Jan 31 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Is there any info that you can pass to be more specific to why not?

I saw that too.

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So cytokine storm… not exactly what JD was describing but it is an absolutely catastrophic thing that happens. Basically your immune system overreacts to an antigen and triggers an innate immune response, where your neutrophils (a type of white blood cell) release proinflammatory cytokines, and the resulting inflammation causes a chain reaction of tissue damage that results in more inflammation, that results in more tissue death that results in more inflammation and you go into multi organ failure and die.

The nuts and bolts of it is that your neutrophils are primed to react when certain chemicals that are on the INSIDE of your cells are detected OUTSIDE of the cells due to the cells being killed and leaking out their contents. they track these chemicals and migrate out of the blood into tissue to investigate. If they also at the same time detect a foreign antigen, they activate and start drawing more and more neutrophils to the tissue and releasing these proinflammatory cytokines. It’s your immune system gone totally berserk. They destroy the surrounding tissue and if that surrounding tissue was carrying viral proteins… chain reaction.

SARS and Covid 19 are just 2 agents that can cause this kind of reaction, it is usually caused by superantigens, like in toxic shock syndrome. So actually having an immune response trained up against the virus, could be worse especially if it’s against a superantigen because your immune system is now primed to overract to it. Note they don’t make a vaccine for toxic shock syndrome (a superantigen caused cytokine storm is what is fatal in that)… it’d probably kill you if you ever got strep throat if you were vaccinated against the toxic shock superantigen, just because your immune system would go berserk over it.
That seems to be a similar possibility with Covid 19 vaccines. Your immune system gets primed to overreact to what might be a superantigen and so any coronavirus with a similar antigen… your immune system can go nuts and kill you (even over a common cold)
I remember reading that report the molecular biologist was talking about now and commenting on a thread “maybe that’s why we don’t have a vaccine against the common cold…”

So I found this on Covid19’s spike protein

The binding epitope on S harbors a sequence motif unique to SARS-CoV-2 (not present in any other SARS coronavirus), which is highly similar in both sequence and structure to bacterial superantigens. Further examination revealed that this interaction between the virus and human T cells is strengthened in the context of a recently reported rare mutation (D839Y/N/E) from a European strain of SARS-CoV-2

“S” being the spike protein. Covid 19’s spike protein is possibly a superantigen. At first I wanted to dismiss Pastor JD’s comment about the spike protein being the “warhead” of the virus, because what it normally would be more analogous to is the targeting system of the virus. The spike protein is on the surface and is how the virus targets the ACE2 receptor on your cell’s surface and it binds with it and your cell pulls it in. Normally the “warhead” of the virus is its RNA or DNA inside the virus, the receptor is just a convenient target to lock up with antibodies so that they can’t get into cells.

But if the spike protein is a superantigen?
Then it really is the warhead. Because what kills you is your own immune system reacting to that superantigen, the resulting cytokine storm. So +1 to Pastor JD if he, without any instruction in immunology, had the guidance to call that one out.

The study I cited above… makes a good case for that. Mind you it hasn’t been peer reviewed yet. so this is still a “if” the spike protein is a superantigen. But I in my semi-educated opinion, given the papers I’ve read on it and the results of a previous vaccination to it causing these kinds of cytokine storms? I think it highly likely.

Which means I couldn’t even say get the novavax vaccine which is a more traditional style vaccine… because vaccinating against a superantigen is just an awful idea.


Thankful to have read that article this morning. Really needs to be reminded of :
“And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21:28)


Thank you♥️…I’m just a phlebotomist, but I fear that our hospital will soon make this vaccine mandatory…the shaming for even daring to look into its safety is surreal…the pressure is already immense to take this vaccine. Just curious, you being a nurse, would you be willing to lose you job if the vaccine is mandatory?

I’d say delay as long as possible at least.do you have a history of allergies to drugs or foods? That’ll buy an excuse out of even a “mandatory” vaccination.

Thankyou so much for your response - I really have prayed about this all night and the Holy Spirit gave me an unbelievable sense of calm and I will use that precious calm to guide my decision. I have no fear now xxx maranatha xxx​:latin_cross::dove::pray:


The vaccine blizzard is about finding out how many will fall for it, and the best way of persuading those who are “vaccine hesitant”.
And - of course - it’s a means of identifying the reasons of refusers…so Christians, or other faiths, or tin-foil hat wears…
It’s a Dress Rehearsal, so any glitches can be ironed out before Show-time a few years from now.

We have a Census coming up in the next few months which will ask what faith we are.


Praise the Lord, Yvette that you are doing well! That’s sensational news and I pray you stay that way!
I thank you for sharing your experience with us on this matter too @yphawkins . It has an effect of balancing what many call fear mongering. I can’t say that what has been shared from the Pastor’s side of the pulpit is fear mongering however. Where you see fear, others see intensity. Where you perceive yourself stupid for taking the vaccine due to what he has said, others take as a precaution. Where you see despair, others see hope. It’s all within a perspective of our own gathering. I can’t fault you for your feelings and concerns either way. Just as you can’t fault me or the Pastor or anyone for theirs either. No one ought to and yet we do.

I have concern for friends who have taken this but it’s their choice, just like you or I can make. Instead of condemning either way, we should pray for one another. You to remain healthy and live a life of fulfillment in Christ’s name. But also for others who do not wish to take the shot for any litany of reasons that they too remain healthy and the like. While I understand you resent watching what makes you feel unwarranted emotions of despair, I would ask you re-examine that moment and as you said, go to the Lord with your concerns and wait for His response.

