July 30, 2023: 1 John 3:4-9 -- Why I Have So Many Problems

:bible2: 1 John 3:4-9 – Why I Have So Many Problems

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: explains why it is that we have so many problems in our lives, and what Jesus did and is doing to solve them for us.

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Oh that is easy. I have not even viewed the video yet and I already know the answer to that. I am my own worst problem. I am stubborn, lazy at times, and tend to try to walk around with my foot in my mouth all to often. I think that is why I am on my fourth guardian angel. The fist one quit and started drinking, the next just ran off and has not been seen since, the third checked themselves into a mental hospital. Yep I am a slow learner with poor memory retention abilities, that is I have to relearn lessons over and over.

Seriously through many years of introspection I know I bring 99.99% of my problems on myself. Can’t blame nobody but me. But with all that I have one thing going for me, I am still forgiven.


Bayou - me too!!! Hey that’s really funny about guardian angels - im going to remember that one for my bible study class :grinning: :smile: :joy: :sneezing_face:


Ps - when I was young I knew nothing - the older I got I thought I got smarter - then at 40 I came to the Lord and at 50 I quit praying for patients :smiley: now 40 years later I know nothing - MARANATHA :latin_cross: :pray:


Pss - but we are royalty - co heirs with Christ with a Blessed Hope coming for us - yea !!!


That is like when I young and poor I had a lot to look forward to. Now I am just poor.


Wow, i must be in the right place!


Excellent article by Pete Garcia!


I really needed Pastor J.D. 's reminder: the devil is more fearful of a ‘born-again’ Christian than the ‘born-again’ Christian should ever be fearful of the devil. So if we are experiencing fear and doubt in our lives we need to take control of that fear and call upon the Holy Spirit, and
Satan will leave. We need to discipline our minds, and take captive those thoughts that are not from God. :pray:


Thank you Pastor JD, it is not uncanny…I know this sermon was from the Lord abecause it is so perfect for me.

Saturday night Mike looked at his bank statement for the first time in several months and found a purchase he didn’t make. Looking further in the statement he found 4 other withdrawals for the month of June that were not his. One statement led to another and another until we found the scam began in 2019.
Fear just swept through me like blood running through my veins and feeling so weak, so invaded and violated…satan had me where he wanted me. Then Mike calculated a total of just over 10, 000 dollars was stolen from his account …this almost made me sick to my stomach until we began to pray and whosh, another feeling ran through me as the Lord’s peace filled me and comforted and the reassurance that He was there with us all the while, keeping us, compensating for our losses when we were not even aware this was happening to us! Looking back we both acknowledged, we didn’t have a lot of extra money but we thought inflation was squeezing us like everyone else. Then we realized we did not go without having good food to eat. Btw, I cook everything we eat…well Mike helps me alot but I love to cook and we eat very well. We have had new shoes when we needed them, new clothes when needed and the money was always there. We never went without ANYTHING. Also we feed some feral cats outdoors and we have taken care of them and also our 3 own indoor cats.
Looking over last December’s statement 800 dollars was stolen but somehow we had a wonderful Christmas dinner and we both gave each other a gift plus gift for his unsaved brother and sister.
We were both in awe of how the Lord really and truly supplied our every need & turned this absolutely horrible thing into something very good and wonderful. We went to bed praising God and woke up realizing we can totally rest in the palm of His more than capable Hands! God is so GOOD! God is absolute control! We have NOTHING to fear! Praise His Holy Name! Thank You Lord we are MORE than Conquerors through Christ Jesus! \o/ Woo hoo, I am so loved and cared for soooooo well!!!

Added - Mike & I are on SS and he works a little part time job. He is 75…I am just a spring chicken, no not really I am 70. Anyway we are old and God still takes such good care of us. By all means, we shouldn’t have been able to make ends meet on our small income with someone stealing large amounts from us. Also we are not frugal nor are we spendthrifts either.
But God!
I simply can not wait to be with Him forever!


Hi Susan,

I’m sorry that happened to you and Mike. Did you know that you can file a report at your bank and get your money back?
I stopped using my bank debit card because someone was able to get my card info somehow thru the drive-thru food places or online and around $100 was taken out without my awareness and thankfully i caught it within the next few days and the bank paid me after i filed a report.


Thank you (hug) Yes Mike is on the phone w/ the bank as I speak.


An encourging word from sister Michelle.

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Susan, I’m sorry this happened to you and Mike. BUT GOD

I Couldn’t say it any better
Thank you for share


Thank you Loretta, that means so much to me


Susan, how dreadful, so sorry this happened to you. But the fact that you and mike are praising God and gratitude towarfs God means you have won a spiritual battle of eternal significance. God bless you and pray mike gets it sorted xx


Oh Margaret, thank you. We do not hold a tight grip of our money, neither one of us. I guess you could say, I have a distaste for it. The Lord took care of us when we did not know of this going on. So I know our Jehovah Jireh will provide now. It may not be on this earth that we are repaid and actually I’d rather have some extra flowers on my mansion instead of earthly money lol my heavenly home I have always wanted will be made of flowers. In other words, I just wanna go HOME to live with my Lord. This sinking ship of a world is going down rapidly.
Come Jesus and take us out of here, the sooner the better :pray:

Soon and very soon
We are going to see THE KING…Hallelujah!


Extra flowers sounds great( i want extra kitties lol.) Yes soon and very soon we are going to see the Lord i cant wait!
Considering how grieved you and mike have been at the ungodliness surrounding you i think you two will get a fantastic reward. It is hard to get excited about whats going on here when we know how very temporary it all is.
God bless dear friend xx


You are too kind but thank you. You said it so well. This world can not compare to our eternal home with the Lord!
May God bless you too!


Thank you xx its evening here another day closer to seeing our beloved