February 25, 2024: Jude 1:12 -- Don't Be So Easily Duped

:bible2: Jude 1:12 – Don’t Be So Easily Duped

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_4: poses 7-test questions to determine and discern if I’m being duped and deceived by false Christian’s and influencers.

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Thank you, Jason. Alls well now.



But He addresses worry. “Do not worry about tomorrow.”
From the transcipt this jumps out. It also reminds me of Mathew 6:34 " Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." We are told also in John 16:33 “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

I get where Pastor JD is coming from. We live in a time where we are not sure what is coming next because so much is happening so fast. Yet for all the anxiety we suffer it will not change a thing but it will steal our joy. Yes times are getting hard, cost are rising, digital economy is coming, health care is being weaponized but what can any of us do to stop it? If we think about it there is nothing we can do. God said it will come to pass and it will. Jesus also told us we have nothing to fear and as long as we have as much faith of a mustard seed we are going to be ok.

I get it people fear pain, fear want, fear even death which for some of us could come even before the rapture. I understand those fears are strong but is not the God of the promises in scripture stronger? Tribulations exist even now and have our entire lives. Are so quick to forget the past troubles that we made it through? Who got us through them? Surely it was not us because we were overwhelmed at the time and yet here we are years later, months later still going on having survived the struggle. We should be thanking God every day for those victories He gave us. Maybe we would not be so worried about the struggles that are coming.

Last time I looked even Satan had to beg for the chance to attack Job. So who is really in control of our situation? Surely it is not Satan. If we but go down the list of some Biblical heroes we have more than enough evidence that no matter what comes we can and will get through it. Moses murdered an Egyptian and ran and hid. Later God used him mightily. Joseph was sold into slavery, spent time in prison and still saved the Egypt from the famine. David as a boy killed Goliath and then turned around and committed adultery and murder of a sorts and yet he is still considered a man after God’s own heart. Are we not children of God? If so then we can trust Him to take care of us through everything.

Giving in to all the insanity that is today’s world is what Pastor JD is talking to. It is misleading us into believing that we are facing situations to difficult for us to handle. In part that is true but nothing that comes our way is too difficult for God to handle.

I will tell a little secret. It has taken a long time to learn but I am getting a handle on it. It goes like this. The more time I spend in prayers of gratitude, the less time I spend in prayers for patience and strength of faith. As I look to my life and all the blessing I have been given over that time, the less time I have to stress about things to come. After all is that not what anxiety is all about, what fear of the future is all about, fear of the unknown all about?

Should we be as the ten spies that feared the land of giants or like the two that wanted with Moses to go in and possess the land in faith of the strength of God. Is not our future often filled with giants, giant troubles? Let us go forth in God’s mighty name and face it and conquer it as we are more than conquerers,

Yes we live in a time of many stange things coming to pass. Much of we see now is all new to us all and often time unbelievable. Imagery can be made to look very real, so called experts expect us to bow at their every word, we listen to influencers and do what they tell us because often times we don’t know any better and all of this is creating a world of confusion. It is this mess of confusion that is attempting to dupe us if we allow it. With God’s help we can see through the murky lies and deceit the world is flooding our lives with. We can fact tomorrow steadfast in faith that not matter what brings, troubles or blessing, we do so in faith and gratitude that God is there with us every step of the way. Even when we can’t see Him or His had at work we can know He is there.

Seriously, look back on your life and look for the hard times. Think about how the appeared, what brought them on. Then think about how it looked hopeless, but each morning you woke up and it was better than the day before. That was God. Be thankful for those times. They were blessings in disguise. I love the old idea that the rarest gems come from the deepest mire and muck and exist only because they spent time under great stress and heat. Gold is rarely found sitting on top of the ground in any great quantity. Nope you have to dig in the dirt, break up the rocks to get to it. It does not come without great struggle. So to it is same with us. We are God’s precious stones and metals and he digs us out of some really dirty places.

Hold fast through what ever anxiety that besets you and it will pass. That is God’s promise to us all not my promise. I just know it from experience and so all of the hype and hoopla we see happening now means nothing. It is as our very lives a wisp of smoke in the wind, here today and gone tomorrow.