I don’t believe, either way, there should be a wave of fear or despair disrupting your soul. Maybe you’ll have “buyer’s remorse” at a later time and you’re concerned about that? Maybe you see nothing wrong and are “playing it safe”? While JD is merely a messenger sharing a message, we have to maintain a composure in our soul for the perception and receiving of that message that either way the message leads, it ends up at the same place— calm and at peace with the Lord. Knowing we have gathered all we can, as Bereans, if you will, from all areas that we normally may not have acquired elsewhere.

Think of it this way, if you will; while you are busting your backside with work, family, and daily errands and chores, you don’t have time to research things from one perspective or another. The Pastor on the other hand, he will take what is sent to him, and I am sure undoubtedly, places a look at other information found on his own quest. Compiles what he can share in an hour at a time, and gives us what he can as best he can. He isn’t perfect, neither are we. This is a touchy topic and people are divided on it with a lot of emotion. Let not your concerns become worry that the Lord finds no outlet to answer you. No need to be discouraged from the message, or take it personally. Everyone has an end, we aren’t promised tomorrow or even ending this day. Either by jab, job, or junk. We live in faith that we understand Christ’s teaching, follow God’s word, and are helped by the Holy Spirit.

Sorry that you feel such a way as you do. I pray you can look upon this message at least with a calming effect, I pray it is received as it was sent.

May the Lord bless you with bold strength and courage and may He guide you through your day with confidence and wisdom.

This I think is the same study updated and added to by other authors?

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Hi, what a predicament. I’m front line ( social worker) but have refused the vax so far. I can understand why you took it, you have seen what many of us have not. I don’t know the answers or the right and wrong of the issue. I do know though, that your days were written in the book of life even before you were born. God knew, even then, every day of your life, the decisions you will take and reasons why. Grace and mercy will follow you all the days of your life… Trust Him, he won’t fail you, whatever madness is going on around you


I completely agree…NO thank you!!

I don’t know who you are of course. But thanks for responding to my query. Could you tell me more about why you say that? I am interested.

There are people who chose to not receive the second shot for personal reasons one being that they felt terrible or had other adverse effects. Also, nothing bad happens if you receive a partial vaccine.

Amen to this message! Finally, a pastor that sees and hears with spiritual eyes and ears. America was the last industrialized nation that was not in line with its leaders supporting the Antichrist. This past election was setting the world’s table for the revealing of the physical Antichrist. As for me, I have been saying this the day after the election. If you do not see this then you are blind spiritually and do not see this as just another sign before the rapture and the 7-year tribulation period.

The Prophetic Message of the 2020 Election - Part 1

The Prophetic Message of the 2020 Election - Part 2

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English is not my native language. I can follow what JD Farag says, but not so much the technical part of his explanation of how the vaccin works ot what it does to your immune system. Can someone explain this is in rather simple words? I know what mRNA is, and words like nucleus, genes etc. But when it comes to the biological part, I can’t follow it anymore. I wish to know for myself and for others why I should refuse the vaccin. Thanks so much.

Pastor JD, I gave my life to Jesus many years ago but never “really” understood what I was doing. Over the last 20 years God has NEVER left me, even when I strayed. Over the last 2yrs God has really taken me by the scruff of the neck and put people like you, Jack Hobbs, Jan and Amir in my life. It is so good to finally know that I know. I watch your prophecy update every Monday morning and boy oh boy did I love the one from today. The website is amazing with all links etc. God has just laid eschatology in my heart used to do a weekly message on WhatsApp based on yours and others like Amir and send it out but The Lord has quietened me down somewhat as I have not been in good health. Well… until today’s message. As my name suggests, I will be your very privileged and proud corporal here in Johannesburg, South Africa. I go to another church just down the road from a Calvary right here in my suburb. I want to just go visit because I know I am family. May God bless you and keep you, I pray for you daily, and thank God for your unwavering tenacity. Just wanted to drop you a note to astound you in how far your message goes :pray:t3:

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I have a very serious allergic reaction to an anaesthetic. I stopped breathing, and had to be put on a ventilator, but i do not think that will get me out of it. They want us all to have it choose what.

If you go to the top of this discussion, under the video are resource links. There are a lot of great things to read that explain everything. You can copy and share them with others.

Well, my sister-in-law who is a southern baptist pastor’s wife (she teaches school) felt the pressure to get the vaccine (without discussing it with her three sisters or me personally). After viewing this I shared Pastor JD’s message with my wife and her response: “Don’t say anything to her.” Not that I would - it’s too late now. A friend who contacted me about a business transaction on the 24th stated that he had received his first injection (he’s 77). Then with Pastor JD’s revelation for which United Airlines’ CEO is recommending all of their employees take the vax, it will be followed by most other carriers. I will not take the vax - I’ve spent enough time abroad (2014-2019 in northeastern Nigeria’s filth along with many other “holes”) that my immune system should be strong (and whenever the Lord calls me home then I am SOOO ready)! But God has blessed me and given me a good life for which I am deeply grateful. When it’s time to be routed from my home and marched off to an internment camp, I will not look back - there is nothing we have accumulated that is worth looking back for (besides, we’ve given a lot away and helped many family, friends, and strangers - reducing others’ pain and laying up treasures in heaven). So we look to heaven with the faith He will come for us soon but if the sting of death is ours to bear then so be it - His will be done!