July 30, 2023: Bible Prophecy Update - Why Everything's So Strange Now

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So I am already starting to run into some problems with this guys data. One of the NORAD numbers he gave me is not even a satellite per se’. It turns out it is a rocket body. So that is one strike on the validity of his info. Still checking.

While I am waiting to hear back from my son and re-reading the Reese text as well as the link to Favis I noticed that as I researched the second satellite mentioned that there is not anywhere I can find at this time what that satellite does. It is a remote sensing or communication, is it a part of a constellation. None of that is readily available.

Then there was the mention of the March5 launch vehicle and the amount of payload it can handle, some 48k kg or around 107 lbs. A 107 pound payload is not a lot considering that he is estimating a 10 Mega watt laser. That much power needs a lot more than some capacitors to cover the distance some 556 miles even given the use of the best band of light (NIR). He left out the consideration of the power source. Is there a generator onboard. Not likely as a generator to pump that level of power is going to way a lot more than his estimated 71 pound payload. So that leave some massive arrays of solar panels. An average 2 yard square panel weighs around 40 pounds per. The less of those you have the longer it will take to charge what ever capacitors he uses either the ones he suggested or larger with bigger capacity holding. ’

Suffice it to say all that Mr. Favis has done is drawn numbers out of the air albeit based on some fairly reasonable assumptions and plugged them into some formulas. Ok the math looks good but it is only theoretical on his part so he has may proven it is possible for a single laser shot pulsed over less than 3 minutes. If it is to be used over and over it needs a power source and that is where his theory and numbers on what he say a CCP satellite can do. On top of that he has not even proven that the one object that is a satellite is a laser and not some other kind of device that views things or relays communications.

This is why we need to consider more than what is told to us. Sure if I just accept everything that is said I would be led to believe he was right and the ChiComs committed and act of war. Truth is we still don’t know what that satellite is designed for and how big it is. Given what I have found so far his assumptions are sorely lacking a lot of necessary details to make this believeable.

Don’t get me wrong DEWs do exist but we still have no proof a DEW is responsible for the fire(s) on Maui. We have a more reasonable explanation in the fact that high winds took down power lines on to a known fire danger zone and likely sparked the fires that were then fed by high winds. Talking to fire fighters last weekend I asked that specific question. Can high power transmission lines that deliver power from large generators to the tune of upwards of hundred of thousands of volt be taken down in 60 to 80 mph winds. The answer was a resounding yes. The next question was in such winds how fast could a wild fire grow and spread. I was told a good guess is they could grow to thousands of acres in a hour and move upwards of hundreds of miles depending on the terrain and available fuels, i.e. items to burn, grass, wood etc.

So the info you provide does not prove it was a DEW only that it is possible. But given the fact that he missed on one of the space pieces as being not a satellite and that is from NORADS own info on it but a rocket body, it makes pretty much all of the rest of the info all that more suspect.

I believe there is more to this than we think. I would say look at all the different so called accidents all over the US the last two years.

We hardly see any follow-up from the FBI from whoever that should be trying to find all the causes of train dumping toxic loads and explosive chemicals, food facilities blowing up or just catching fire and burning down. Not to forget all the chemical refineries including fuel refineries.

Some look very strategic and some seem random. But they all strike fear in the public especially when millions are crossing our borders and thousands are military age from hostile countries.

And it’s not normal at all way elevated in events everywhere.

We are in an economic war with multiple bad actors that started long before the bullets or missiles are flying. It looks like they want us to know we can’t protect ourselves from them.

And it seems when looking at our own government agencies they are correct.


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Finally got to the video and saw to the end especially when addressed the same old tire questions about DEWs, blue colors not burning, and HAARP.

Lets work back wards. HAARP is not under government control now and has not been since it was shut down in 2015 and turned over to a university in Fairbanks Alaska. It is used periodically by various colleges and universities across the country for all manner of radio based studies and testing. Most of that happens during the summer and schools reserve a block of time to work there usually around two weeks some even go to 3 weeks. So here again is the problem, the information was slung all over the place and no one has yet bothered to actually look into HAARP history. Yes at a time it was used by both the Navy and Air Force both for possible weather control but more so for troposphere manipulation to expand long distance radio transmission. It drove us HAMs nuts as it often intefered with what we call our magic band times and that is when solar activity messes with the ionosphere allowing for the 6 meter radio frequency band to work in such a way we can bounce signals over long distance up to a half a world a way.

Next the color blue. The first car in the video is burnt but barely. The red tail light covers are still intact which most likely means the car arrived late to the area and missed the worst of the heat and flames and without the heat support the winds blew the flame out before it fully burned. Then there are pictures of buildings one blue that is a distance shot so you can’t see it well but next to it is one with a red roof and another couple with white roofs and everything else around it burnt down. Again I refer back to the fire fighters I talked to. When I asked about workig wild fires out side of town in the unincorpoarted areas do they often see skips in burning. They said absolutely and especially when winds are high. Fire creates its own weather patterns which has embers often being lifted high and move distances before settling and they are they moved over remains unburned. Then there was one blue house in that the walls were blue but not the roof. So if a DEW as skipping blue and hitting everything else it was not doing a good job skipping gray shingles red roofs and white walls, white roofs and white walls. The more logical explanation is that some places were just lucky and got missed as the fire came running through at high speed. That is the nature of wild fires especially in high winds and that from people who fight the for a living. Then there are the umbrellas. Again not a good close up to fully examine but from what I can see combing over it the tables where the umbrellas were not burned, the railing appears to have been missed and so do the palms on the far right of the picture. And yes again all of that with in feet of stuff that did burn. Then there is the blue planter pot. I can tell you this kiln used to fire such pot run anywhere from 1750 F to almost 2000 F. It was on the ground with what looks like not burnable fuel around it to get it to those temps. The best estimation according to the firefighters is that in 60 mph winds you can see temps reach are around 1500 F maybe 1600 F. If you get inside a building with air passing though the walls would help to raise the heat to around 2000 F but the pot was out in the open so likely at most it would have cracked and shattered except it look like it had dirt in it which would absorb some of the heat on it.

Now the guy in the Rumble video did point out that some people disobey Joe Pokey beat cop and did go out and around. I am pretty sure those people never got the jab either but the rest just like good little sheep sat and burned just like they did when they were told to wear mask, stay 6 feet apart and get the jab and multiple booster time after time. Yep hey obeyed and it cost them their lives. Simply put sheepish followers of anything on earth are headed down a bad path.

Finally there is the FEMA junk. I can tell you from personal experience with my sister having dealt with FEMA twice from hurricanes that blew through my old home town and my aunt in New Orleans after Katrina they are a huge waste of tax dollars. They are an overbloated bureaucracy that does nothing valuable in disaster areas. They are simply incomptent for what they were formed for. For that very reason I will not attribute malice as much as sheer buffoonery from them. They are government clowns of the worst kind.

Now I get it, we live in an unprecedented time where things are happening at break neck speed according to what scripture says will happen and government and certain other people are happily doing the enemies work for him. That is undeniable but not all that happens at this time stems from that. Some of it is just normal stuff that has happened through out history long before the count down started in 1948. But we really need to be as questioning on the cause of current events as much as we are on false teachers and preachers. If we are too willing to believe everything that comes off social media how likely are we to also believe stuff that the enemies hands are obviously involved in? As long as we are still here we need to be wary of all forms of fake news as we are of all forms of false teachings. They two go hand in hand.

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