March 20, 2022 - Topical Study ā€“ The Godly Man

:bible2: The Godly Man

:hawaiianshirt_2: Pastor Mac delivers a topical teaching on what the Bible speaks to as being a godly man. This teaching will look at the creation of man regarding the closeness that God displayed to man, as well as discuss some of the key attributes that a man needs in order to properly fill his office as a godly man, husband, and father. In addition, this teaching will attempt to show that being a godly man should start from our youth, and that the fear of the Lord is what keeps us godly throughout our lives.

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My wife and I saw this series together. Love Pastor Mac, and so very much appreciated this Godly message. Younger and older couples alike can really benefit and be edified by this message. As a husband there were times I put the boss man and earning a living before my wife and family. I used to devote ten minutes a day to my wife, like she almost had to make an appointment just to talk with me. And there she was minding the house, raising the children, teaching them the Word, cooking wonderful meals for us all every day, for years. Being a Godly wife, saving us a ton. And what did I do? I told her without a paycheck, without money, nothing she did had any value at all. Same things others said to her. It broke her heart and her spirit. Glad to say God convicted me and I changed before it was too late. But this message is good, we all need a tune up from time to time. God bless you Pastor Mac, and thank you for preaching the Word.


God bless you for your honesty @dw. If only my ex husband had been a Godly man we might still be together and have avoided the trauma for all that divorce brings. He broke my heart and spirit in this way BUT GOD picked me up and blessed me beyond my wildest dreams in so many ways. Iā€™m getting married again on 1 June to a very Godly man! I believe our union was blessed by God when we first met under the cross at a Christian retreat where I came to faith in 2019. All praise and glory to God! :pray:


Thank you for your kind words. God Bless you and your family.

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