January 28, 2024: Jude 1:3-4 – The Agonizing Contending For The Faith And The Truth

:bible2: Jude 1:3-4 – The Agonizing Contending For The Faith And The Truth

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: explains why the agonizing contending for the faith and truth against those secretly creeping into the church, has never been as important as it is in these last days.

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Thank you Pastor once again for protecting and defending us. Just knowing how loving and tenderhearted you are, I already knew you agonized and wrestledhaving to give us the “hard Truth”.
I am also very protective of you when I hear the criticism from the false influencers.It aangers and saddens me.
Thank you for giving us the Truth and by doing so, you’re obeying the Lord

Adding - Yes Bro JD, so perilous are these times, I shudder to think but then it is only by the Grace of God that keeps and sustains us. Otherwise, I quite honestly could not make it.
Thank You Jesus but please come ever so quickly!


MARANATHA Lord Jesus MARANATHA :pray: :latin_cross: :pray:


Apostasy Alert!


VERY interesting - especially, the tie to Peter Drucker. Thanks for sharing.

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First of all thank you Pastor JD for recognizing this simple fact that there are many that now have a platform only because it is readily available to use, both ordained pastors, ministers, and even lay people who fancy themselves well studied Bible scholars. But it does not stop there, it goes well into many other as you call them influencers as well. People who think themselves alternative news but are in fact just repeaters for information they got from those a little more wide spread than themselves. What they are in fact are commentators and dare I say not very good ones as well.

So to you Pastor JD kudos. Normally this is where I would bring up the Col. Grossman(Ret) speech after 9/11 but it fails in many aspects to which you point out how the current crop of wolves are working and that is the rally charge to save the nation under nationalism and a human savior. There is no such thing and if people actually believe in end time prophecy they would realize that for a short time, 7 years, globalism will win out but only for a short time of 7 years. So there is no hope in the upcoming election or any other for that matter. Secularly it may be a good thing to do to vote but prophetically speaking it is useless. Satan gets his 15 minutes(ok 7 years) but then it is all over for 1000 years.

That being said I present you with the you very own patch featuring the ultimate sheepdog Sam.

I hope you remember him because you are playing his part now. So if I mess up and call you Pastor Sam know it is not a mistake but a sign of honor and admiration. Keep up the good work.

Just know why you are called Pastor. There is a reason…


Thank you @BayouBushi. You have named our “Hardcore devil stomping Ninja” pastor perfectly. Love it!


Now if I could find some place that would do an entire bolt of cotton fabric with a print of that, I would get a few yards and make him a shirt with it to wear. But Nahhh last trip to the fabric strore I have not seen it. I have t-shirts online with it screen printed on but he doesn’t like t-shirts so probably would not wear it.


I have family members who have attended his church for years. When he first wrote his “book”, it was used in every service in place of the Bible for the most part. Oh, it is just being taught from alongside the Bible, I was told. I think my comment was “No book should ever replace the Bible, ever!” How can anyone say they love the Lord and compromise like that. I have always thought of him since that time as a false teacher, bending to the world dictates and needs for more than what the Bible can offer. YIKES!


Could you get a patch made? Or even a sticker. That would be such a great gift for him. I will keep a lookout and let you know if I find anything. Even if he doesn’t wear it, he could use it as a seat cover for his car or office chair. Just a thought…lol! I have BUT GOD tee shirts on my truck seats with the A,B,C’s of salvation on the back. One of our forum buddies makes them.


Well the patch can be ordered online and the same with the t-shirts. That is a thought though for the t-shirts. Order a couple and send them to be used as seat covers in his vehicle. I will look into to that. I once made a baby blanket for a minister I know, and at the same time I picked up 3 yards of USMC printed fleece and made him a throw blanket as well and sent it to him. He loved his and his wife loved the baby blanket for their grandchild. Yeah I will check that out on the t-shirts.


I was looking at the t-shirts and found that I don’t need to get two of the same. I could get one for Pastor JD that does the hard core devil stomping Ninja and one of the passenger seat where his wife wood sit that says, “I call dibs on the Pastor.” Now that would be a hoot. Also found a nice coffee mug for when he does counseling. It says on the side, “Careful you could end up in a sermon.” That would be fun as well.


From Amir Tsarfati

When everything looks so not right, so backwards and awkward and when it looks like the evil people are on the winning side please be reminded of these verses that are familiar to every Jew as they are from Psalm 92, the only Psalm written for the Sabbath day, thus being read every Shabbat in every synagogue:
When the wicked spring up like grass,
And when all the workers of iniquity flourish,
It is that they may be destroyed forever.
But You, Lord, are on high forevermore.
For behold, Your enemies, O Lord,
For behold, Your enemies shall perish;
All the workers of iniquity shall be scattered!


Jack, try Fabric on Demand. US business in the Carolinas. I am not positive this is the business my daughter used when she had her personal designs transferred into fabric. If it is, what she received was exactly as if she had purchased a fabric from a retailer. It isn’t a screened on fabric like T-shirts might be done.
It is by the yard. How you approach obtaining his size & preferred length might be a story in the making. :slightly_smiling_face:



Good morning Ralph, morning Sam



I saw those “sermon phrase” items. That would be a “hoot” as you so aptly wrote!!


I found this a good teaching at Church today.

I do not post this to debate just as good sound teaching if you want to receive it as such.

There was a great Q&A time today that start’s around the 103 time mark.

And 120 time marker speaks to tongues and Cessationist and Countinuist.


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