December 31, 2023: Topical Study -- Renewed Hope in Jesus (with Worship!)

:bible2: Topical Study – Renewed Hope in Jesus

Pastor Mac provides an expositional style teaching utilizing passages from Lamentations chapter 3 in order to demonstrate the importance of remembering the goodness of God.

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Thank you Pastor Mac. I completely count on it, completely depend on our Lord’ds new mercies each new day and to say He never fails is an understatement. Most days and at the end of the day, I am spent. I have rheumatoid arthritis so at this point I am physically at the end of my rope with aches and pain. But God and His mercies aregreeting me each morning and so I thank Him for taking me through another day.
I depend on the Lord for everything. He is so faithful and Good!!!


Matthew 12:21 . . . Again



Just wanted to share something very touching from The Land. How they pulled this off is truly amazing.
We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and comfort for those who mourn.


Good morning everyone!

I’m only 30 minutes into this video, but I’ve been studying the Bible with Dr Smith via his One Book. One Hour. YT channel for a few months now. He is very methodical, organized, and (really important) Biblically aligned in his teaching. He brings in history and humor, and word studies— three things I really appreciate. So, without further introduction, I encourage you, implore you, to listen to this teaching. I believe it will bless your socks off, and renew your hope in Jesus.

May the shalom of our Father rest upon you and all whom you hold dear,
:heart: gr

The first 30 minutes isn’t even about the Bible; it’s about the God of the Bible.

Screenshot cuz link doesn’t supply visuals. :roll_eyes: Love you guys!

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Very blessed. Was able to the all 3 hoours today. Great depth and insights into scripture. :slight_smile: Thanks Georgia Ruth :hugs:

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