JD Farag Business Cards

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a while so I thought I would develop a JD Farag themed card of his website.
It’s almost done, but I would like any comments, feedback or recommendations on it. (Particularly the front side) This one is designed so that anyone can leave them around the place to lead people to jdfarag.org and ultimately to Jesus.

When it’s completed I will print a bunch and will happily post them (along with some of my other cards) to anyone within Australia for free. If you’re outside Aus, you can print some yourself using any local printing service. If you’re in Aus and would like some, leave a comment and I will contact you when they are ready to be posted. (Tag any Aussies you know hehe)



FYI, If you haven’t seen all my other (updated) cards, take a look here: