January 15, 2023: 2 Peter 2:1-3 – Don’t Let The False Teachers Get To You

:bible2: 2 Peter 2:1-3 – Don’t Let The False Teachers Get To You

:hawaiianshirt_1: Pastor JD talks about how it is that we can be on guard against false teachers and in so doing not let them get to us.

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What is the little corner of jd s prophecy update? In corner it looks like little video but i cant tell what it is

Looks like it’s a feed looking at the congregation. Could also be a feed of the entry area of the church. Could be a faux pas and someone hit a wrong button lol.


Thank you Pastor JD, my soul was comforted and settled… so comforting I wanted your message to go on and on.
I can see why the HS wanted Peter’s last teaching to be about wolves sneaking in to steal and kill sheep. I had never realized just how cunning and evil false teachers really are.


Perfectly timed lesson for me. Now I know why I hadn’t watched this teaching when it was first given.

I use Facebook as a way to text with my children who live in a town that has poor internet connection. About a week ago, I opened up the app to text one of them. I saw a post from a cousin on pro charismatics. Absolute hogwash. I said so, too. Yesterday, this cousin posted a video by a charismatic that stated the different ways non charismatics try to tell them that they are misled. I asked if this cousin was a charismatic. They wouldn’t say.
This morning I began to listen to JD. I was at about the half-way point when my cousin PMs me.
Now, the real conversation started. They wanted to know what I believed. I gave them the gospel. This triggered a series of name calling by my cousin. Gifts came next. I offered Galatians chapters 5 and 6, with a few verses of chapter 1 in Ephesians. More name calling and their rant ramped up. I calmly responded to every question they asked. (During a 3-hour dialogue, satan had more notifications ringing my phone than you could shake a stick at. Distraction city. I did not divert away.) When they saw that I wasn’t rattled, they told me that I had satan’s spirit. I think my pulse doubled. Yep, that made me mad. I thank God that He had me check my response. I told my cousin that my hands are clean of them. I tried.
My pulse still elevated, I returned to JD’s lesson. He could not of added another word to make it better. It was exactly what I needed. Calm again, I thought about Asaph. I thought about my cousin. If nothing changes … God knows.

Thank you, Pastor JD, thank you.


just went thru that in a different way but was to accused of satans spirit.
I was astounded. only want to hear love love love, no warnings