June 23, 2022 - Topical Study - Freemasonry

:bible2: Freemasonry

:hawaiianshirt_4: Pastor Mac delivers a topical teaching discussing the overall practice of Freemasonry and how many in this well-known fraternity claim to be Christians while serving another master. This teaching will examine the core beliefs of Freemasonry based on their doctrines, creeds, literature, and leadership. We will also look into rituals and rites that go directly against the word of God, as well as expose the fact that Freemasonry is a religion within itself. The hopes of this teaching is to warn all Christians of the subtle and destructive principalities that are deeply woven within Masonry. In the end, Christians should see that Freemasonry is not compatible with being a Christian.

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Ty Brother Mac for that powerful testimony! Be encouraged and of good cheer! The light of the Lord shines brightly within you my brother! Who can know the ways of the Lord? As you said he takes what’s meant for evil and uses it for good! You are a living record of testimony proving his truth! God bless you in all his ways that you may continue to bless SO many of us with your reverent word.

-In the love and hope of Jesus Christ
-Sister Rebecca


My one grandfather was one. I remember some of the Masons coming to our house where he was living to give him some award. Two of my uncles by marriage were Masons. I remember that men at the church I attended as a young child wearing the Masonic pins on their suit lapels. ALL of them were so proud to be advancing in the organization. They were all Christians.
Most were Methodist.

Thank God the churches I ended up attending as a child and adult forbad /forbids membership in secret societies.


Thank you Pastor Mac! Very informative teaching and i have sent this video to my dad in hopes he will take a listen to your teaching as he was a 32nd Freemasonry at the Scottish Rite Temple and when i asked him about what they taught him, he said it’s a secret so i know he has not broken that belief system and he needs all the prayers he can get for the Holy Spirit to work in him in a way that he has no other choice but to surrender to Jesus Christ.


Thank you Pastor Mac for this very informative teaching!! I learned so much from this. I love and respect you even more that you went through this and were able to learn from your experiences and educate us!


“Thank God the churches I ended up attending as a child and adult forbad /forbids membership in secret societies.”

What a concept! Churches that
forbid this. Yes, praise the Lord for that.


“being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭1:6‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Thankful to God for His Faithfulness in never leaving those who are sealed in His Holy Spirit…grateful for the love of Jesus watching out for His Bride through Pastor Mack’s testimony and exposing the deadly deception of Freemasonry. The teaching was very helpful in exposing the subtle tactics that the enemy works his evil destruction…and equipping for defense and counter attack against the deception with the Word of God. The examples used to deceive are trial and testing for believers. Whether it’s Freemasonry, or New Age, Buddhism, Evolution, Prosperity teaching, etc…we as believers will be exposed to the wiles of the enemy.

But God is Faithful to Save and deliver us from the hand of the evil…
God’s Grace is sufficient…Jesus Is LORD.

What the enemy meant for evil…but Jesus used it for good. Amen.


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I know some who are involved in this. I pray they will see the truth and pray for forgiveness. Its very scary not knowing what pastors are involved when going to church. I love our church but now have questions. May our Lord Jesus Christ help us not to be deceived.

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I’m watching Pastor Mac’s sermon on Freemasonry. I have a dear friend who is a second generation Mason, following the footsteps of his father. In his mind (and that of his wife, another dear friend) it’s a very honorable thing. When he had his 33 degree celebration party, i was the ONLY one of their friends and family that did not attend (nor the actual masonry ceremony). I was a new Christian, and my spirit was so disheartened, I could not in good conscious attend. It put a huge rift in our relationship that has never healed. It took about 5 years before we talked again. I pray he will see the light of Christ, and leave before it’s too late (he’s also had cancer, not good).

When I was a brand new Christian, I was invited to a “life enhancement” informational seminar with friends, something that was all the rage in the 90s. Supposed to help you deal better with life’s problems and even (i was told directly) help with your relationship with God, bring you closer, etc. As I listened to what the upcoming seminar would entail, I got more and more worried. It lasted a long weekend, from early morning till late in the evening, where they wore you down by exhaustion, and then built you up the way they wanted you to perform. I realized it was nothing more than a cult (not unlike Scientology). Though it was a very hard sell–it was clear they didn’t want us to leave–at the first opportunity, I booked it out of there, completely creeped out. One of my friends got hooked, and became part of the group for several months, till he became broke and exhausted. I don’t know where he is now. :frowning:

Pastor Mac is right, the devil does indeed prowl around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he will devour. We must be on the alert, always. I thank God He helped get me out of there!


Thats the highest rank you can get and that means the person who get to this rank is a devouted satanist and proudly servers satan. You did very wise to not attend this “party”.

Of course its important to pray for friends and family but everyone of us choose the choice for themself. Maybe the rapture will wake him up when he sees that you are gone. I hope it for his soul.

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Dear Pastor Mac,

I was greatly stirred at the hearing of your testimony. It furthered the depth of my understanding of this profoundly demonic organization and is a timely word for the end times delusion we are living in. Especially knowing that many of our nation’s “great” leaders (past and present)
have embraced this deception. “ Having a form of godliness, but denying its power.” 2 Tim. 3:5

I praise God for delivering you from this darkness and clearly heard how His grace is giving you the courage to stand firm and speak boldly against the wiles of the devil.

James 3:2a says “For we all stumble in many things.” Heavy emphasis on all.

Your words struck a chord in my spirit when you said you were deceived and you now “hate the devil for it.”

We all need to heed those words when we stumble, fall and repent.
Do we rationalize our sin and say “I’m only human” or do we “hate the devil for it” ?

May God continue to richly bless you Pastor Mac !!

Donn Paul


Welcome to the Forum Donn Paul. Glad to see you posting. I hope you will enjoy your time here with us.