Dead Man's Switch (aka Left Behind e-Resources)

We have a few businesses and I lack boldness to do much in regards to sharing the gospel because my husband (we have 50/50 ownership in all of them - pray for us!) is not saved and a lot of our customers are very left leaning. So I had the idea of doing a dead man’s switch of sorts with our email lists, texting groups and social media - all of these sites give you the ability to schedule posts/emails/texts to send in the future. Of course, I need to make sure to keep rescheduling them if we continue to be here but I wanted to put this idea out there for any of you with businesses and using platforms with the ability to schedule.

It’s kind of like electronic left behind resources that will auto send after you are gone (which, of course, could be for other reasons too). If I can’t be bold during life, I can at least be bold after I leave. ha!

Has anyone done anything like this already?

Could be cool to make some social graphics debunking the myth we were snatched by UFO’s too which it seems they have been laying the groundwork for for some time now. KJ just put out a great video on this: (I find his work to be very approachable for younger non-christians.)

Anyway, just more ideas for getting the gospel out in any way that we can!
Can’t wait to meet you all - very soon! :slight_smile:


Hello Stephanie @steflyn23 ,

I will certainly pray for your husband’s salvation.

Also regarding the scheduling of emails for future you might want to discuss this with @MakeDisciples who mentioned this idea about 18 days ago in reply to a May 20th post called Left Behind Resources by @Chase.

I like your idea about graphics for debunking the UFO myth.


Hi @steflyn23!

Here is the link to the other post where we were discussing this topic, a few posts in this thread have some other simple ideas for sharing the gospel!

As @Pax says both @Chase and I had considered this idea as well. Now that I see it is a recurring theme with the saints, clearly this is a good work that God prepared in advance for us to do in Christ!! Ephesians 2:10 :slight_smile: ! Though I have to say, Chase is the much braver between us, as he has gone ahead and set up all these emails and accounts already!! I am like you, lacking some boldness to do this, but was very encouraged by Chase and I intend to set up my emails as well, I just haven’t had the time to focus on it yet. Sort of hoping the Lord tarries until I have a few PTO days coming up and can put focus on setting these emails up.

A few things I took from what Chase is doing that are very helpful and have encouraged me to move forward with setting up these emails to trigger upon my disappearance:

  1. He sets an alarm reminder every week to reset the emails. I hadn’t thought of that and think if I had alarms in place I wouldn’t be in such a panic about emails going out by mistake.

  2. He has separate email accounts set up that are sending emails out. He is using Gmail which does have the future send functionality. I know there are other tools out there that do this I just don’t know them by name. You could set up a new email account for your business to do this outside of your regular domain? I want to do the same and set up multiple email accounts for all of the email addresses I can find online (literally ANY email address I can find online…business, restaurants, individuals, etc.). I also want to send one out from my personal email account that is more tailored to go to friends, familys, and former acquaintances from my life.

  3. Gmail accounts put a limit of 500 emails you can send per day to prevent spam. So you may need to set up multiple email accounts depending on how many contacts you have.

  4. Chase has MANY resources put together that you can pull from to put an email together. See his post in the other thread. Here is a link to the email he sends. Rapture Email (text).docx - Google Drive

And this is a letter I found online that I feel covers all the important points too, that you can pull from or use if you’d like:

I have yet to draft something for my own emails, but will probably copy closely from Chase’s email and resources, as well as the link from Rapture Generation. I will share my content here once created so others can use it too.

I completely understand where you are coming from when you say lacking boldness. I loved that JD prayed for that in his sermon recently because THAT IS WHAT I NEED RIGHT NOW!! I am very introverted to begin with so bold communication has never been my strength. And now, it is even harder to go against the grain in this world. It’s hard enough to get by just keeping your mouth shut!! Then I imagine accidentally sending a rapture email out to everyone I’ve known the last 15 years. LOL. Jesus, we need your help here, please inspire confidence in us to do the good works that were prepared for us!!!

To inspire more boldness in myself I always go back to Matt 16:25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

Also you mention social graphics…this is a FANTASTIC idea because many people learn better visually. Something debunking the UFO theory is a great idea and I will do some thinking/praying on this.

I have a diagram started on a free app called (highly recommend, this tool is free and easy to use). It’s more focused on end times events that map to scripture. It started out as my own personal research into Bible Prophecy, so it’s currently just a big messy brain dump of scripture and blog posts that only make sense to me. I’d like to turn it into something that’s understandable to others in a diagram pictorial format that references prophecies/world events/the reference back to scripture. A Bible Prophecy/World Event Infographic! If I get something into a more shareable format before the Lord returns, I will post it in here.

