Co Worker Prayer

Church, when you have the chance could you please pray for my co-worker and her husband. His name is Jason Young and her name is Victoria Thurman. Neither of them are believer’s but I believe God is doing something to try and bring them to Christ. Please pray for him as he is in the hospital at the moment. Thank you church. God Bless.


Adding them to my prayers list

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Father in Heaven,
We praise You for how You are moving in these last days! We thank You for loving us and being faithful, for giving Your beloved Son Jesus to be our blessed Kinsman-Redeemer. We are so very grateful, Lord.

Thank You for Mark’s faithfulness and obedience to You Lord, and that he has invited us to join him in prayer. We lift up his co-workers to You, Father. Please pour out Your grace upon Jason and Victoria, and upon all who are lost and rebellious— that they would hear You calling and have faith to believe in the sacrifice Your Son made to atone for our sin. Lord, please open their eyes and ears; soften their hearts. Please break every bond and tear down every barrier that keeps those who are dead in their sin from being born again in Jesus. We praise You for it! We thank You for Your great love and mercy, Abba.
In Jesus’ Name, amen.

Adding Jason and Victoria to our family’s prayers, Mark. May our Father bless you and keep you and yours.