December 14, 2023: Topical Study – Hebrew Israelites and Their Origins from Slavery

:bible2: Topical Study – Hebrew Israelites and Their Origins from Slavery

Pastor Mac provides a topical teaching on the origins of Hebrew Israelites and how slavery played a major part in their conception.

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Thanks Pastor Mac for your expose on Black Hebrew Israelites. Looking forward this Sunday 2 sermons.


Thank you Pastor Mac It amazes me how satan deceived so many into believing they have replaced the Jews and that there are no Jews and even we Believers and followers of Christ.

Deception is literally all about us.
Thank you for exposing Black Hebrew 's false doctrine!!!


This was enlightening. A lot of this I already knew of, some of it was new and all of it still astounding in many respects. While normally I detest topical teachings (grew up Lutheran and that’s all I was exposed to), Mac Attacks are a bit different with addition of scripture to lay foundation to his point of the topic. So that’s helpful. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy hearing this topic (squirming in my seat kind of listening) but it enlightened me AND I was thankful for the nugget of information in being able to better explain to people who challenge “God / Bible / Slavery” and how to counter the argument with biblical understanding.

Rock on, Pastor Mac!


What a great message from Pastor Mac. I love your name for his exuberance. “Mac Attacks” is a great description. I never knew any of this and need to listen again as he gave such good and thorough information/explanations.


I Believe the LORD is listening!

May these brothers and sisters reach many while it is still day! Amen