-ABC's Yard Signs and More!

We use the company to make our ministry signs, along with a local printer here where we live.
Here is the ABC’s of Salvation as a Yard Sign, Double Sided, on PVC, with the wire Frame:
RIGHT-Click here and choose open in a New Tab to view your design.
Yard Sign - Salvation Simple (ABC)

Their website works VERY well…
When you first open in the new tab you see the sign. Click “Save and Continue”, then Click “Add to Cart” and then choose an option to double the order for less (the more you buy the cheaper each is). Then you continue to checkout and fill out your order. At this point I will recommend you creae an account after you are done to keep this on file.
We will continue to upload more content as we create them.
Patrick Burwell, and fellow member of and Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, Hawaii.