February 6, 2024: Prayer Meeting -- 3-Word Prayers

:bible2: Prayer Meeting – 3-Word Prayers

Pastor JD talks about how God not only answers short prayers while in a trial, but that sometimes God may deem it necessary to allow the trial to protect us from a much greater trial.

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@catfaire , there are something JD said here may be ministering to you?


Oh yes, “Lord Save Me.” It is not the last hour, but the last minute. Lord, get our loved one’s attention. Don’t let them go. Our children who were dedicated to you at birth, taught your precepts, prayed and fasted over, cried a million tears and after all that, laid them at your feet to do your will as you see best. Your word gives us assurance that you are waiting for that last soul to come home. We cry out to you to save them, Father. Bring them to repentance and DON’T LET THEM GO! We cry abba father, please hear our plea and comfort those who cannot bear the thought of seeing them lost. I pray this in the name above all names, the Might One of Israel, The Everlasting Father, Our Jehovah Shalom.


Perhaps I missed it, but did anyone else hear of an update on Mrs. Farag? All I could think of which I heard was ‘she’s a tough cookie’ and ‘she’s seeing people in a new perspective’. Was the the update or is she getting better or all the leaves are brown(all the leaves are brown) and the sky is grey (and the sky is grey). I’ve been for a walk (I’ve been for a walk) on a Winter’s day (On a Winter’s day)…sorry. I loved the teaching he shared though and yeah, it’s pretty astounding the whole account (both) when on the water.


All I know is that I am intrigued to tune in to watch the replay.


It cut off when Pastor JD came back on to give that update. That made my heart sink. Especially in light of his message at the beginning. My fear is that it is bad and he wanted to share with the church members in person before sharing with the world at large. I pray for the family, the church, for God’s mercy and that he will send a healing miracle so that all the world will hear and know that He is God, and there is no other.


Bid me come, Lord


Oh . . . Beautiful petition my beautiful sister. I’m crying out with you. You are reading my heart as well! :heart::pray: Thank you!!


Work YOUR good! :pray::heart:



“Lord, please take me home” is my cry and prayer every day.


Having given it a lot more thought that I probably needed today, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a possibility that we will hear said update tonight before the Bible study. I’m hoping anyway. I’m on juuuust this side of expecting. I’d have suspenseful music playing till then, but that’s a lot of hours to be in suspense, let alone music for it.

[UPDATE] After watching Ezekiel 40 study, I can say, “Well, so much for that idea.” Oh well. Keep praying relentlessly.

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Praise God, we have a risen savior! An eternal high priest! The Lion of Judah and the Lamb who paid for our transgressions!
Come quickly Jesus


Sometimes I Just Have to Remind Myself When I Start Feeling Down…

Repost…Lift up your spirits along with your heads…The Journey is a about to begin soon!

:point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down: :smile::smile::smile::smile::grinning: :point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down:

The Incredible Journey…

Lately been feeling the doldrums of hanging around this dark world. Seems like everyday one more light goes out on what was and the enemy gains another foothold somewhere.

But enough of the negative…

Now for the good part…

I am about to embark on an incredible journey…So amazing it will be… is a clear understatement of what is about to happen…

To start out this dying body is about to get renewed…That torn meniscus in my right knee…gone! The list of failing body parts could go on and on but would take up too much space. Total renewal!..and it’s forever!

I am also going to go against gravity itself and make it to the stratosphere…

There I will meet the One who made this incredible journey all possible…Creator of all things.

Savior of my soul. What a Way to start a journey! (Hoping Mom and Grandma are there too)…

After the gathering …we’re taking off to a place you KNOW has got to be fantastic…It was prepared just for us. A place we were only able to dream about.

There the consummation of the promises made to us as His betrothed will be realized.

Before the big celebration He wants to reward faithful service…we will all kneel one by one before Him and receive recognition for what was done to serve Him.

The wedding…I can only imagine the majesty and the glory of the ceremony that we will participate in. In His great love He takes us to Himself forever.

You know I look at things alot differently with the renewed mindset that came with the renewed body.

I’m giving and feeling Love like never before…Old ways of thinking?..I can’t remember what they were.

What a wonderful feeling to know that wherever He is…I will be too… forever!

Time to eat…*Marriage Supper of the Lamb…You know that this is gonna be better than any other meal you’ve ever experienced. After all…He is the Creator of all things and the menu has got to be GREAT!

(* Note…there are varying opinions on whether this happens in Heaven or after we return with Him to earth…either way it will be GREAT!)

He sure does Love us!

After we’ve rested in the safety He prepared for us… He mounts up on a white horse and we follow His lead and we all head back from wens’t we came.

We’re about to witness The King of Kings…Lord of Lords… our Bridegroom…take back what was rightfully His and destroy the evil that has run roughshod over His creation.

With all the power that is His…We watch Him take care of business quickly and He sets up His Kingdom on earth and wants His Bride to help Him rule and reign in the upcoming administration.

A Thousand Years…In our glorified bodies…Serving the One and Only God…What a position!

At the End of those years our Bridegroom will once again put the enemy in his place and all those who follow him …once and for all.

Final judgment for Satan and all unbelievers from Creation to the end of the Millennial…will put the finishing touches on the set up to eternity.

The Eternal Lake of Fire for them.

The Eternal New Heavens and The New Earth with The New Jerusalem with Our Bridegroom for us!

Just doesn’t get any better than that!

From a Trumpet and a Shout…
To Transparent Streets of Gold!

Now that’s an “Incredible Journey”!

Brother Marlin


Three word prayer . . .

Save our children! :heart::pray:


I got a call earlier today that our pastors wife died today in a horrible accident. He was a widower and just remarried last year. They were married almost a year. They liked the outdoors and went hunting together. Just down to earth country people. She went to get her gun and it accidently went off shooting her. I’m not going to give the details but it was very bad. I am still in complete shock this happened. Please pray for him, their families and our church.



I pray today that we will see people with God’s love and eyes;

That we will seek to find the lost for God;

That we will rejoice over those who turn to Jesus;

And that we will encourage those who turn to Jesus.

Brother Marlin



I am so sorry to hear that Sister, Lena. May God be with your Pastor and family through all of the trying days and weeks ahead and also with your whole congregation. Just remember that God can make all things work for good so that it glorifies Him!

We may never know the purpose or reason for this tragedy happening while we’re on this side of Heaven, so please hold fast to our Lord Jesus Christ through this trying time and know that God is with us every minute of every single day.

In Jesus’ Blessed and Holy Name, Amen!



So sorry to hear Lena. Wow. It must seem so surreal. “Father we hold up to you this church family today. Please be with the Pastor in a special way this day. Bring healing to this body of believers through the love and care for pastor and for one another as each body part feels one another. May this body of believers find a renewed strength in your deep awareness even in the midst of this sadness…may your compassion for your saints be deeply and richly experienced. In Christ’s name…amen.”