Very well said, Jack. As I told Jason that I first watched this on YT, I did. My eyes caught the first words of a comment. The man spoke about being targeted at his “Christian based” company, even persecuted. Many other people joined him in telling their experience. I hope it gave him strength in knowing he was not alone.

You encouragement would benefit the many there that don’t come to the forum, I don’t think. If you are so inclined, maybe copy/paste your thoughts there for the many that struggle?



Ok done. Wasn’t sure it would all fit but it did so hopefully it helps.


Rhetorical question: did someone come to mind while JD went through the verses with illustrations?

When JD was talking about Gideon being selected, then the men; and maybe because I have the same concerns about stooping down & getting up LOL, I thought - Wait a minute! God first told Gideon to excuse the fearful - right? That means that the 300 aged or those with infirmities were NOT afraid!! These men God knew was faithful in all that God would ask of them. Wise men.



I’m sure of it. :blush:


Thanks - attitude of gratitude always works best for me too :+1:God has everything in control so I am just great full as I wait -MARANATHA :pray: :smile::latin_cross:


I was saying the same thing on another topic, dear brother. I am glad to not be alone in these thoughts. We truly cannot do anything but trust God and keep our eyes on him. It is all happening so fast, and it makes you dizzy and sick if you think too much about it. And like you, all my best learning from the Lord has been in recent years. Hmmm, me thinks He planned it this way. He knew we would need to be strong and sure of what is to come and I for one am thankful for the Holy Spirit guiding me in the battle for peace in my heart and soul. If He can wash away all sin and shame, how much more can He carry us thru the darkest part of history (His story). The story of the spies is a favorite of mine. Thanks for reminding me that ALL things are possible. And yes, I am a precious stone, well not a stone per say but surely a pearl (my fav besides opals which are soft).


Yeah, give one point to the old people like me…lol. There really is a good side to getting older, huh?


Well I am sure you are going to like this one.
bugs butt

Kind of says it all and comically at that. Nice way to relieve the tension when it builds up.


What a wonderful thought. Thank you for the belly laugh. My eyes are filled with happy tears!!


The level of holographic technology is getting very close to what is needed in the Tribulation to create the image of the beast. As many have seen the other video I posted of whales in a school gymnasium here is something even more sophisticated. It is not perfect but it does things that are not seen in the other video. Now this is out in the open and not inside a closed room where lighting can be better controlled. Yet as we see the whales go past the covered tower we see not only the whale but a very convincing shadow of it on the cover matching the movement of the whale image.

As I said it is not perfect because when the whale come out of the water we don’t see the same shadowing effect. My guess either too costly or just not considered enough to be worth the time and effort.

What I find most amazing is the fact that is that one the images seen are real in that they are not some CGI affect. No it is much more and involves several levels of physics of light, lasers, and something called optical trap displays. It is how such holograms as seen below and like the one in the gymnasium are created and appear to be real and free standing and moving all at the same time.

Such technology is why as we see in the below video the images can be captured with cameras because light is being not only reflected but also tightly controlled. The other end that is not discussed is how our brains work. We often see things, sometimes in part where we mentally fill in the rest and our brain has tricked us into believing we have see something in its entirety. In another instance we see things that we know are impossible such as flying whales but because we see it with our own eyes our minds get confused and tend to settle on the given image as real since we know no way of refuting it. Again our brain deceives us into believing the image is actually real.

This is actually early stages of holographic imaging so there is more that can be done and will be done as time passes. Considering the rates of technological advancements it is reasonable to expect even more advanced holographic images will be produced in the not to distant future.

The whole point of this is simply the level of discernment we are going to need to see through the visual lies such as UFO landings if that ever comes to play in the end time scenario or not but very likely when it come time for the Tribulation roll out of the image of the beast. Fortunately for the saved they will not have to deal with such challenges as they will not be here. But at the same time it is getting easier to see what those left behind will have to deal with as to what is real and what is Satanic designed deception.