July 23, 2023: 1 John 3:1-3 -- Trust God's Love When You're Hurting

:bible2: 1 John 3:1-3 – Trust God’s Love When You’re Hurting

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: talks about while we’re all prone to doubt God’s love for us during those times when we’re hurting, we can have the absolute assurance of our heavenly Father’s unconditional love no matter how bad it gets.

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Pastor JD I am very grateful to you for this sermon. There are so many I know personally, family, friends that are having a hard time dealing with the cascading problems we all seem to be facing at this time in history. Your words are very encouraging. I try as hard as I can to relay this message but my words never come out right. It is difficult to look someone in the eye that terminally ill, has lost a loved one, is facing all manner of financial or legal problems, dealing with kids that seem to have shut them out and tell them God is not mad at them and that this pain they are facing has meaning.

I don’t know what that meaning is and when they ask I have to say I don’t know. That is when I get well if you don’t know why are you telling me this. All I have left is while I don’t know the meaning I know there is one and with patience and endurance they may find out. Being an encourager in this time is difficult at best but, most often impossible. The words, “God still loves you and is not mad at you” hold a lot of meaning but relaying that meaning to one who is hurting is not easy. Thank you for the help.


Trusting God is a constant area that He’s been deepening my girls and I in. I am so grateful God is so patient, so kind and loving to us. I wanted to share the devotional I read this morning.

I pray it encourages others. Sorry it won’t load in order - read from bottom up! Lol - The title is Thrive and then read upwards.


Yes, without a doubt Yeshua was a carpenter but he did not look at everyone as if they were nails.

I heard Pete Garcia say this was how he saw things when he 1st started really understanding scripture and wanted to make sure everybody else understood his way. Seems he was still running on his military mentality.

I believe most but not all of us may have started out this way and would like a redo but we can only go forward from where we are now.



Have you heard about this?
Why is the media silent for the most part?
More proof time is short and things are ramping up as pastor says.