could share from the billboards

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Can I ask what your gofund me page is?

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I pray it has planted seeds.

that’s absolutely great. thank you!!
I especially like the one about time running short. all my life I heard Jesus is “coming soon” but I had no reason to believe that. the Bible even quotes Him saying He will come quickly, but that hasn’t materialized yet. if I were not a believer still, and I saw your billboard, it would compel me to ask, “lol why do you say time is running out? what do you mean about knowing the hour is that close?” then I’d get some good answers. so again thank you for both billboards but especially that one. I imagine it will gain some attention and questions!!

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Sadly, no. But God!!

Hello to all in Jesus name! There have been some comments; namely by Benny on March 10, criticizing us for 1. Not having any scripture on the billboard and 2. Putting our names on the billboard. I will address them in order: 1. The reason why there is no scripture, is because this is a small billboard. It is half the size of the normal billboard that is seen on the highway. It also is at the top of a 4 way billboard with 2 billboards on each side. The font would have been so small no one would have been able to read it. As it is the billboard is at a 4 way stop sign and people have to tip their head back in an uncomfortable angle to read it. This smaller billboard now cost $315.00/month. We bought it for 6 months originally and is all we could afford. 2. Mr. Benny: have you ever explored putting up a billboard? If you had, you would know the reason why our name is on the bottom. That was not our desire at all. We wanted to remain anonomous. Lamar FORCED US TO PUT OUR NAME ON THE BILLBOARD OR THEY WOULD REFUSE THE CONTRACT. It is a Lamar policy that any “religous or political” billboard HAS TO HAVE A NAME AFFIXED TO IT FOR ACCOUNTABILITY TO THE PUBLIC. This is so that no one can hold Lamar responsible for the content of the billboard so they dont “look bad politically” and so it doesnt ruin their reputation and decrease their sales. Bottom line is “follow the money”. If it is perceived by the public that the billboard company endorses any particular cause, they can be held liable. So MAKING US PUT OUR NAME ON THE BILLBOARD holds Lamar “HARMLESS”… BENNY: DO YOU NOW UNDERSTAND WHY OUR NAME IS THERE? You might want to do some investigative research before you criticize a Brother and Sister in Christ, doing The Lord’s will in an attempt to save lost souls for Jesus Kingdom before its too late because “The Night is Coming when No Man Can Work.!”

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I am so sorry people are so quick to judge brother. Our fallen nature bites us in the butt more times than we can count. You owe no explanation to the account of God’s spirit leading you proclaim the word. God sees the intent of your heart and you are throughly vindicated through Him. I often have to stop myself and examine is it really worth it? God knows my heart but yet it does definitely hurt when our family messes up. I hope today is a better day and God will contiune to use your willingness, boldness, courage to raise up the banner of His gift of Salvation. Thank you for continuing to be faithful in this mission.

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Hi @Klighu @Benny
Just a few points i’d like to make on Benny’s post and your billboards since I’ve had a lot of experience designing and helping put up a ton of them over the years.

  1. No Scripture
    Scripture isn’t needed on billboards as long as it makes an impact and points them towards additional resources such as JD’s site. You only have a few seconds to get your point across to the viewer so it needs to be SMACK in their face with a simple message and no wordy amounts of text (like scripture).

Instead of “For God so loved the world that He gave…” you could just put “Jesus Loves You”. Summarize verses where possible if you decide to use them. :slight_smile:

  1. Names on the Billboard
    I’ve gotta agree with Benny on this one. There are a lot of billboard providers that don’t require your name or email on them (but still require a website) - it just takes more time to look for a company that allows it. Most of the one’s I’ve helped put up are with Lamar surprisingly - so I’m shocked that they wanted your email AND names on it…? Perhaps direct them to JDFARAG.ORG instead of your personal email next time. (Then they can get the hate mail if there’s any)

Additionally, if you’re absolutely in love with a billboard that requires your name or email on it - you could make the text so small that it’s very difficult to read and doesn’t ruin the style of the Ad.

If you disagree with the billboard company’s request to add a name or email to the Ad, then write to them and ask where that’s written in their policy and why other ads don’t need a name. Sometimes they think the Ad is political (which I believe always requires a name under it) so if you explain it’s just advertising a ‘product’ (salvation, haha) then you can probably get away with just a website link. There are sneaky ways around it :wink:

These points are solely given to help you and others who are investing in billboards to reach as many people for the lost as possible and isn’t intended to put down the wonderful work for the Lord you’re doing. These are expensive so I want you all to get the best value for money that you can get! Keep it up and feel free to post draft designs in the ABC’s section so we can all provide advice and help reach as many people as possible.

Yours in Christ,

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