June 4, 2023: 1 John 2:18-20 – How we Know This is the Last Hour

:bible2: How we Know This is the Last Hour

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: focuses in on three specific ways that we can know that this is in fact the very last hour of human history as we know it.

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1 John 2: 18-20
18 Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come.
This is how we know it is the last hour.
19 They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us;
but their going showed that none of them belonged to us.
20 But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth.

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As i was listening last night i got really tearful …we know intuitively (as jd said (it is the end. And so many of our loved ones still wont listen. I thought this might be the last time we hear jd live…the waY things are accelerating will we still be here July 9?
If not see you on the other side sisters and brothers.
Also yesterday a dear friend who stopped listening to jd once shed taken the shot sent me several messages. Basically she no longer believes in pre trib rapture . Its not a salvation issue so i thanked her but said i will take my stand on 2 thessalonians 2. I wonder wd it be wrong if i sent her jds excellent sermon on 2 thess 2? He went into great depth about what the geneva Bible said or wd that be argumentative/divise of me?


I understand where you’re coming from regarding sending info to someone. The best Ive come up with so far is to pray and depending on relationship etc. possibly ask if you can send something especially since you have already had a conversation about it.


Regarding believers being asleep-I had an unexpected opportunity to visit a church out of town with two couples from our home church.
I have been praying for years for our ‘sound’ ie truthful Bible teaching from our pastor. It is truthful but seeker friendly-not deep, leaving me quite hungry. My fellow congregants thinks he is the most gifted pastor. ( he is a wonderful person and a gifted administrator)

Anyway at the church we visited, I was so nourished by the teaching but mostly by the Holy Spirit’s presence that I was filled with joy and worship. We didnt have time to talk afterward but the couples seemed to like it but seemed unaffected. I was floored! I had hoped this deeper message would cause them to realize something was missing back home, but soon realized that you can be asleep even if Jesus Himself is teaching.
I will pray that the Lord will use that taste to open their eyes to see. Hope you will pray with me for them and so many others.

Just wanted to share. :blush:


Your unsaved daughter Nora has been on my heart…keeping her in prayer that the HS will open and stir her heart. :pray:t2:

Margaret this morning the news I’m about to say is still new and even shocking so I’m a bit emotional to say the least. Margaret knows my scenario but a little back up for others because I want to enlist all who read this to pray if you are led.
Yesterday was Mike (DH) and Denise(his sister) birthday so we were at her house exchanging presents. Mike’s brother Ron has hated us, especially me, because I led Mike to the Lord many years ago. It is a horrible bitter hatred he has for me. So he(Ron) took presents for Mike to Denise’s house ahead of the party. Presents are nearly always books. Mike’s family is mainly intellectuals & all voracious readers. Ron is heavy into paganism or Druidism which is very very dark. He is also a retired doctor and only accepts science as a basis for truth (things that can be proved)
A few years ago when the book and movie came out, A Case For a Creator, which uses scientific evidence that points toward God. I immediately thought of Ron when I heard about it so I bought the book. I did not know how to get this book in Ron’s hands so one Christmas I took the book still inside the book store bag and wrote on the bag, ‘To: Ron’, and just left it in a corner in Denise’s house. I never thought of it again BUT GOD did!
Yesterday the present that Ron left at Denise’s house for Mike was that same book that we gave him years ago! Still blown away how God worked it out to get the book in Ron’s hands. Oh my!
Ron even told Denise to read this book that it is very good!
I don’t have any more information other than I know God performed this miraculous feat. I am asking for prayer that this goes from a change of mind to a change of heart or however you feel led to pray. And I thank all of you my dear brothers and sisters that I can come here and share my burden with you. Thank you (HUG)


Oh praise God Susan, how wonderful …i am so thrilled to hear this. Thank you for sharing
Maybe Ron doesn’t know how to restore the relationship …the Holy spirit is working in his heart. So thrilled. I loved the Lee Strobel books perhaps they appeal to his logical mind.
Thank you for praying for Norah.
My youngest brother Pearse is in hospital he is having his leg amputated on Friday

He isnt a believer unfortunately. I am praying that somehow even in this dire situation God will speak to him


Thank you sound advice


Oh dear Pearse is certainly in a very bad way.

Father, thank You we can come to You entrusting Pearse to Your perfect care for him. Lord we know everything is possible with You and so we ask for healing for both physical and spiritual concerns. Please take him through this surgery and may he he recover without any set-backs. Lord please open Pearse’s heart that he may call out to You to save him in his time of great need. We askk all this in Jesus precious and merciful name, Amen.


Thank you Pastor and thank You Lord that we have the inside scoop with this intuitive knowledge(eido) of believers that can only be given by the Holy Spirit. We KNOW we are at the very last hour!
Woo hoo, we’re going Home, Y’all!


Dear Margaret and Susan, praying for Pearse and Ron. Thank you for sharing for both. Susan, that is precious and may the Lord chase him down. Margaret, may Pearse be desperate for the Lord.


Thank you sis. He’s one hard nut to crack. I hope one day in heaven we can all laugh how the Lord was relentless in His pursuit.
I just want to say, the Lord is showing me His Greatness, Mightiness and Wonders. I mean, I’ve always said the Lord never ceases to amaze me but I am in total awe of His wonders He has taught and shown me these last few weeks.
What a Mighty and Wonderful, upclose and personal God we serve!


