Jan 31 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

My parents are too( and my daughter all ready received the first dose) I gave them all facts , that I read and they were holding off… until my family got involved and I believe they are getting it today :pray:t2:
I best now be quiet and let the Lord work.
We can only pray that God puts a protection upon them


I listened to Dr. Simone Gold say she was at the capitol and the doors were opened, she was there to give a speech and entered the building. Just because she was arrested didn’t discredit her. Many good people are arrested wrongfully. I also have a friend who went to the capitol protest, and she said it was peaceful and didn’t even notice a riot happening. The news extorts everything. I work in the health field and what she says makes more sense than Anyone else calling this covid 19 a pandemic. I see no existence of a pandemic from where I work. That’s all I can depend on for truth in my eyes. GOD bless us all, I say this with love

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I have seen too many of these 6s lately especially associated with the democrats.

Thanks for these updates, JD. Much appreciated.

Btw, just a quick note. I like the way the video can be increased in speed on YouTube, but that doesn’t appear to be possible with videos placed here. I tend to be more engaged when I can play the videos at 1.25 or 1.5 speed. Just a thought.

Again, thanks very much for your updates. I’m not sure why more pastors aren’t discussing these things that are clearly affecting the world and Christians now as things ramp up quickly toward the Tribulation period.

My wife and I have found about four or five pastors online that deal with these topics. Not even the pastor of our church preaches on End Times/Last Days events. He says he doesn’t give any attention to “conspiracy theories.” Makes no sense at all to me, as if Satan is not going to use falsehoods and “conspiracy theories” to usher in his final global kingdom of Daniel 2 over which his spiritual son will rise and rule (Antichrist).

Just finished watching your 10 Stages of Genocide last night with my wife. I agree that too many are focused on the alleged voter fraud of recent election and failing to notice what is actually occurring throughout the world.

Thanks for keeping us informed and updated!


I’ve always thought that there is no call from the Lord to build the Temple other than it will be built. I have not seen any blessing from the Lord to do so. We are living Temples. :slightly_smiling_face:

The speed of the videos here can be increased.


Thanks very much. I was airstreaming it on our Roku TV last night, and did not see that symbol for settings as I’ve seen at YouTube.

The symbol WAS there, but it highlighted something else. I’ll double check it again.

Thanks much!

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Amen. Christ said it was finished on the cross.

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The BitChute article on Dr. Wakefield left out an important qualifier:
Dr. Wakefield has been dicredited by numerous medical and scientific communities especially for his claims that MMR vaccines cause autism. This should have been acknowledged by JD in his update.

I’ve been reading Robin Cook’s books for years. He addresses issues that he sees on the horizon. I believe he has a medical background and writes very interesting science fiction. He has tackled a number of potential issues such an nano-technology, big pharma, gloalization, and pandemics. His books usually involve a medical mystery that a doctor or medical students discovers and works at exposing the bad actors in whatever scenario he has created. I have always enjoyed reading his books particularly since I was teaching science. The vaccine DNA discussion is most interesting. I haven’t taken a genetics course since my first undergraduate degree and certainly would like to know more. My understanding of mRNA is that it contains the code to make proteins needed by cells. If the vaccine mRNA contains the code to make covid “spike” proteins, I can imagine how this might set someone up for the cytokine storm during a subsequent covid exposure, but I would honestly love to hear from a scientist who does this type of research to get answers to these questions. Is anyone in here involved in DNA research?

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Welcome here, Catherine! :hugs: Fellow Canadian and reader of Dr. Robin Cook’s novels. :grin:


I used the wrong word. It’s actually called AirPlay and it allows you to send what you’re viewing on your iPhone directly to your Roku TV via WiFi. I’ll pull up JD’s vids on my phone (since I can’t get to his website on my TV), and AirPlay vids from there.

Great. It’s nice to have as an option. :sunglasses:

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That’s right. Since I have a ROKU TV, the YT channel can be part of that so I can watch YT via ROKU, and yes, he only broadcasts the first half hour or so there. To see the rest, I have to view the video from his website. This is where AirPlay comes in because JD does not have a ROKU “channel” I can choose. In order to get it on my TV screen, I have to AirPlay it from my iPhone.

If you watch his live video on your phone on Sundays, you should be able to “stream” it from your phone to your TV using this same procedure. I would think that would work.

Same applies to my church when they live stream the service via Facebook. If I open it on my iPhone, I can AirPlay it to my TV and watch it there.


Thank you Dennis. I will try this email. Marlena

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Nice to meet a fellow Canadian and reader of Robin Cook’s books.


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I think this is what is happening to the elderly who have died from the vaccine. Most had covid within a couple of weeks to days prior to vaccination then subsequent death. I don’t understand why these vaccines are being given to frail elderly people who have survived covid! No other purpose than experimental trial for data collection in my opinion.

The only two I have found are out of China- Sinovac and Sinopharm. Both are made the “old” way with inactivated virus like a flu shot. Hopefully something like these will be available in America.