Feb 21, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Video Here: Bible Prophecy

Watch Pastor JD’s latest #BibleProphecy update as he talks about how soon we are to Jesus returning.


Good Evening(18:33) from Bloemfontein - South-Africa.

Is there anyone that will be able to assist me please? I am SUPER excited that there is a prophecy update download feature, BUT, I have tried to download this weeks update, but to no avail. The ‘hamster wheel’ keeps on spinning. IF there is a download, then it can’t be played. I don’t know if there is a subsplash app that must be downloaded prior to the download of the update? If that is the case, what do I look for? Tnx in advance. Kink regads, and Blessings, Wilmarie.


Evening @Gerda

As far as I’m aware no additional app is required to download the vids from jdfarag.org.

Could you offer further detail on how you’re accessing the videos pls?

  • Device: mobile phone / tablet / computer
  • OS (Operating System): and what version
  • Browser: Google Chrome/ Firefox / Microsoft Edge / Safari etc.
  • What program do you use to attempt to ‘play’ a download ?
  • Colour of your mousemat: if applicable

Based on what you’ve described so far with respect to the perpetually spinning ‘hamster wheel’ and then the download ‘can’t be played’ it sounds as if perhaps your internet connection is struggling to initiate the download and then even if it starts it is being prematurely aborted, resulting in an incomplete video file that won’t load.

Yours In Christ


Hhi, so Cali here. I’m unable to watch the Feb. 21 update!
Only a continual hamster wheel. :tired_face:


We are close. Posted your update to my Facebook account using the link on 2/22. Noted it was removed the next day, 2/23 but not by me.

I was able to watch live on Sunday, and except for a short blip at the point that others have mentioned, I watched without a problem. I just now went to see if I could click to watch the same video. One option gave me the hamster wheel, but I found another way in. I tried to share that in this reply, but apparently I haven’t posted enough to be allowed the link feature, yet.

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This video is SO INFORMATIVE! This “vaccine” is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and unhealthy!


I use a web browser built into my television to watch the weekly updates. I’ve watched them all this way since transitioning to your website, however, this weeks update will only play a few minutes at a time. I constantly am having to refresh my screen I checked and it’s not my internet. I’ve tried to play earlier updates and they play with no issue.


I may missed understanding your message, would I say that you posted JD Farag link on Sunday prophecy update in your Facebook post?

All social media is under WHO control leads to Bill Gates of hell.

@Gerda , @Mockmom , @Nschillace

The reason you are having issues is because the download is nearly 2.2 Gig in size.

Thus the hamster wheel or the play for a bit then buffer and then play again.

@JDForumTeam , could you please pass on to the video crew or whoever deals with the web site that the Download is too huge. It needs to be pared down to ~300 Mb or less for largest audience access…

Not everyone has 4K or fast internet access. :slight_smile:


@JackN Maybe that is the case, but I don’t have slow internet (200Mbps connected through Ethernet) and the other videos play fine. Do you know if the other video sizes are smaller in comparison to this one? Mine isn’t buffering either. It just stops playing without trying to buffer. Once I refresh the page it starts playing again and will eventually stop, just for this video.

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I believe a lot of people are awake to this deception and realise that this is not just about CON-vid but a bigger puzzle involving population control, depopulation, money and financial crashes, hidden agendas etc because they are well up on the Great Reset; however their trust is still in people in power who have a different narrative, groups of alliances around the world, and in themselves. Many believe that people will uprise, especially in those areas when extreme shutdowns are in play- Ireland and UK are beyond desperation… i am though, seeing the language play out; divisive language, the ‘them and us’ language. So many fronts to fight on; but I don;t play in to this. The time has come to state the truth, and move on.


I am sharing JDs updates on general FB posts. I can feel the desperation in some people via their comments and questions. I believe that we are reaching many and I have already had one confirmation of someone who has come back to the Lord through watching the Genocide’ update. The lord will direct.


New legislation in Canada, not enough opposition to stop it imo. And then I suspect we’ll see copycat countries do the same around the world… makes me feel sick.

Our gov’t is doing a fine job following an unverified leaked email that outlines a sort of schedule to move into the “great reset”, came out last fall. DM me if you want to see, I don’t like open sharing anything I can’t back up. I figured it was just fear fodder and still have my doubts, so time will tell, but so far it’s eerily accurate… :woman_facepalming:


Great work friend.

My dad is the only other one in my family that is concerned about all the stuff with the vaccine.

Others in my family can’t wait to take it, and are not aware of the irregularities surrounding this SARS-Cov-2 business. Normalcy bias is strong.

Things have not been normal for over a year now, only goal post moving and slow shuffle in the pen towards the technocratic dystopia . . . . I wonder how far we will go down this rabbit hole of our reality.

Christ is the same, there is so much more power in His name, I pray you touch more across your Facebook ministry, hallelujah.


Yes, I know of that “leak” once I started hearing of increased lock downs due to mutated strains, I wonder if there was some measure of credence to that “plan”

Almost always, deception is mixed into those sort of things, if not to help cover the tracks of the leaker.

The article you post about the UBI is very telling, we are ever so close to the final system of world government.


Ridiculous how people are fearful. In Britain they are now dealing with local ‘strains’ such as the ‘Bristol strain’ and the ‘Liverpool strain’. it can’t get more stupid than this!


Deleted from You Tube; Dolores Cahill and the PCR sequencing tests- A and B influenza found, with COVID in the buffer of the tests!

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