If Salvation is a Free Gift Why Doesn’t Everyone Accept It?


All three actions of the ABC’s of salvation only saves someone if they truly believe in their heart. As we cannot not see anyone’s heart, we can not judge if someone is truly saved. On the other hand, we cannot judge who is not saved either and should not. The bible tells us we should not judge, primarily because we can’t and it is not our business. to judge who is saved.

We can and should discern who is doing wrong, but only for the purposes of knowing who to follow or associate with or possibly to correct. Not saying you do, but a lot of Christians judge others to put them down and satisfy their pride or revenge.

The only one we should judge is ourselves regarding salvation, just to be sure we really meant it when we accepted Jesus as our Savior. We all will continue to sin on some level no matter how sincere we are as we can’t help it. Remember salvation is a free gift, so we cannot be sure who really accepted this free gift. The works someone does good or bad, does not determine their salvation. If it did, then salvation would not be a free gift.