Church trip to Israel?

Anyone have a recommendation for a church-led trip to Israel? I have seen several churches (Tom Hughes, Andy Woods, CC 14:6) have yearly trips and would love to go. If possible, I would love a trip for a newcomer to Christ who doesn’t know the Bible fully yet but is eagerly reading and learning.


Good question @Meldegee . My mom who we
lost a few years ago, lived in Old City Jerusalem from 1997-2004. I never got the opportunity to go there (possibly with her) and now with things being the way they are, wasn’t sure if churches were even taking people.


Yes, there are churches that are still going to Israel with their members.
A friend of mine just returned. But she and her husband noticed that there were only a few other groups visiting the Holy Land.
Much less than in former years.
The sad thing is, that tourists are very safe in Israel. Much safer than the Jews themselves.
The so-called Palestinians would never purposely attack tourists.
It would immediately damage their “standing” in the West.
Remember how years ago, a Pizza restaurant was blown up, and one single American was killed? There was such an outrage against the Palestinians…
So they know better than to do that. Although they hate all “infidels”, they play the West like nobody’s business.
An other thing is, Israely guides are in constant communication with the security forces. If there is anything amiss, the whole itinerary of a trip will be rescheduled. It happened to our group when we were there. The day we wanted to go to Bethlehem, is wasn’t safe, but later in the week we could and did go there.

Like our Jewish touroperator told us: “dangers can pop up around the corner, that’s why we don’t go to dangerous corners”.

I was very comforted to know we would be as safe as possible on our journey, but still it felt very wrong, that the Jews were less safe in their own country (as we have daily proof).


Very enlightening information! I hadn’t thought of any of those things but it makes sense. I hope to make it there some day. If not now, I have a feeling I’ll see it in it’s newness at a later date :wink:


I watch many of John Barnett’s YouTube videos and his ministry goes to Israel often. Right now, and into the foreseeable future, it is my understanding that Israel is closed to tourism because of the war.

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