July 2, 2023: Topical Study – The Impossible Separation, Part 2

:bible2: The Impossible Separation, Part 2

Pastor Mac offers an expositional teaching, expounding on Romans 8:34-39, to show that believing in Christ alone is the marker for salvation and should not be confused with the works produced by being a disciple.

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Impossible Separation Pt II

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Both of these sermons were really good and gave me pause in remembering a situation brought to my attention last year. When self-professing Christians state that God will never forgive you because of your past - Just remember what Pastor Mac said in these sermons. We forget people have a past forgiven by God (should they ask forgiveness and repent) and they aren’t the same person as such. And it’s certainly not our authority to judge whether they are forgiven or not much less even in error to state they’ll never be saved by God because the other person’s previous life isn’t as ‘good’ as yours was. They don’t know what turmoil they set themselves up for. All-in-all; we just pray for Jesus to continue to do a work in our brethren, whether only professing or truly brethren.

And we hope (usually), to see them in Heaven with us. I got a lot out of these two sermons yesterday and glad I watched. Many answered prayers within these two sermons from God. Thank ya!


Hallelujah, what a Savior! I am Justified by Jesus!
And I KNOW whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.


In a day when the debates are hotter than ever among brethren—typically on the secular social sites—we have this Blessed Assurance, right here. Thank you, Pastor Mac, for these powerful and timely messages. :cherry_blossom:


Well said, Jon.

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Pastor Mac has a direct, no nonsense, sit up in your seat straight style of preaching. He shared parts of his life that were not easily divulged.
He is blessed with five children. We know that no child has life except The Life gives it. The combination of male and female contributions, singularly joining without the pure light of Jesus merely falls away to nothing. There is Nothing accidental that has life - no blade of grass, and no soul/spirit human.
Pastor Mac considered, I surmise, the cost of his confession and found it beneficial, not to himself perhaps, but to those of us who have past activities, whatever they may be: self-perpetrated or perpetrated on us. We “see” him differently now. I see a brother that through the grace of God was allowed to experience what he did on purpose. A training period that enables him to understand the mindset of others who are where he was. How better to reach those who might think their life is too far gone to be redeemed?
Pastor Leitu brings forward his testimony in likewise humbleness as Pastor Mac. I have enjoyed all of these sermons. Pastor JD’s staff was in good hands while he enjoyed his vacation and family time.

I cried as I proclaimed Romans 8:29-39 over my dying brother. A quiet born-again believer, former Marine, ignored by professing Christians who discarded him in his time of need as they busied themselves with handing out pamphlets door-to-door. He lived with my parents because of illnesses caused by agent orange. Numerous times these professing Christians visited my parents and would not even return his greetings. He stopped. If these people make it to the Bema seat of Christ, then they do so.