July 9, 2023: Topical Study – Persistent Sanctification

:bible2: Persistent Sanctification

Pastor Mac offers a topical teaching on the importance of being persistent in our sanctification process by being in the word of God that keeps us in the will of God.

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Persistent Sanctification.

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Thank you Pastor Mac for once again presenting the the truth of the Word that cuts through my understanding like a sword. I have quenched the Holy Spirit many times by rebelling… wanting to do things my way which only caused a lot of difficulty in my life. It truly is a joyful experience to allow the Holy Spirit to work and bring me closer to my Lord Jesus… to grow in grace and knowledge of Christ and have the desire to do His will.
I still have a long way to go but it’s weird…I want to trust & please the Lord more and more and trust my feelings less and less.
Thank you for this teaching on the persistent process of sanctification that I needed to hear.


Well Pastor Mac sure can preach and give it straight like it is plus showing the real side of him… it sure was a blessing listening and learning from Pastor Mac and i love the photo of Pastor JD you showed us lol
give Pastor JD another month off lol :joy:
Pastor Mac can you see this? THANK YOU!!!


i’m honestly weary :sob: i may have not read the bible from Genesis to Revelation, i may not be as knowledgeable as many of the Watchmen but i sure love my Jesus with all my heart and i do read my bible everyday and i know Jesus loves me. :heart: please come quickly Jesus :raised_hands:t3: Maranatha in Jesus name :trumpet:

I have read the book of Genesis and the book of Revelation just haven’t read the entire bible. Special people, learning disabilty, blind, deaf, special needs are the apple of God’s eyes. We cannot be like others that don’t have a disabilty. We can only do what we’re capable of. Please dont judge me!


I hope Pastor JD can do another sermon that will help alot of people’s anxiety are through the roof right now

I have been reading comments from many Watchmen’s videos and i see the word “anxiety” everywhere coming from people in different countries and here in America…


You are loved here on the forum dear sis. You are always faithful to give an encouraging meme, share the Word, or love on others in need of prayer. Keep your eyes on Jesus and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. Love you my sister!


Do not compare yourself to others of your brethren. We are told not to. Whether I misunderstand the context or not, I cannot say mine or your importance or skill level with the Word is any less important or needed than say @Twi or @Dan or @YosemiteMountainMan or @anon74937514 or @jasonacts177.

I have said it many times in the past (while this was still an heartily active forum) this is a university of faith and the members are all at varying levels of knowledge and different paces in our walks with the Lord. Remember how we are all part of one body and equally important as the others, that includes where we are in our walks. You may not have in the past been as active in this or that of your walk, but you’ve compensated and are doing the best you can, I’m sure, in what you can do.

As for anxiety - as you know, give it to God. Not always so simple. I know a guy who used to be so anxious about everything that it affected his health. He turned back to God and prayed for wisdom and understanding, for discernment and revelation. He prayed for the Lord to guard his words, thoughts and actions towards others, protect him from evil and those not of Him. He has problems arise, but is far less the person he used to be. Don’t worry about what is going on in the world as it should be great joy, not anxiety of how much closer we are to the appearing of Jesus to bring us home.

Although I know the fear and worry that can envelop us over what’s going on in the world can make ya lose your hair…I won’t expound on how I know this; can’t let it bring you to a state of anxiety because? One hundred people surveyed, top five answers on the board—show me
Bible Prophecy! Ding!
CCK Pastors! Ding!
Brethren encouraging! Ding!
Twinkies! [X]
Pet Videos! [X]

You get the idea.

I pray for you, @staceylovesJesus and all brethren, the anxiety and worry are transformed into peace and calm.


Thank you @Flamingogirl49563 and @Jon for the love and your prayers :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::pray:


Well said…
We are each on our journey walking this Christian life and we each walk as led by the Lord. He may show some similar things or give understanding to individuals of certain things based on where he is leading us.
That’s why as a his body, we as Bereans can share what we find with the rest of the body but not all have the same path, passion or purpose.
The Bible indicates , we can’t all be the same body part.
We need all the body doing it’s different callings gifts, and personalities to make it whole and functional.

It’s tempting to compare ourselves to each other but imperative to understand, we individually heed what God is guiding us each to do and not try to do or be what he has placed on another’s mind/ heart.

@staceylovesJesus one of your most precious and important gifts from my view is your encouragement to the body of Christ especially on the forum. Your Bible verse posts, worship song posts and the apparent deep love you have for Jesus is refreshing to me because I personally can forget to slow down as I end up overthinking because tend to get lost in my passion of researching so many things and end up with a mind that is in overdrive.
I’ve always been that way and you are a reminder to as they say “take time to stop and smell the roses :rose: :rose:” . Many of us need such refreshing from brothers and sisters who have this important gift , such as you have :heart::heart::heart:


Thanks @anon74937514 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and i did just that last night when i walked into the grocery store over to the bouquet of flowers where they keep them cold and smelled the roses and sunflowers and was thinking it didn’t have a strong smell of fragrance as it should but i know in Heaven the flowers are going to smell so incredible!!! :sunflower::rose:


It does not matter to God where you are in your journey as an Authentic Christian, only that you are walking in the Holy Spirit, and all that walking in the Holy Spirit (Never self) entails. This is what is pleasing to the Lord, and the only way to know, and to do the Will of the Father.


Perfect timing Ken, I needed to hear that.:+1:


Hi sister, don’t ever put yourself down when the one who holds you up is Jesus… i see many people who say that they have read the bible many times… yet they dont have a clue about the nature of our awesome God… its written in your heart Stacey, and “you shine” with the love of Jesus… love you sister :heart::pray::blush:


Another great sermon by Pastor Mac. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear because it condemns, and hopefully convicts and corrects.
Sometimes the Truth brings great Joy for those who have been trained up in it.
There is no other way other than God’s way, so why does man keep trying to do it his way?
Only to be led back to the Truth by the Holy Spirit, to do it God’s way. What a mess carnal man is, yet God loves us still.
Added because of a wayward soul on utube:
So, although we are fully sanctified before the Father through Jesus once we become believers, before His throne of Grace, it does not stop the ongoing sanctification process while we are in our earthly tents, and yet still sinners.