December 16, 2021 - Isaiah 52-53 – I Could Use Some Good News

:hawaiianshirt_2: Pastor JD talks about how God, through the prophet Isaiah, announces the good news of the coming Savior of the World.

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My boss, who is sadly Lutheran, always says “Oh my God” rather than “Oh my goodness” or even “Oh my gosh” (which I know isn’t much better than saying “Oh my God”). I cringe every time I hear her say it. Is she committing blasphemy? She is also very liberal and has many views that are not Christian so I kind of think she’s not truly saved.

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Hi Heather, I’m sure she is taking the Lord’s name in vain, which is so common these days. I’m sorry you have to hear that, and i know how cringeworthy those moments are. My alcoholic son says much worse (I think sometimes to get a response from me).

In those times when I hear people say these things or call out “Jesus Christ”in vain, I sometimes say kindly “loves you very much”. I don’t do it in a condescending way and I don’t do it repeatedly or to harass. It’s simply to bring awareness and maybe—maybe cause them to think. Then I pray for them.

It seems like no one really cares what offends Christians. We are the butt of many jokes. That’s fine. My God sees all. He’ll speak to them in His still small voice and chip away at their hardened hearts.



Oh, I so agree with both of you. And, I never even thought about how people only take the Lord’s name in vain - not budda’s or mohamed’s because they are not God.

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I did that in the past one time with a brother in law. It seemed to shock him as I don’t think he even realized what he was doing. After that he was very careful not to say that around me.
So it goes to show, that sometimes people do know what they are saying and do it anyway. But sometimes when they are made aware, they do try to curb it a little.


i love this

hearing the rain pouring down made me think of Jesus’ tears pouring down upon the church while JD was sharing about Jesus


The article is perfect timing for this bible study.:

This article is certainly correct when it comes to modern films (even films going as far back as the late 1960s, post Hays Code) and television and I am glad that the author is calling it out.

However, these statements…

“I don’t know about you but finding a movie to watch as a family (or alone, for that matter) is almost impossible.”

“…clean and decent movies are pretty much nonexistent.”

…only apply if one is limiting themselves to “modern” movies and television when looking for something to watch.

Classic shows like Andy Griffith, I Love Lucy, Leave It to Beaver, Father Knows Best, The Rifleman, Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie and movies with John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton (just to name a few examples) provide plenty of clean, family-friendly entertainment. There’s more than enough for a lifetime, really.

It puzzles me that Christians even bother digging for anything decent to watch in the current output of filth coming from Hollywood since there is such a huge wealth of good clean entertainment available if you just go back to the old classics.

BTW, here’s an example of the kind of respect that was shown to Christianity in 1950s television:




Beautiful clip. Thanks for sharing it. That was when Men were Men and not portrayed as bumbling idiots or confused individuals that don’t know what gender they are.
Father did always know best. - Our FATHER in heaven that is.
Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:



Morning @Perhapstoday,
I had a similar situation with my FIL (now deceased). A far more blasphemous phrase came from his mouth about every fifth word (seriously). As a DIL, I felt I was not in a position to call him out; it would have started WW3 in a seriously dysfunctional family and I doubt it would have stopped his cursings. My pastor suggested quietly saying, “God bless” to counter his curses. If FIL (or anyone) ever asked what I was doing, it would open a window to witness.
I’m not sure if that was the best advice but I began the practice anytime I hear/heard such curses. I’ve been able to witness to a few people because of this. Usually the person asks why, then apologizes for insulting me. LOL I get to politely direct them to apologize to the One they curse and tell them Who He is.

I say the following in love and with humbleness:
As far as writing off an entire denomination as unsaved or even one person, please think about that. I realize how far from God the Lutheran Church is; attended one for many years. But there is a remnant in every church group that will witness to their family and friends. Jesus Himself ate with sinners, not because He identified with their sin— but to show them the love of God that brings salvation. In many apostate churches God’s Word may be mixed with worldly ideas but God’s Word is His Word— and it will not return void.