July 27, 2023: Discussion w/ Pia Balmer -- Bringing Jesus to the Red-Light District

:bible2: Bringing Jesus to the Red-Light District

:hawaiianshirt_4: Pastor JD talks with Pia Balmer about the ministry of bringing Jesus to the Red-Light District in Switzerland, as well as other related topics some of which may be graphic.

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Thank you Pia for loving these poor lost and very broken souls. Living in New Orleans we have a famous red light district, nowadays with many men as well as women who have become slaves. Also this being a huge port city there must be a great amount of trafficking going on here.
Thank you and the Lord for opening my eyes. I am old now but I want to be open if the Lord wants to use me to help some poor soul.
Praying for Troy’s victory.
God bless


Thank you Pastor JD for having Pia come and visit and speak. She has such a beautiful heart. It was for me wonderful to hear her speak of her experience and how she learned so much by seeing it up close and living it. She is so authentic and real and it shines brightly her light. May God bless her and keep her always. Thank you for your love for the Lord as well. You have been a blessing in my life and may God bless you and keep you as well.


Oh the decadent history of your home town. I know all to well of what you are talking about. My Uncle was a city cop for over 30 years in New Orleans. I spent so much time there as a kid and later as an adult when I was going to college at UNO. Every city has a dark under belly that most never see but there is something more sinister about New Orleans’ version.

It is funny that at one time the US Navy stepped in and brought down that little know area called Storyville in hopes of cleaning things up. Nope, just like when you walk into a room and turn on the light and you see the palmetto bugs and other roaches surry out of sight so to did the occupants and users of Storyville. Even to this day such evil is as pervasive as it was in the days of Storyville just more wide spread throughout the city.

I still remember hearing some of the things my Uncle spoke to my Dad and others of stuff he saw on his job. Fortunately I was to young to understand what much of it was then. But boy do I understand having served in the military, traveled the world some and seen some of those seedy places. I still chuckle that I was once approached by a street walker while I was in a work truck going to meet a friend in the French Quarter near the corner of Iberville and Royal. I was freaked out when I heard a voice from my open passenger window. I was never so happy for the traffic to start moving so I could get to my friend and get out of there. Never happened when we walked that area as there are a number of restaurants we used to go to in the Quarter but that day blew me away. A little too much taste of that side of the city.

I would have thought that was the end of it but it happened several times where I live now once in the city when I was on military duty and I was forced due to traffic to take a large military truck through the downtown area which I thought was fairly safe. Yep again a street walker climb up on the running board and stuck her head in to try and solicit me. More funny was on my job well outside the city but sadly a place known for such activity I was stopped along the highway doing my job and was approached by another. That was in the middle of the day I was working in uniform and still they were brazen enough to try and solicit me.

Much, much more older now I look back and realize how fortunate it was that I never got sucked into all that and the many other vices that are just as common now if not more so. But then I was never really a fan of the city center area off Canal save some of the eateries and stores on Decatur and a few in the Quarter. My love of the area was more to the out lying areas, the Lake for fishing, the close proximity of the marshes to the south of the city for hunting and boat access to the Gulf for fishing, even the Garden district in later years as I had gained a fondness for architectural styles from my time in Japan. Other than that though not missing it at all. So many broken lives there is hard to take any more.

And yes trafficking is and was always pervasive even in my younger years of the 60s and early 70s. My Uncle did at times talk about some children to young adults that were found beaten, abused and sometimes dead and it was obvious they were connected to such trafficking as their families when found were from all over the country and a lot more outside the country as well. I am glad I did not understand all that when I was very young. I can only imagine the scars it would have left. It is a shame that part of the city’s history now actually overshadows the rest and is celebrated. I was never so glad as when I was finaly able to move out of the city all together.


Pia has given good advice on handling family matters at the last part when close ones are unsaved or in sin.

I noted she mentioned NAR infiltration into Swiss churches as well, that’s why Stephanie warned us a lot.


Since Pia mentioned human trafficking in her interview and people are now a little more familiar with that serious problem the world over, here in the US there are resources. The below info is also posted on the thread Calm Down, Look Up because the subject was first mentioned there. Consider it a PSA(public safety announcement)

Now that the movie Sound of Freedom is out and more people are being made aware of the seriousness and scope of this problem here is contact info to have if you suspect you see it happening. I can’t take the space here of what to look for as it is long and complex. You may be able to check with your local police and sherrif departments for more information on that.

It is summer time and kids are out playing or in a park or hanging out at the mall. Traffickers are out looking for easy targets. School starts back in a month or so. Parents are out shopping with their kids again easy targets.

In the older days there used to be a PSA that came on TV in the late evening that asked, “Parents, do you know where your kids are?” It is something parents need to go back to asking themselves.

So below is a list of contact points nationally. Phone numbers for those seeing such possible activity, text for kids if they get caught up in trafficking and are fortunate enough to get access to a phone and a website to learn more about it.

Trafficking hotline


Totally heartbreaking and a reality that should not be.

These crimes are blatant, the governments and law enforcement’s know very well what is going on here…so, why does it exist ? When governments, justices, and high officials globally are clients in these vile acts (and are also paid off to further these things), we get what we see today with no viable justice system to stop it. Just a fake newscast once in awhile to disguise and introduce ultimate depravity as the new normal.

