February 2, 2023: Jeremiah 51 -- God Will Never Abandon You

:bible2: Jeremiah 51 – God Will Never Abandon You

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: talks about how and why God will never abandon or forsake His people, then concludes with the celebration of communion. :baguette_bread::wine_glass:

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:dove:God hasn’t forsaken us. He’s forgiven us.

Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.

Galations 5:1


Hallelujah! Thank You Lord for loving me so much! I am fervently waiting for that glorious day too!
I cringed to hear of God’s judgment on Babylon


If anyone hasn’t watched this yet they do take communion at the end. In case you’re one to participate with them you can prepare ahead of time….or you could just pause the video and then prepare :thinking:

What a sweet Sacrifice to celebrate with joy and honor… :heart:


What a powerful message! Thank You LORD!!! And thank you Pastor JD for illuminating the Word.

Recently I’ve asked God for help and asked others to join me in my plea; Hubbydude was sent a random ‘witness letter’ written by an 84 yr old Jehovah’s Witness. I was hoping to show her who Jesus really is so she could be believe and be saved. So I gave her a call (she had included her phone number).

I’m not a very good evangelist; I failed. Only two conversations in, I couldn’t listen to Mary twist Scripture after Scripture any longer. She was not interested in the Truth, but only in trying to convince me that I was reading the Bible wrong. I lost my patience with an 84 yr old woman and told her I could not continue our talks. I wasn’t mean; but I wasn’t as nice as I could have been.

After I hung up the phone, shame washed over me. I rarely leave my house, so I rarely tell anybody about Jesus and His beautiful sacrifice. I let Him down. And I felt like I gave up way too quick on Mary, I let Him down X2. I was so ashamed….

And then I heard Pastor JD talk about Jeremiah 51:51.

(51:51? X2?— feels kinda like a Peter moment) He explains verse 51 at around the 1:13 mark, fyi. There are two kinds of shame: one is Godly, leading to conviction and repentance— drawing us closer to God. Condemnation, on the other hand, comes from our enemy— and it’s designed to lead us away from God.

At first I did feel shame for my inability to break through to this woman; for my lack of knowledge to convince her Who Jesus really is; for my lack of patience. But, by the grace of God— :butgod: Today my pastor gave me a Word, fitly spoken. And as Pastor JD pointed out 1 John 1:9, I knew I was forgiven. And I was reminded that my good and gracious LORD knew what would happen, before it happened… and He had already prepared a place at His table for me for after it happened (communion).



Oh dear Georgia Ruth I am sorry but you did not fail the Lord. He will use this to further convict her of this false demonic and strange doctrine. Your hands are clean.
These people are very hardened and skilled in distorting Scripture, namely denying the Trinity.
I had an experience similar to yours. I was out on my very first visitation with another sister in my Church, to a farm where it appeared several generations of JW’s lived. I only stayed out on the porch
when the elderly grandfather began his cleverly worded misinterpretations of portraying Jesus as a lesser god, and merely a man on earth.
I was only 29 year old and extremely naive and tried to show ole grandpa John 10:30 -I and my Father are one.
I was looking up the Scripture when my Sister in Christ grabbed me by my elbow and pulled me. I looked up to see what was going on and this old man had become enraged and had picked up a shotgun from the corner of the porch and cradled it. It was like something out of a movie, looking back.
At first l too felt like I had failed but this man didn’t want to know the Truth.


Is there any “failing” for us in the heart of The Lord? Nope. We just learn from our mistakes. Hopefully :grimacing:

I’ve been rude and/or abrupt before. Even amongst the brethren here. If you’re convicted by your tone it will surely make you a more sensitive instrument for The Lord.

At some point a JW has to come to The Truth on their own. Perhaps then she’ll reflect upon your conversation and see that you possessed The Light of The Truth. It’s okay to outwardly reject false doctrine. Vehemently. It’s what Jesus did.

All of the kids you influenced for The Lord by word and action when you were in their lives at the school are treasures in Heaven. So it’s not always |just| what we say that’s our witness.

Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.
1 John 3:18


Your brother in Christ,


Thank you Susan @Susan,
I appreciate your comforting words about my experience. Your experience on the other hand… Yikes! Good thing God was watching over y’all, and your friend was alert! I’m so thankful y’all weren’t hurt! Crazy ol’ coot…. I’m terribly disappointed in myself for being rude to an old woman, but I cannot imagine pulling a gun on someone because we have different views. I can’t play Scripture Twister, but I ain’t shooting anybody either!

I have this whole picture in my head of people twisted every which way, trying to make the Bible say something it does not. I just replied to a guy on Watchman River channel who said he was not going to debate … but… ‘there are many scriptures that assure us that we can save our loved ones or those in our sphere of influence.’ What?!? Went on to say we all just needed to trust the Word and the finished work of Jesus. More Scripture Twister. aye, aye, aye

Who’s the author of confusion again? Oh yeah, our enemy, who grows bolder with every tick of the clock.

Hope to see you soon!
Maranatha Lord, maranatha!


They are the ones who are belligerent and contentious. They believe in the doctrines of demons and then deceiving so many. We shouldn’t even wish them well when they attempt to spread their false doctrine to you and me.


Awwwe Tony, @SkyTheSheepdog
Thank you for those kind words. Never have been concerned with storing treasures in heaven; just want to be with my One True Treasure. I pray I have influenced others, my kids, but it was only done because He first loved me. :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:


Georgia Ruth, you did not fail. You stepped out to give the truth of your Savior. But, the JWs, Mormons, SDAs and other cults are very brainwashed against the Scripture. My FIL has a JW neighbor whom he has tried talking to for YEARS. This woman is enpasse. In fact, he believes that she has mental damage as a result of the cultish teaching over many years.
All we can do is plant the seed. It’s indeed difficult to weather the blast of the cult members shredding of the Scripture and our beliefs.


You did not fail if you spoke truth, unless the holy spirit draw them you can do little but plant or water the harvest is the Lords.

If they are willing to hear, then they will hear. We know one word can turn a willing heart toward Jehovah. And in this I have comfort because I know so many that will not listen but get annoyed to the point I have to say little and pray a lot.

Many believe they are saved maybe they are I hope so. God knows the heart we don’t.

Some are trained not to hear the voice of Holy Spirit, with those you need prayer and fasting and maybe others to also intercede it seems.

Either way we do as we are called todo and the rest is the Lords work. No one will be saved because we were not very good evangelists. Life is to precious to Abba to let that happen. That burden is not on us, I have heard people tell me God sent me all the way to here or there to save this one person. I asked didn’t God have someone else in New Mexico that could do what you did?

Sometimes it seems we keep praying that holy spirit will give them another opportunity from you or another believer while there is time. My dad was a stubborn 87 year old before he finally let the Holy Spirit show him the truth. He lived but a couple months after that.

That was with much prayer, tears and Abba providing the events and opportunity by Holy Spirit, praise the LORD for all he has done.

\Do I believe I was the only opportunity dad had not not at all I was given that wonderful opportunity by Abba if not me God would have provided another. He probably had many praying and talking with him. I don’t know about that. But another could have been there at the harvest time but thankfully I was.

Hebrews 3:7-11
Therefore, just as the Holy Spirit says,
“Today if you hear His voice,

As you know your place at the table nor mine is in the balance on our merits.

Ephesians 1:13
In Him, you also, after listening to the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation—having also believed, you were sealed in Him with the Holy Spirit of promise,

I am kind of following the same path with a friend that knows the truth but has twisted it or aloud it to be twisted and now see’s the Lord as just another ascended master and He chose Jesus but could have another if he wanted. He would get so mad when I countered his gospel with the truth. No matter how patient I tried to be in the end he basically dropped our friendship in a panic on his part. Seemed to scared to believe the truth yet he kept preaching in his way, the lie that made him feel good.

A few days later I called him and we are again talking. He said he just over reacted so I am praying more for him than sharing so to keep the door open.

Some no matter what you say, seem to have the holier than though attitude about what they believe and will not let Holy Spirit in because of pride or deception or fear of deception it seems.



Thank you Lord :yellow_heart:


Morning Naomi @Bluebonnet,
Thank you for your support and encouraging words.

