Jan 31 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

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I am now wondering…due to pressure from my daughter, to keep peace in the family, I did get first vaccine last week. After listening to JD today, I need to remain calm but I’m sorry I did get that vaccine. Wondering if I can skip the second? It wasn’t good news…

yup better decline second shot


Are you talkimg abt this vaccine in another thread?

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I live in Western Australia and our government passed a law that they can implement mandatory vaccines in an emergency , in the document it states that they can restrain you and remove your underwear to inject you with the vaccine
Please pray for us because we are currently in complete lockdown , only allowed to leave our home for 1 hour a day and i believe that it to make people compliant to take the vaccine.
My prayer is that if it comes to the point where they can enter my home and inject us with this vaccine, that God will protect us supernaturally from negative side effects.


I’ve also been researching and reading and praying about this for the past few months. I’ve been trying to explain it to people and most won’t listen or try to understand. This is a good, clear explanation of how this shot (not vaccine) works. It’s been heartbreaking to see family members taking the shot. I’ve been feeling almost depressed by the lack of understanding by family and friends. I try to keep it all in perspective but some days it’s hard. I am always encouraged by Pastor JD’s reminder of the hope we have in Jesus. That’s what keeps me going!


For JD. Watch this:


Vancouver, Canada


Viv, please know that this current vacinne is NOT the mark of the beast. (Pastor JD has also said in all 3 of these updates that this is not the mark). The antichrist has to be revealed according to scripture and rise to world power for the false prophet to force people to take the mark in declaring their worship of the antichrist. As Pastor JD has been saying, and the scriptures say, we will be raptured out and will not even see the antichrist. Please do not let the enemy keep you in fear that God will abandon you. I can hear your heart and that you love the Lord!! EVEN IF the rapture would be at the mid point of the tribulation (and I personally do not see evidence in scripture for that), true believers will not be deceived or left guessing if it is the mark or not when it comes. The saints saved during the tribulation will know. I so wish you didn’t have this pressure to feel you have to get this just because those taking care of you are fearful. Shame on them!!! I pray protection over you and your health if you do get it. But rest easy dear Sister in Christ. God and our Lord Jesus will not leave you behind as long as you’ve given your heart to Christ. Hugs.


If I lived near you in England, a lovely country I may add, I would help you with your garden. I’ve studied horticulture. I would help especially if you did not take the vaccine or with the vaccine. Friends and family respect your decisions and ultimately the Lord holds your life in your hands and he appoints your time to be with him, not the virus. No such mite of a virus can thwart God since he is always in control. Man can not add a cubit to his life. May I add, if the government wanted to save lives, they would have abolished abortion and its research on the unborn.

2Tim 1:7

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Blessings and Best Wishes



They knew that the “mutants” would be used to continually beat us down and suppress us. It reminds in how the government used the threat of terrorism after the wake of 9/11 to control us and strip away our freedoms, create a new agency, send us to multiple wars. Trumo stops the wars and tries to bring back our troops and then the Warhawks brings the wars to our streets through coups, and radicals.


Amen. I’m already tired of being muzzled my ineffectual masks here in California.


Its fine to not take the second dose. There are many who don’t take the second.


I have reviewed the video and it is valid. The vaccine is not a vaccine. This is a JD must watch, takes about 30 min. Thank you Dorinh74 for passing this on! God Bless You!
Agape, Ken


DNA vaccines are a bigger red line than the mRNA vaccines.

the mRNA vaccines by themselves… not worried about DNA changes as they currently exist (they need extra components to be able to do that like cas9 or reverse transcriptase), they only go into the cytosol, not in the nucleus, make your ribosomes print viral proteins, then degrade because they’re short term messages. The worry from mRNA vaccines is actually in their function of making viral proteins be expressed on your cell surface which makes your own immune system attack your own cells. It’s an insanely stupid idea on how to generate an immune response because of how much tissue damage, inflammation, and risk of autoimmunity there is.

Viral vector vaccines like Johnson and Johnson or Astrazeneca have that SAME RISK, and then on TOP of it, their vector virus actually enters your nucleus. So the DNA from that adenovirus is in your nucleus, and unlike mRNA that’s not a short lived message. It stays there, and we don’t know how long it stays there. It may never insert into your actual DNA but it will still be treated like a small extra chromosome in a place protected from the immune system. It’ll act kind of like a plasmid in bacteria.

So if Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are stupid (and they are), the Astrazeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccines are double stupid.


The Largest Experiment on Humans Ever Seen

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Deepest gratitude to Pastor JD for his work on this update.
This is the stuff we need to know but no one else is telling us.

Bless you, JD!


Thankyou so much for your reply. I have told myself the same things that you said. I have watched the prophesy updates every week - but I can’t remember the number 666 being mentioned in connection with the vaccine. I wonder If this should be explored - or maybe it was discussed in a previous update. Is it also possible that the great delusion could actually be that the vaccine is not harmful in terms of population control. There are many questions still to be asked and answered. God is in control - that much I am sure of and I Thankyou most sincerely for your kindness. :pray:

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Thankyou for your reply. I really am very grateful that Our Lord sent such comfort through you and others. With love dear sister in Christ :dove::pray:

Dear Viv, I read what you wrote and I hope you won’t make the appointment for the vaccine and that you won’t take it. I’m happy that you haven’t taken it yet and I’m hoping that that you will keep it that way. If I lived near you, I would help you out :heart: but we can all pray that other people will come to help you if the few people that do NOT want to help you if you don’t take the vaccine (btw, that’s huge manipulation!), stick to their decision. The LORD GOD Almighty knows what you need and He can bring you lots of helpers. I will pray for you , Viv. Much love from the Netherlands! PS: vax or no vax you will still be raptured! God bless you!


Dear Pastor JD, I wanted to let you know that I loved your Bible Prophecy Update so much!!! God bless you for all your hard work and for warning and helping so many people. Much love :heart:
p.s. I also loved the Sunday Sermon although some parts were blackened out somehow but I will check again later on to see if the blackened out parts are back up :slight_smile: .