Man judges by the temporal circumstances and external appearances, Almighty GOD see’s all souls. Those young people who have been subjected to these atrocities, I pray earnestly that people like Pia will reach them and that they will receive The Way, The Truth, The Life…Jesus The Christ !



The answer is simple but as children of God we struggle with the fact it even exist. The answer to why is that we live in a fallen world filled with all manner of sin, even sin we don’t like to consider as it is so horrendous, so pervasive that we can’t bring ourselves to accept it is even possible. The truth is that it has been here in some form or another for as long as man has since the fall. Scripture talks of it lightly with the terminology “pass through the fire.” These are found in Lev. 18:21, Deu. 18:10, 2 King 16, 17, 21, & 23, 2 Chron, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. What those passage speek to is sacrificing children to idols and false gods but it goes way more than that as those rituals we know from other scripture deal in sexual debauchery at all ages.

It takes a strong stomach to face such things but they do exist and have throughout history. For the most part I think God is making us aware so as to understand prophetic statements such as “in the days of Noah and Lot.” It is a demonstration of things many of us were well protected from unless we move among the seedier areas of humanity. It demonstrates the depth of sin horror that we never were made aware of in sheltered lives we lead. We need be thankful for the Grace of God that we were allowed such sheltering. The mental toll for some of just seeing it can be devistating. What Pia sees and learns about all too often in her ministry is ugly, very ugly but God has graced her with a mental and emotional strength to see past the horror to the spiritual and earthly needs of those she reaches. I am sure she has some extra crowns awaiting her.


Completely appreciate the rhetorical nature of the query however it does dovetail so neatly into a section of Sunday’s sermon on 1 John 3:1…


So the simple answer is that this is not God’s world, that the devil is the father of this world,
and he’s the source of all the evil in this world.

@ approx 16 m 33s

Thank God for people like Pia and countless unseen, unheard others working for God’s uplifting glory in a fallen world.


I love Pia’s very real and sober thoughts and answers. It is really touching to see the people that Pastor JD aligns himself with. I could listen to her all day. Very lovely soul.

I am also blessed that she spoke out about Ukraine. I wrote a school term papaer like 20 years ago on trafficking in Ukraine. It shocked me back then…how much worse now. Pia bringing atttention to Ukraine as a hot spot and that is why there is a fake war position is (from so many angles) extremely credible. Scott Ridder and General Douglas Macgregor are two secular and very in the know sharp thinking individuals that tell the political mochery surrounding Ukraine being protected as a crime syndicate Disneyland. Kudos for Pia bringing that slice of llife to the propehcy arena. Well done awesome sister in Christ :slight_smile:

I understand her concern with Parents maybe not being so warned by Sound of Freedom and maybe feel like they might get kids back if that ever happens. That thought is horrifying that its that bad in America. But seeing how there are efforts to dumb us down…it probably has merit. But i am glad she sees it have a good place too in getting the word out. Amen. I agree.

Very blesssed by her heart and presentation and thank you Pastor JD for sharing her with us. Providing such rich and real context in such a savage world. Very blessed interview. :slight_smile:


What an eye-opening & heart-breaking discussion with Ms. Pia Balmer. God bless her much for having a passion and calling to bring Jesus to these poor souls. I did hear her mention she had a Telegram Channel, but I was unable to find it. I would love to follow her on social media if anyone knows where she posts? Thanks so much in advance!


Hi Cynthia,

Telegram group - In His Name - mentioned around approx 54 mins 23 seconds in the youtube vid:


Can’t locate any social media yet however

In Christ


Thank you so much!:sparkling_heart:


This may blow some minds coming from me, but i always try to keep a very open view to elements of what is going on that don’t align with my view (which since i am the only one with my view would be necessary to survive in the world today…lol). I thought to post this short 30 minute video here because it gets at that “lover boy” theme Pia brought up and we can see it on such a sociologically huge philsophical level in even in our culture and even how it effects evangelicalism today.

Why this would be a surprise is because this video mindset might lean credibility to the Luciferian Light theory (allthough this content creator is not in that camp). I am always open to that view given the strange context of our world. But this video highlights how “endemic” lover boy culture has blinded even the church :scream: or those who have sway over the church (I would not consider Candace Owens or Tucker Carlson to be the church but influencers for sure in evangelicalism).

In this video it does mention Trump in the mix in the same concerned light this video looks at evengelicalism in. So that it be not too confusing on what might seem my already very confused 1st seall view (which may have no merit at all), there is a mention of Trump in this video. For clarity’s sake on my understanding of that sort of nuance in the video and my 1st seal view is this:

I don’t see Trump as a Christian. And I believe God has permitted such a man to help the church see where they are weak in affection towards wordliness. However, i would see whatever leader type God might permit in our times and that leader having non-righteous leanings be distinct in ways in reference to how God might use a leader in our end time context. We will likely differ on how that may or could paly out and even what it means. But i do make that disttinction that does not make it impracticle or impossible for me to fully agree with the view of concern expressed in this video…while still having my own convictions perhaps of this leaders later role in things. But yeah…extremely controversal (not on purpose…just my sense upon our day). Beyond that though…

The reason for the video is to affirm the imensity of human trafficking via “lover boy” culture that Pia notied in the interview. And how theologically extremely deep this “lover boy” motif can blind even the church. Or at least the unchurched looking for answers. I thought on that note…it was rather fitting. Blessings.

We Can’t Trust Them. - YouTube