June 6, 2021 – Hebrews 3:1-19 - Is It All About Jesus?

Pastor JD asks and answers the question of, “Are our Christian lives really all about Jesus?”

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I known the time in which we live a lot of serious stuff is going on. The world as we know it is literally coming to an end. Even though the rapture of the church could happen at any time. We have to deal with evil people trying to use us all as lab rats.

However, after listening to Pastor JD prophecy update he made a casual statement which I have to ask about simply because I need a laugh and I find humor in this. Pastor JD said there is no toilets/bathrooms in heaven. :flushed: So that brings up all kinds of questions.

Will we really eat food in our new immortal bodies? If so will our bodies digest food as our mortal bodies do? If so, shouldn’t there be bathrooms/toilets in heaven? Further more if there are toilets in heaven are they made of gold? Finally, Pastor JD has said before we would have jobs in heaven, so my last question is, what poor soul gets the job of cleaning toilets for all eternity? :flushed:


I had a bit of a laugh at that comment too. :joy: it makes me wonder! I certainly wouldn’t mind an upgrade that allowed me to eat something delicious but skip past messy digestion. haha… I’m ignorant on exactly how Pastor JD gets there though, honestly. Hopefully someone has insight here!


I wish he was on this forum I think it would be funny to pick his brain on that train of thought :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was looking for the forum to post about the update and did not find it, but found this instead and it will tie it all together.

One interesting, in fact fascinating thing about entering the land and the details of that is the following. It was the new generation that entered, not the old one and that is symbolic of ‘regeneration,’ being born again. In fact that whole journey out of Egypt and into the Promised Land is symbolic of the salvation experience! Another divine and miraculous proof of the origin of the Bible being outside of time!

Now on to the issue at hand. It does seem to be a battle in the mind of faith over fear. There are SO many uncertainties now, and my life is no exception. I will NEVER take the shot. That is one thing that IS certain. And yes, on a daily basis I hear the headlines too. I keep up on news from a large variety of sources and it is enough to make anyone’s skin crawl if they are prone to fear. I will share examples below of some of the headlines I hear from reliable sources.

  1. We won’t be able to work without the vaccine.
  2. We can’t enter a grocery store or bank or such place without a vaccine.
    As a result we don’t know how our survival will continue.
  3. The economy is going to crash in a bad way. Money will be worthless, inflation will skyrocket, and social security will stop.
  4. Supply lines will collapse.
    There will be nothing to buy, and nothing to buy it with.
  5. There is a huge uptick in earthquake and volcanic activity globally. The ‘big one’ could come to CA anytime, yellowstone could erupt, and life as we know it could be over that fast along with all the connected disasters that result.
  6. They want to pass HR 5, which will bring great persecution against the institutionalized church and Christian organizations. HR 1 is not good either.
  7. Wars and rumors of war are happening. The big nuke could land.
  8. Social credit scores, digital ID’s, technocracy and transhumanism are bring pushed and implemented one step at a time.

The list goes on and those are just some of the doomsday headlines I hear about on a daily basis. Normal questions arise, such as “How will I eat?” “How will I pay my rent?” “What will happen to my children?” Personally I don’t have to worry about that last one, but all of these typical questions go through my mind. We may be faced with having to live in a primitive way at best. If any such disasters come, it can effect us, our family, our whole community in such a way that life is brought to a screeching halt.

So the natural man in the flesh tends to fear. Yes, it is natural. But as a child of God, I know that no matter what, He will provide for me, protect me, and all the other promises. I also know He does not want me taking the shot. The answers to all of those questions are His problem, not mine. For now it’s just “Wait… and you’ll see!”
I am one of those who has the courage and bold faith to walk out on a limb and just do it.
I will NOT take the vaccine, even if it makes me unemployable.
I will NOT sign something that violates my Christian beliefs.
I will NOT remain silent in a day when we need to stand up for our faith, which is today.
I will NOT back down even if an army of marxists surrounds me and threatens me for standing for the truth of the Bible.
I will NOT remain silent, cave, compromise, or comply with sin even if it means I will land in prison or be executed.
Sort of like David before Goliath, I’m just not afraid. Whether I perish, or not. It’s the right thing to do. And I love God enough to do it because I won’t let them badmouth Him.

When I look around me, I don’t see many of these Joshuas. It’s true. I realize the difference lies in those who have surrendered to Him one hundred percent, committed to Jesus as their LORD and Savior, who have laid down their lives for HIM in life and death and said TAKE ME, I offer myself to you FULLY… I am your slave and YOU are the Master… and it truly is all about Jesus in our lives… and those who have only offered up lip service.

I also heard one headline in several places about the covid vaccine agenda. It was revealed from a government insider who is a whistle blower. He said that there are five stages to the unfolding of this agenda. He said we are currently in stage three. Stage one is mass advertisement of the vaccine. Two is incentives for getting it. Three is penalties for not getting it, including segregation. Four was something like troops going around offering vaccines. Five was troops going door to door and if you did not take the mandatory vaccine they took you away.

I’m still not worried. I know what I signed up for and what Christians face in other parts of the world. I’m not in an entitled bubble that is ignorant of these things, and I know that I am not exempt from these things.

The only thing I worry about is what I see in church. I see so many women who appear to be dolled up creampuffs. They assemble and cackle like geese without a care in the world, even today. There are a lot of men who do seem to be ready, but they are ready for the wrong thing. I’m not saying it’s not good to be prepared in all those ways. But the one thing they need to be prepared for most, they are not prepared for. And no, I’m not taking about the rapture, but that most would truly not be ready for either. The first wave of persecution that sweeps through, like a flood after a dam broke, will just sweep them all away in one fell swoop and yelping screech. I’m not making light of it. It’s a real danger and that’s what I see. It’s sort of like that saying, “We’re just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.” And it’s the last hour. I can picture women of the twenties, basking in all their vanities gleefully, not a care in the world, not a hint of danger. Cackling away with abandon. Taking a cavalier approach to everything. Taking it all for granted. Little did they know what was right around the corner…

Most will not be able to withstand. Under barely a drop they will cave at the thought of losing their whole world. But Jesus said it is better to lose the whole world and keep your soul (and it is an either/or) than the other way around, gain the whole world and lose your soul.

Reader, are YOU ready to lose it all for Jesus? What if the rapture comes at a later time? No one knows the time after all. It is something we all need to be ready to face all the time.



I watched his Hebrews sermon pretty late and dozed off a bit so didn’t listen to the prophecy update yet. Now I’m really curious to hear it. :rofl:

@Matthew82 I nominate you. :smile:
Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men, Col 3:23


Assuming we will be on the original Garden of Eden plant based diet, maybe we’ll just be fertilizing the fields like cows on an organic farm…


Pbandj Thanks for the nomination but cleaning toilets for eternity isn’t my idea of heaven. :joy:


Such a good Bible study! I enjoyed it a LOT!


everything i have is His- every breath i take is by His Authority-everything - thank you Jesus


My theory is that our perfected bodies will be able to process everything we eat with 100% efficiency, leaving no waste.


Now there is a nice thought, some foods I just can’t eat. It would be nice to enjoy those foods again with no issues.

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Well I understand there is no waste in heaven so why would we think there would toilets are trash cans?


Well I agree for sure there is no waste in heaven so why would we think there would be toilets or trash cans?