Can’t wait to meet you, and all others here too!!! It will be a blessed reunion. :heart: :dove:

  • MakeDisciples

Well, what a great application of that verse. You’ve inspired me too. Thanks for sharing.

Also, you have certainly given @steflyn23 plenty to think about there. :+1:

I will pray for you about these efforts you want to make and for boldness, which I also need.
…another introvert here :smiley:


Awesome! I just read that whole thread and have all the resources open and will be digging through and compiling my own versions here shortly! I think the time is so short (anyone else notice that JD said he won’t be here next Sunday, combine that with June 20th lining up to be Pentecost, the first day of summer, father’s day, the day after juneteenth (or a jubilee day of being free from slavery), a sunday (rev 1:10, 4:1 and known as “resurrection day” and it’s pretty hard to not be excited). I got sucked in to the articles at this site: Articles
If only I didn’t have all this worldly/day job stuff to worry about! :slight_smile:
But, His timing is perfect. Maranatha!


Thank you so much! I read the thread and I’m digging through everything now!

100% agree with your sense of being torn between the world and God, I also just don’t know how to separate myself or feel at peace about what I am doing for Jesus since there’s always so much work to be done when you have your own businesses so it feels as if I am being irresponsible, but if we’re about to leave in the rapture then so what?! But, of course, it’s possible we aren’t about to leave… argh! :slight_smile: so, it’s frustrating. I have been trying to pray more, give my burdens to Jesus more, NOT stress or have anxiety but I still think Jesus would be calling me Martha and not Mary at this point. But i press on and have faith that He will finish the work He started. Maranatha!

And she had a sister called Mary, who also sat at Jesus’ feet and heard His word. But Martha was distracted with much serving, and she approached Him and said, “Lord, do You not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Therefore tell her to help me.” And Jesus answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. “But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.”


In point 1, one week seems ‘short’. If web sites are down for one week or if there is a black-out, a earth disaster, you will not be able to do something in time.

What will happen after the emails are sent?

Will the process stop or it will be send again next day, next week?

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So they frequently talk about 3 days of darkness, my thought is that the rapture and resurrection of dead saints may trigger a loss of power due to the release of major energy (“like lightning”, the shroud of turin) and (now stick with me) then the “aliens” show up to tell everyone not to panic, they removed us fuddy duddys that were standing in the way of man’s next step of evolution AND they also can give us free energy. All of that to say, controlling our now mostly electronic money (buying and selling) and controlling people via the mark is going to require technology and therefore electricity.

I was going to set my things to send a month later and not just one week so there is time for things to come back online, but after reflecting on that, perhaps a month is too long and I might set it at 2 weeks instead. I am assuming that will give things enough time.

However, it could be that nothing goes back to “normal” and perhaps the systems will fail completely and need to be rebuilt or something, in which case, this could all be a moot point as nothing will work afterwards or perhaps nothing will work without some human assistance getting connections reconnected. So, perhaps, in the left behind letters, a few notes are left that these things are set to trigger and then ask for their help in making sure that happens? Could go the opposite direction though too.

That all reminds me too that I have all our passwords, etc printed out in case the computer is totally fried in the resurrections/rapture event and all my saved computer files are lost. If something like an EMP attack would happen or if the r/r event will be like an emp explosion due to the release of radiation or something (I really don’t know anything about this just repeating things I think I’ve heard) then I think all electronics are completely dead anyway. And then wouldn’t it be just like the antichrist to give everyone new free cell phones and computers - all with built in controls and monitors of course!? Certainly seems possible. Just heard today that there’s a country turning off your sim card if you don’t have the vac.

Depressing to think about too long but I press on…

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Thanks for making time to reply to me.
Yes, your reminder of time :clock1130: being short is what I needed right now. I have some witness letters to finish, print and post or email, warning friends about the imminent Rapture of the Church and reminding them how to be saved. I have sent a few already, trying to alter each one to suit the individuals to whom I am sending them.

I like that… pressing on…with faith, and resting from works, because He will finish the work. Sounds like a sermon I heard recently… :grinning:


Your comment is so apt in many ways. There is always so much work to be done, both spiritually and in a strictly earthly/fleshly sense. It’s so difficult to strike the right balance and now even more so. Though we are not of the world we are in the world and have to physically survive in it. I don’t know whether to plan long term anymore and my strategies to serve the Lord would be dramatically different if I just knew how much time was left!!

