February 29, 2024: Ezekiel 45-46 -- Am I Being Honest?

:bible2: Ezekiel 45-46 – Am I Being Honest?

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: talks about the paramount importance of integrity and honesty, as God, through the prophet Ezekiel, demonstrates and demands, in his prophecies to Israel during the Millennium.

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Great sermon with the interesting aspect that we won’t know somethings until we are there to see it.
I’m glad to say that I am honest (best I can recall) in all of my dealings, minus honest error.
The advantage that I have found is the ability to know when someone is being dishonest with me.


As I have shared in another topic, I would leave my Bible open on my table for anyone to read as I worked. Everyone knew that was my Bible.
One day during work, I went to the restroom. As I was washing my hands, I happen to notice a lady’s wedding ring set. A very unique set that was quite expensive. I wore overalls. The pockets were deep, so I put the rings in my pocket. I had already checked and didn’t find anyone else in there. I returned to the restroom to post where the owner could claim “a lost item”. I required a detailed description before I would give them the rings. I didn’t give any hint as to what I had found. A few minutes later a woman came to me wanting “her” item. I asked her to describe “her” item. She was not the owner. This was repeated two more times. Then a friend of the owner came to me and asked if I still had the items (she knew what they were). I did. She quickly went away. The owner came to me. This woman shared my locker room, I know, because she had a habit of singing softly church hymns. She described her rings perfectly, and I reached into my pocket and gave her the rings. All of the married women can understand the relief and joy this woman felt. Her husband was with her. He, too, beamed with joy.
The lady said that she had prayed that God would help her find her rings. She and her husband said nice things to me. They and I are of different ethnicity.
Finding and returning the rings wasn’t a temptation for me. God used me for His glory. The impact of this exchange opened up more conversations with others that probably would not have happened otherwise.
By the way, they both came to my area to gift me with a thank you card and a gift card. I didn’t want it, but they insisted.

The three women that lied were acquaintances of the rightful owner.