January 30, 2022 - Hebrews 13:22-25 – How God Gets Us Through Hardship

:hawaiianshirt_4: Pastor JD talks about how it is and what it is that God will choose to use in order to get us through life’s hardships.

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Paster JD’s teaching was uplifting. He talked about a couple things that brought back fun memories of the differences in cultures.

My parents were from the mountains of Virginia. My older brothers were born there as well. I was born North of the Ohio river making me a Yankee (Southern Ohio)…something one of my older brothers tried to razz me about. Our parents didn’t differ in the manner of our upbringing, so when my brother would razz me about being a Yankee, I would respond with “it’s just a longitude/latitude thing”. I think it must be just a longitude/ latitude thing when it comes to greeting family in different places. Arabs and Virginians greet each other the same…who knew? :grinning: I use to think of it as congo lines passing each other. EVERYBODY hugged and kissed the back of the cheek (by the ear). Big family too.

The other was the “how you doing?”. Again, cultural differences. Again, Virginian verses upper, central Ohio ( I didn’t even leave the State!) Southern acknowledgement in passing was “Hey!”, and Northern was " how you doing". I actually tried to answer the first few people who asked me that. Finally, I was told that nobody REALLY wants to know how I’m doing. When Pastor JD brought that up, I laughed. :grinning:


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