Like other posters, I had tears in my eyes listening to this prophecy update. I know how true what our dear pastor said is and I am so looking forward to going home. Still, it is a bittersweet prospect knowing we all have loved ones who are blind to the truth and how devastating the coming times will be. I often put Chuck Missler Bible videos on before I go to sleep. I find them very comforting and I have seen them all many times. One really stays on my mind. His teaching on the First Rider on the White Horse . He talked about the Greek word bow “toxon” that the rider was carrying and reminded viewers that the rainbow is God’s bow, the sign of the covenant with his people following the great flood. He mentioned that this rider is a counterfeit Christ and he may be carrying something to do with the covenant. The video was made quite some time ago and I saw it on Youtube well before COVID. I watched it again and I was finally able to put together my thoughts. It seems everyone is using the word “gender” when they discuss human sexuality, repeating the word they hear the world saying. even when they confront the wrongness of saying people can identify as any one of a vast number of different genders, they say there are only two genders. I cringe when I hear those words. Plants have gender. Human beings are either of the male or female sex. For a society that is obsessed with sex, it shouldn’t be too hard to say the sentence I just wrote. I studied many foreign languages, over the years, including German and Latin that identify objects as either male, female or neuter in gender. Transhumanism has different faces. I think this is one of them. Asking people to identify themselves by their gender is a sly way of lessening their humanity. I know we won’t be here when the AC steps onto the world stage but I am certain that the 6 coloured rainbow flag, which now has two more colours, baby blue and powder pink for children will be flying around him. My tiny village took down one of our Canadian flags to hoist the rainbow flag in front of the town hall, side by side at the same height and many if not most of the cities in towns in this province are doing the same. I wish people would stop using the dehumanizing word gender when referring to humans, especially children. The first time I remember hearing gender in reference to a human being was when I was working in a custody based treatment centre for adolescents about 30 years ago and a very disturbed boy who talked about having a uterus was diagnosed with gender dysphoria. It didn’t sit well with me then either. Now, it appears to be the most commonly used word.



A prayer in word and song for you @Margaret , and you @Susan , and for me, and for ALL of us broken hearted weary pilgrims praying for and crying over the ones we know and love who might not know the way home . . .

Dear Father, one more time we pray; again and again we’ll pray for the ones we love, lost and wandering, blind and deceived, longing for LIFE, looking for it here even on this dying world rather than there with you where our glorious eternal home awaits . . . Oh, dear Father, let them SEE that they would hear the trumpet sound!! Our hearts break for them! Our hearts are sick and sore when we think of the horrors of the tribulation coming. Lord, have mercy! Rescue us, and the ones you’ve given us to love, from this broken and dark and increasingly evil world! Our only hope is in you!


Dear Margaret, my heart hurts for your dear brother. His rejection of Gods great gift is sad but yes, He can use these trials to bring one to repentance. I pray your brother will answer the sweet voice of the Holy Spirit and be healed spiritually. Praying his surgery goes well and he heals up quickly.


I took your prayer to my heart and was comforted. Thank you for standing in the gap for our lost families. I can only see them saved, delivered, and healed because the alternative is unacceptable. I will NOT let the enemy have them!!


Thank you Stacey thats beautiful. I really appreciate your prayers. They will amputate below the knee on Friday. I was trying to read about it but it fulled me with horror. My poor baby bro, if only he wd come to faith there is no hope ledt in this world


Thank you dear Carole, thankfully it is below the knee amputation so easier to get prosthetics. With all his other health problems i hope he comes through it. I apprecuate your kindness and prayers. I just gwt so weepy. Pearse is my youngest brother the one left fir dead after being shot in 1990. I would love to see him saved.
Thank you dear sister x


Just watching JD video…
I never noticed that there is an
Aleph over his right shoulder on the wall…


Admire your fierceness Flamingo girl! It brought this verse and picture to mind. :pray:t3::two_hearts:


Oh, Debrah, I so relate to your anguish over all that has come and is coming on the world. Praying God’s mercy, remembering that God IS both love, AND a just judge who knows each person’s story by heart. I’ve long wondered about the increase in those who have accepted/embraced/been caught up in homosexuality. As a teacher in a public school system for just over 30 years, I saw a sharp rise in autism and other conditions which made learning more challenging. Toward the end of my tenure, it seemed there was also an increase in the number of students who exhibited traits of the opposite sex and identified as “gay.” I’ve wondered if many of these changes were related somehow to our environment; toxins in the air, food, water, etc.; and I wondered about the impact of vaccines. With all that we’ve learned in the past three years, this seems not only possible but likely. I’m not sure where/ what doctor or researcher I heard mention this, but the suggestion was that vaccines contain the dna of the aborted babies whose cell lines are used to create them. I wondered about the impact of a boy receiving a vaccine (or several vaccines) created from the cell line of a girl, or of a girl getting vaccines created from the cell line of a boy. Then there is the impact of propaganda on young children in regards to this current movement, and several generations of false teachings within Christiandom to consider. Seems our families and our children don’t stand a chance, BUT GOD! He is both just and merciful! He will hold accountable those who must be held accountable! And we know He will deal mercifully with those whose afflictions are of no fault of their own. I pray for mercy and healing and rescue from bondage for those who have embraced/fallen prey to all of this. And we cry out to the Lord to SAVE OUR CHILDREN from the evil one and his schemes. Lord, have mercy on us all. :pray:t3::two_hearts: