March 24, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update – Do They Know Something We Don’t?

Hi Anca. Thanks for your reply dear sister. On the first, I mean this for Jack’s sake though. Like he was saying that he really has no forced timing associated with end times (other than the perhaps those massive and apparent [like Israel returning to their land] responsibly moving away from the circus on Evangelical Front Street). So on that note, I think we could all three of us agree that we are not interested in Christian End Time Theater. But can a mere human have 4D chess language cometh out of his mouth? I say that tongue in check in fun represtantion of the Trump 4D method Saturday Night Live seems to see him be about. Which, lol, if anyone saw that SNL, you would know I am doing a joke within a joke…within a joke…I think…lol…lest I got lost in how “deep” or “shallow” I might have just gotten.

But on the real dear sister, just saying like, I think all 3 of us would agree "too much template is too many chocolate chips in the cookie doe, too rich in calorie, laking spandex power of elasticity–YET HAVING COMPASSION–but can kind of have the effect to take one away from a moist nuturing living sap contained within His living word. Although I am sure ya’ll would say it differently :wink: So I think we all three would agree with that though.

What I don’t mean by that (in 4D speach…thank you very much [takes a bow]) is that there is no tracking blueprint of it. For I very much believe the blueprint are the verses themselves in how they paint an “exact portrait.” And the times that see it forming more and more can belong to more than pinning a tail on the donkey times, but actually see very vividly that “like we could have had a V8”, yeah…wow…there does seem to be a blueprint there of sorts (would you check that out now…wow…like).

But please keep in mind a few things. We are in an age where those who speak about Ez 38 (for the most part) see we are there now. Or very close, but never articulate what that means. Its almost like we live in an age of “the approximation of prophecy.” And so we have gotten so used to that sort of thing it might sound or seem a bit roughshod or maybe even rude to conclude that maybe the reason Ez 38 has so much detail is so that that it could be mapped and traced and tracked…and being the most volumous prophetic floral arrangement in scriputre…might be the first and foremost best radar with self-adjusting focus lens maturing with time approaching it. And on that note I 1000% agree with you on as you know. But for Jack’s sake just saying like I can see how going beyond the poetry of it being matched up over time, as we have seen, can become “prophecy paint gun wars.” And, in that it has, I would concur wildly with Jack in that…yeah…next to “having a hayride on the edge of the Grand Canyon.”

So here is where I barrowed a can of 4D from Trump: To the degree perhaps Jack can appreciate living in a time since 1948 where we have seen nations and events drawn like a moth to a flame match Ez 38 with planet Jupiter like heavy gravity (as if gravity was infactuated with Ezekiel)–a poetic dance of Providence…amen–To THAT degree perhaps it might be (from across the street, safely behind the hotdog cart), an edifying deepening of His etch-a-sketch poetry as Providence.

For the Wandering French Street Artist Perspective:

For the More Technically Sound of Mind Perspective:

Me too Anca. Sometimes i forget most people are not “from the future.” So it sounds crazy to be talking like 2-3 years in advance as though its happending right now :slight_smile: Well i say that for my forced sense upon the seals (poking fun at myself). But using it too to also relate to of course our shared interest in observational real-time providence as it relates to Ez 38 (I think we should have a t-shirt club). :slight_smile:

Amen. Just be glad you are not into the whole Candice Owens/Daily Wire thing. Where my poetry goes in that has I believe left some neighborhood kids with that alfafa hair spike (remember that one? lol) remaining. And the parents are getting concerned how come they can’t paste it back down into place. What spook wind went through their town? Oh well. Me and my irregular hermenuetics. :blush: Blessings.

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By God’s grace and providence, I lost the interest and curiosity for most news, shows, entertainment etc. The Word keeps me busy, and I am just so grateful for the gift of being hungry for Him, His Word, His Spirit’s work in us. We are immensely blessed and privileged!

God bless you, Teren! :hugs:


Only a bit. That requires America history’s on who’s who which I got lost.

So Britt lays it out here how Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 are aligned:

I actually discussed this vary thing with a former member of this forum.

Anyways…if you dont see it…in light of today April 1st news in Syria…then I have nothing more to say.


I hear that dear sister. :slight_smile: Amen :+1:

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I think there is nothing wrong with challenging each other in a kind and caring way … like you have done toward @Blessed and I. Challenging us to think upon our actions and their merits. Should we pause longer or shorter or not at all the next time a similar situation is presented to us. Would it be better not to say anything? Allow the time to pass and gage the results as grades in our sincerity as a doer of the Word? Did we do rightly in Jesus’s eyes?

According to the results in the boy’s latter years, I would say that my encounter with their mothers was a waste of my time. Not just of my time, but for one of the boys who is a close family member and not the last one - the teenager - a complete failure.

I reckon that my summation of the exchange with the mothers and their go-to “Don’t judge me”, left out too much.

Yes, yep, & yup, Teren. These women were not of my congregation. They identified themselves as Christain women. One of them went around in person and the other online, making sure everyone knew they were Christians. The mother of the boy who became belligerent had approached me asking for advice on the matter of her son’s refusal to read. He was failing English. I am NOT the one to ask for help with English. LOL Except for this one part which I offered her in the beginning.

As I have said before, I cut my teeth on the KJV. Our Elders ordered workbooks that riveled the regular school’s books. We had two different ones each school year. One for Sunday and one for Wednesday.

In case anyone has a child, or for themselves, that is having difficulty with sentence structure and punctuation, (And, I say this as I have become plumb lazy, so don’t do as I now do. :smiley:) have them copy three to five verses EXACTLY as written with pencil and paper. The more often this is done, the faster the improvement is realized. This is what we had to do as part of each assignment. Not only will the child benefit in English, but they will benefit more abundantly with reading God’s word. If they can read, they can start today.

She dismissed this idea. I prodded, gently Teren, with questions to ascertain the family’s method of dealing with this problem. The tried-and-true Word of God wasn’t cutting it. H. Potter was everywhere. The talk of the town. Blackmagic all done up real cool in 3D?; 4D?; 666D? A couple weeks had gone by when I asked if she had tried using the Bible. She was irritated by the question. She said that she had bought her son one of the Potter books and that he was loving it. I did ask her if she had read any of the H. Potter books… was she familiar with what it was dealing with. THIS is when I got the Don’t judge me! as she turned and left.

This experience should have taught me to keep quiet, but, nope, knowing the dangers of allowing young minds to become tranquilized with witchcraft; I repeated the fiasco two more times. The adult mind is far better at determining reality from fantasy. If the mothers were the ones reading Potter, then I would not have intruded as much.

Or maybe the scripture moves and grooves us to feel the Spirit’s push. If they were holding their sons’ shirttail while the boys stood leaning way over a high bridge flapping their arms like a bird; would you warn them of the danger?

Nicely said. We are still growing day by day… together. :tornado:




Thanks for your kind reply Kathryn. Sounds like you were activitly involved with those ladies prior to the Harry P. thing. One lady asking for your help. Wow. Pretty cool. Although if we have become aware of our day and age…like i refer to it as the Laodicean Era…i think adults need some talking to as well on that front. I mean there are so many versions of watcher theory. But ending on a positive note, thanks for blessing me dear sister with your backdrop/feedback. Blessings. :hugs:

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Nice one. Beaitufly one actually. Wow. :+1:

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How beautiful. I remember singing that 1st song at the alter almost 60 years ago. What a sweet memory. Thank you!

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With the risk of being the dumbest person on this forum in regard to the Middle East and geopolitics, I still don’t see it, Will.

The above news is about Israel attacking (on the offensive) the Iranian embassy in Syria.
Psalm 83 is about Israel being on the defensive, as recently pointed out by Uturn (with whom I have not been in contact at all since he left the forum, but I still remember many things he pointed out). How did Britt reach his conclusion given the current position of Israel?

When I see the following nations as per Psalm 83, attacking Israel (before the start of the 7 year Tribulation) I will believe it:





Good afternoon, Anca!

You are wondering how Britt came to his conclusion, correct? When you have some free time you could watch the video and let Britt speak for himself. This should eliminate any misunderstanding or paraphrasing of what he said. The map that you shared in your post, I think, is the same one he shared.

As I said, I watch, listen, and wait. Britt made an interesting
argument to answer the lack of those countries in the Eze 38 prophesy.



Palestine…you say???:male_detective:

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Hi Kathryn :slight_smile: I was hoping for a quick summary of how he got where he got. Just because there is not sufficient time to watch everything that’s available.

I’ve done this before to Teren, I believe… when he recommended a video, and he was gracious enough to provide me with his understanding of it, rather than expect me to watch the whole video myself.

This is the post where I did that to Teren… :slight_smile:

If I had enough time I would watch everything everyone recommends, but unfortunately, I don’t. :slight_smile:

God bless you!

Edit: Forgot the link to the post I reference above… :slight_smile: Here it is:


I say the Arab Confederacy of the Psalm 83, ancient and modern nations. :female_detective:


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54 years later and this coming true.


Hi Anca,

Yes, Teren is a very gracious. :slightly_smiling_face:

Britt begins with a Prophecy Round Table between himself and the originating man of it which is John Haller. The other two are Tom Hughs and Pete Garcia. This round table aired last Friday. Britt refers to a JNS article titled WHAT IF, subtitled WAR IN THE NORTH.
Britt did not expound on that video.

Britt notes that many people do not agree with him, but gives his reasons as to why he believes that Psalms 83: 6-8 and Psalms 78: 13 describe both the prayer for the Psalms 83 War and the answer to that prayer in Psalms 78.

He includes Isaiah 17: 1-3. This is the prophecy about the total ruin of Damascus. He points out that historians agree that Damascus has not yet been destroyed, so most people understand that it is a prophecy still yet unfulfilled.

He refers to his own article of many years ago listing the ancient names and today’s equivalents.
Ammonites = Jordan
Amalekites = Southern Israel and Gaza
Philistia = Gaza
Tyre = Lebanon
Assyria = Syria / Parts of Turkey and Iraq
Descendants of Lot = Jordan.

He refers to Bill Salas, who describes the inner ring and the outer ring of peoples that are enemies of Israel. The inner ring would be the people of Hamas and Hezbollah. I would include the other proxies of Iran in Qatar because of their part in blocking the waterways.

The inner ring people need to vanquish so that Israel can live peacefully. Psalms 38 happens in a time of peace in Israel. No way is that possible with Hamas and Hezbollah. This point I thought was interesting as a good possibility of how they transition to the Psalms 38 prophecy.

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