This encounter has been an eye-opener. If these groups are some of the ‘Christians’ left behind, many desperate people who had heard of Jesus but not pursued knowing Him, will be caught in their deceit. Out of the pan and into the fire, as it were.

I know some will think me silly because I often tell our God I hope He has a good day, full of love and laughter, in my morning conversations with Him. Usually I acknowledge that’s kind of an impossibility, even with my limited idea of what He does in a 24 hour period. This morning I was reminded of an exchange I heard recently. It went kind of like this:

Guy #1: There’s so much tragedy and evil in the world today. I just can’t take it…. so I’ve stopped watching the news.

Guy #2: Imagine how God feels. He can’t change the channel.

As weary as we are becoming in these days of ever-growing evil, I can’t imagine the heaviness of God’s heart. I’m so sorry for Him and beginning to understand His wrath a tiny bit better.
I pray that each of us will bring a smile to His face today.


Pastor JD, there is something I am in need of letting you know. From your teachings, from the Word, I have received the most wonderful understanding of God’s nature and it is growing deeper and deeper it seems by the day. I don’t think I can explain it but knowing God’s nature is so important…knowing He always provides a way out, knowing He restores, knowing He has soooooo much love and mercy way beyond what we can relate to and deserve. I’ve always accepted this as true but it is real as in every cell of my body.
How this affects me is so precious. I have the peace that passes understanding. I go to bed and wake up surrounded in His comfort knowing I am so completely safe in His mighty hands.
I just wanted you to know how blessed I am and to thank you. The Lord has used you to teach me these life lessons.


@Susan that’s really beautiful what you said… i would think those who have autism, learning disability, developmental disability, down syndrome, folks from other countries who don’t speak english well, the blind and the outcast would love to type like what you said and agree the same
You are fortunate to be able to say what you said unlike most cannot. Blessings to you in Jesus name!


Something else to consider: when you speak Christ to a cult member, you are treading in enemy territory. The devil’s realm itself. He isn’t going to give up those whom he has duped. Expect to face vitriol, and adulteration of God’s Word and personal attacks against you. Don’t be blindsided. It’s so easy to do. Remember Satan is a dirty fighter. He has no problem mutilating the creature who dares enter his territory. Pray earnestly for the protection of the Holy Spirit at these times.
Remember: JWs. Mormons SDA and the like are in the realm of Satan. Preaching a false Gospel. We cannot underestimate that.


Thank you Dan @DEC,
Your wise words are a comfort and encouragement. I pray that your friend comes to believe in Jesus. I’m thankful for your faith Dan. You shine brightly, my Brother, pointing the lost and rebellious to Jesus. And you inspire me every day. Even days I don’t ‘speak’ with you…

I’m sorry I haven’t sent you a note. Every morning I think I need to send one after prayers are finished and Hubbydude has left for work. And then I get started doing some thing and poof! another day has passed. Please know you are ever in my prayers and lovingly thought of often.

And five hours later… I’m pressing reply button.


Never would have thought about it that way!

Thanks for opening my eyes, Naomi. @Bluebonnet

Yesterday I actually took the letter the woman had written outside and burned it up. (Her letter is what prompted me to call her. Didn’t realize she was JW— even though Hubbydude thought so.) I wanted to thank her. I’ve been thinking about sending the gospel to people I don’t know, like Mary did. It’s a good way to spread the gospel to strangers.

Don’t want any evil in my home! And as the infrastructure of my house is covered in Scripture and the decor is God-centric, evil wouldn’t be comfortable here anyway. I’m not superstitious, but I had always thought the blessing Jewish people put on their front door was cool. And it is my favorite blessing. And then I read about blessing parties. So before the floors were laid, counters covered, and walls were painted, we had one. This place is covered in Scripture— prayers and blessing and love! And my front door has a Jewish blessing, too. I wasn’t sure I’d want it ‘there’ permanently so I used that 3M mounting stuff. Been there for years! Guess I could have Hubbydude add the screws…lol.

looks like it could use a cleaning… But it’s still cool. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just the Love for the Lord and not wanting others to make the same mistakes I made and still battle to not trip over my own weight. You have been there many times when I needed to hear a word from Him. So just trying to pay back in kind sister.