February 4, 2024: Jude 1:5-7 – 3-Threats To My Life

:bible2: Jude 1:5-7 – 3-Threats To My Life

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: talks about three specific threats that can be avoided if we would but heed God’s Word and warning.

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Oh Father may I move aside and allow You to continue Your work in me, breaking me myself and I . May I I become a C to be like Christ.
Thank You Lord You are leading us to a place, a home that I would have never chosed because of my pride. . I am going willingly because I trust in You and not what I see. Lord I hope You will continue to root out any more existing pride in my heart. Lord I am the strongest willed among the strong wills.
I so want to enter the Promised Land.
I am so ready!!

For the record this is a time I would naturally dig my heels in the dirt in sheer defiant spirit and go unwillingly. This is what the Lord has been doing in my whole walk and tthat is removing my pride, extracting in big ways as well as chipping it away a little at a time.
I am so tired of my fighting with much resistence, flesh!!!


WOW, I was just finishing watching Pastor J.D. in this video and was totally convicted! The Holy Spirit convicted me for allowing my hip osteoarthritis pain and discomfort to be the Giant in my life. I didn’t see it as an idol, but almost as bad, because that giant was the focus so much that it was blinding me to God’s strength to overcome.

NO MORE!! Those Giants are NOTHING compared to our Lord Jesus Christ and the POWER of GOD!

I highly recommend that everyone watch this and really listen to the Holy Spirit’s conviction from it… God Bless Us All and take the “I” out of our prayers and focus on “HIM”!

Thank You Pastor J.D. and Thank You Jesus!



I meant to thank you as well Pastor JD. Through Your Holy Spirt inspired message, the HS spoke to my heart in a huge way.
It is great to be His child.I . I hope I’ll keep learning until He comes for us