If we are still playing a long game it’s much better for me to stay with my job so I can retire early in a few years and serve Jesus 100% of my time. If I knew the rapture is days or weeks or even months away I would quit my job immediately and go door to door urgently telling everyone about Jesus’ love and sacrifice for us, and to get ready because He’ll be back SOON! It frustrates and saddens me greatly because I do feel the rapture is near, even at the door. Accordingly, I am horribly torn between caring for my current and future earthly needs, and caring for others spiritual needs.

I love that you brought up Martha as an example. For a few weeks I got a little crazy about cleaning the house spotless every night. I certainly didn’t want anyone to find dishes undone or anything out of place if they came to my home after the rapture!! But every night I found the story of Martha kept floating through my mind (thank you Holy Spirit!) and eventually the message stuck. It’s NOT about a spotless house and there are way more important ways I can spend that time every night.

Whenever the stress and anxiety of these crazy times becomes overwhelming (OFTEN!), I think about one of the below verses and visualize my burdens lifting up and out of my body and let them drift to the Lord above who cares for me and takes my burdens as His own and trades me back the greatest sense of peace in my heart.

Philippians 4:7
And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Matthew 6:34
Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Matthew 11:28
Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

1 Peter 5:7
Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.


You and @steflyn23 both make excellent points about black outs, internet or communications down, failed and rebuilt systems, fried electronics, etc. With all of the cyber hacking going on it almost seems a guarantee that this will be the case and likely why that concept is coming into play now. I knew those were a reality and a likely possibility but hadn’t really connected the dots to consider the impact to the email plans I had.

I tried to do some research on what would happen to the emails if an auto scheduler went down, etc. I could not find any sure answers and there really isn’t a way to test it either. Now I’m wondering if this may be wasted effort. Especially since gmail or other email services could easily (and likely would) censor material like this. At minimum, I completely agree it would be better to set them further out than a week. Maybe could set multiple sends out for 1 week, 2 week, 1 month, 3 months, etc.

Thanks for giving me something to think about here. I don’t know if my time is best spent finding hundreds of email addresses online for something that very likely would not make it out. Maybe better to just put a single email together for family and friends just in case it still goes out and ask them to forward on to others.

May God direct our paths to the most worthwhile efforts for His kingdom. :dove: :heart:

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Oh, thank you for saying that. I have been troubled about the amount of papers and magazines and stuff lying around in a disorganized fashion, waiting for me to clear it all up. For the same reason. Wanting to leave a good testimony behind.
And yet, the urgency to write or email unsaved friends and distribute more tracts to strangers is there too.
Today I looked up a sermon by Spurgeon called “Micah’s Message for Today.” (I had been reading ch 6). The following paragraph is quite relevant for us and for @steflyn23 , I think.

" When, from morning to night, you are still pressed with this and that service, still keep your proper place. That is where Martha went wrong, you know–not in having much serving, but by getting to be mistress. She was, “Mrs. Martha,” and the housewife is a queen! But Mary sat in the servant’s place at Jesus’ feet. If Martha’s heart could have been where Mary’s body was, then had she served aright. "

On your other point, @MakeDisciples, about our not knowing how long till the rapture occurs, I wonder what you think of this saying:

“Plan as if the Lord were not coming back for a long time, but live as if He were coming back today.”

We used to have a pastor who advised us to have that attitude. Not so easy to apply, I guess, when you believe as many do that ‘Jesus is at the door.’

I know others who are having similar struggles to you…a chronically ill man who wonders if it’s worth expending his energy on editing and publishing a book he has written, a mature age student who wonders if there’s a point to keep doing his studies to become a teacher…

I suppose that tension is a form of suffering. Those verses you have quoted are so comforting.
And I just remembered another -

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct Your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5,6)

If you like, I will pray for you to have wisdom as to whether you should retire early, asking the Lord to show you clearly if He is calling you to full-time evangelism.

You can also say in your email, that you will try to send your email 3 times to be sure they have it.

My idea would be to create a simple email with abc salvation and the verses of the mark of the beast, warning of the angels not to take it and some links to download offline Bible apps + some strong Telegram, Rumble channels. And it’s enough. A short email, not heavy to send.

Rem: my 2 apps are offline and totally free if you want to add them (it was my goal since the beginning of development).

People will not have time to watch videos, they will be persecuted. The telecom will be down and probably a lot of web sites down and slow.

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You made me laugh; thank you. I am a Martha; always busy doing for others and not focusing on the One who gave me the gift of service. I am glad I am not alone. :joy:

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Oh, I can relate! My issue would be the cupboards and closets, as well as the basement. :relaxed:

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