Information for those LEFT BEHIND

I have on my Google drive many files, images, videos, books, etc for those left behind. I have also put this information on thumb drives. I am adding files to these as well, but I wanted to share this with others who may not have the time to collect all this. Feel free to download and create your own Left Behind stockpile of information!

Books & Articles – Books and Articles – Google Disk

Bibles – Bibles – Google Disk

Derek Walker - Book of Revelation – Derek Walker - Book of Revelation – Google Disk

FIrst Aid & CPR – First Aid CPR – Google Disk

Images – Images – Google Disk

Rapture Kit –Rapture Kit – Google Disk

Videos – Videos – Google Disk


Great idea, @Seoullessginger. I would like to add however, a question pertaining to your google drive. You saw the new announcement by google with concern over accounts not actively used for two years consecutively? They will be deleted.

My point being, you may want to have a hard copy stored somewhere for easy access as well. It’s a lot for processing and in some cases may just want to “make” what you can for them to take on-the-go.

There are medical field books one can buy (pricey by my standards) but they are worth it. This for example.
Jblearning field guide

There is a maze of books and field notes to search on that site, but this is one I have. It helped me with dealing with my dad and his plethora of medical problems.

Considering people will have to have the mark to buy and sell at some point, and we don’t want that for our [edited] left behind, acquiring what you can now would be essential. Three day bugout bag or an INCH bag:

Added food for thought. Also, you could go the route of “survival tabs” for food when none is available.

It is a lot of work and in some cases, a lot of money, but better to have it now than need it later and can’t get it.


Thank you, and yes, I have it all saved on my hard drive on my laptop. I only have it on my Google drive so that I can share the links. I have all these links also in my Facebook “About Me” section.

Great idea about the survival tabs, etc. I will have to work on that one.


You are most welcome. I know it’s not the best option in the world, and perhaps I’m not thinking within a proper context, but it’s an almost automatic response for me. Glad your info isn’t solely stored on google drive too. Whew!


Great idea @Seoullessginger and good points @Jon

Was speaking with my mum earlier and she mentioned Jan Markell had some ‘left behind’ resources - will post back.


Yes, she has for sale the Rapture Kit which I bought and included in the files I have on the Google Drive. She sells it in her store for pretty much the cost of the thumb drive.


Great idea to link the files to your FB (& other social media!) accounts.

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Is there any way we can obtain these?

Here’s my own Rapture Kit I assembled (and partially wrote) if anyone wants to use parts of it. Contains the ABCs of Salvation by JD, Documents, Videos on the Rapture by JD and Chuck Missler, Tracts and more.


How can I distribute these on USB sticks?

Hi Kate,

Most people get around a 15GB usb to put their files on since it’s a great cost to size ratio. Then you should create a folder on your computer with all the files that you think your loved one would benefit from the most. You should be able to easily download the resources you want to have on the USB from other people or websites. Stay a little bit under the maximum capacity of the USB (say 14.5Gb for a 15GB) since the file size is never actually exactly what it says on the packaging.

There is a way to ‘lock’ the USB so that the files can’t be edited or deleted (but can be copied) so people can’t just use it as a regular USB - however this is more complex and would require a bit of explaining.

Once you have your files selected, copy them to the USB drive and put it somewhere where your intended individual will find it along with a note explaining what happened to everyone who disappeared. You could also have an online archive of your chosen files and create a QR code to link straight to it, that way they won’t need a USB at all - only a sheet of paper with your note.

Is that what you meant by “distribute”?

God Bless,


I purchased a rapture kit from Jan’s Olive Tree Ministries. I think she may have some other resources too.


I also put together a box of books, rapture kit from Jan Markell, a thumb drive explaining the rapture ( can’t recall where I got it from), the movie Before the Wrath, among other things.
I also wrote in a notebook personal notes regarding what is happened, is happening and will happen ( The Tribulation, the Antichrist Mark of the beast ) and advised what to do and not do along with Bible verses.
I converted probably a 100 YouTube videos onto my archives so that hopefully they’re available when YouTube deletes them
I have stuff from JD, Andy Woods, Tom Hughes, watchman channels,and others.


Gosh I am no geek when it comes to this! I would have a hard time following how to do.

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