March 3, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update -- What Are We Fighting For Again?

I understand your admonition to be careful. I appreciate your heart dear sister. I see conservative politics as a religion. And i see a lot of nuanced problems in that camp. I think it is wise to also be aware that the enemy is interested in lables and pigeon holes. I just saw Jack Hibbs video mentioned and he says that if we don’t vote God will see that as hiding a talent and tell us to depart. I believe this extremism is on both extreme sides of the isle and tends to divide the body. I see there is too much rivarly and footloose and fancy free with impressions about His word in general. That is the “theater” i am more concerned with dear sister.

But i truly do know you don’t see me as CN. I just think in general Christianity has designer dog whistles. I’m not into that like JD is not into interviews and conventions and conferences. My view is the “extreme” sides should be helping to bring healing to the whole body dynamic. I realize we see wisdom in being separate from riff raff. But i believe becuase of social media forces and human nature we can tend to form unecessary bias. Well those are my honest takes.

As for me, this is what i believe: I believe we will likely be here a while. And all sides will get what they want. The CNs and the False Light concerned will be able to see that in what occurs. NAR will think the world is their oyster. And amillenials will think the golden age has come. The other extreme will see it as deception everywhere. I would just see it as the first seal build up to God’s glorious path to Ez 38 signature. And until further notice…that is how i will be seeing it. With that though dear sister comes tone of consideration for the views and convictions of others. I just think if things keep going in this direction…I will be worshipping God afresh in His majestic providence and would not want to mislabel that for all the money in the world.

Jack Hibbs also said that if Biden wins that means America is done because we won’t be supporting Israel. I agree with that. But don’t see Biden winning. I’m not convinced he will even make it to the election point. But something else Jack said was that if Biden gets elected then we are moving into Ez 38 because his take is that all the world is against Israel and no one to help. I don’t get that sense from the text, but can understand why that would be the case. But i think the opposite. If Trump wins…we are on the fastest track to Ez 38. It’s perfect Pinky…they’ll never see us taking over the world…muhahah. Love your dear sister Carol Ann in Him. Amen.

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Oh, no, not Pinky & the Brain!! My daughters were so into that show. I really feel old now. Thanks Teren :grimacing: I would not want to be Jack Hibbs. What a tough road he has trod. A big church is such a load to carry and if he could take a few words back, I am sure he would, but yes, he is quite political and the more attention from the world he gets, the more ruckus he makes. I see no one to vote for at this stage because my stance on life is above all other issues and I will not take a mamsy pamsy wishy washy stance such as what seems to be coming out of the mouth of T. So, I am fine with not voting for anyone and I will be happy that God holds me accountable because I will not support anyone who would not make a stand for life.

I think I will go watch Jacks Wednesday service and see what trouble I can get into tonight.

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Not sure where this is coming from exactly. I didn’t mention anything about my voting or others voting. If you choose not to vote, amen. I honor that. I even respect that for your reasons. I didn’t mention anything about me or others voting though. So, just trying to track with you dear sister. Perhaps it is in reference to what I said here?

If so maybe I can clarify hopefully. Or at least I can try. My reason for bringing up Hibbs (whom I actually like in ways) was to demonstrate that the language and potential use of the word from the pastoral level even seems to be becoming used to enforce a view not intended necessarily by scripture. I see this sort of thing happen on all sides. If I see that and share my concern, it does not mean I do not have a concern for CN. What I have seen though is a tendency in certain circles where if some, like JD’s friend Bud, want to be useful in politics, economy, or society for the good of the neighbors we live with in society (as far as we may understand that), I would not group that in with CN. Because some who might want to care about the country they live in (what use to be common sense and being a good neighbor) can tend to be grouped in with CN in ways, I would see CN as fringe. Believers who might feel to vote for Trump might be viewed as supporting CN because to some Trump = CN (especially now with his slick Bible move…lol…wow…that is just sad), but I see that as fiction.

What I don’t see as fiction is your reason for not voting. Trump has not helped himself with his right to life stance (or lack thereof). And like Romans 14:5, I would affirm your conviction. It makes sense to me. If I do vote for Trump it would be for the reason of keeping America out of WW3 and a preservation of the country from quickly becoming a third world nation. If while we live here, America becomes the United States of China, I would think that to be a vote for massive abortion enforcement upon this land. But if we are absolutely certain we won’t be here for that, convinced prophetically we absoletly can’t be…I guess I would understand that too. And my actively seeking to understand that (as I do try while here on this forum) was my point about healing in the body. In contrast to perhaps just labeling my convictions as mamby pamby. For it has seemed common place these days in the church to see things perhaps a bit more so from a semi-rival position associated with our own convictions. To the degree it is helpful to contrast others for the purpose of admonishment, amen. But settling for rival positions in the body can become akin to schoolyard ethics though at times. And the word encourages us matureward 1 Cor 13:11.

You know some camps actually believe Trump may try and make abortion illegal if he gets elected. Saying “But we have to win elections” as a response to the abortion issue to be a dog whistle for “But once I’m in…wink…wink.” But I don’t subscribe to that kind of thinking. On the contrary, it would appear to me his role to be as much a rep for the whole country as possible. And if that reflects a portion of its citizens in favor of abortion, he likely would reflect that moving forward. But the reasons I see it this way are not to excuse his stance. For I agree with you Carol Ann in having concern on his middle of the road stance on abortion. It makes sense for people not to vote for him for that reason alone. Amen. But the orientation of my thoughts in prior posts is not to encourage people to go out and vote, much less for Trump. The orientation of my view is in regards to eschatology as I see it. And in that context do I view the varying and differing views of today. Since Trump was used to affirm Jerusalem and Golan Heights and going through what we see occuring today (with the socio-political backdrop we have currently), I don’t really give anything but a Trump win credibility. So everybody don’t vote. The area of thought I am coming from has to do with escatology since this is a prophecy forum. Whether we vote or not, my point is Trump would seem to me to make the most eschatological sense. And that is my point. Not getting all caught up in Jack Hibbs view vs JD Farag view. How God administrates His prophetic fulfillment is bigger than our differences and reasons we do this or think that or whatever.

The reason I mentioned above that I believe Trump would reflect the national conscience if elected is because I would view him as a candidate for reason of that. What I mean is the following. The US Constitution is government of the people. Over decades a common mentality to outsource our sense of political power in the body has unfortunately kind of reduced a lot of Americans to view their freedoms and civil duties through the avatar or a representative like a Trump or Biden or whomever. Those leaders at that level are not the real political power of the country. They are only representative of it. But to the extent we lose perspective on the identity of our place in the body politic, we can tend to settle to view representatives we vote for to be all that for us. However, for this season I believe what is on the ballot is not Trump vs Biden or whatever. It’s whether America realizes her identity as being the government itself verses tyranny. Remaining numb to that even with a Trump elected would still likely bring tyranny. Because the body politic in America has lost its identity.

But the conditions we find ourself in today, present an opportunity to realize we are the government (in contrast to the encroaching threat of tyranny on the rise as a rule anyway). So it would make sense that if America were to realize more so her own political clout, a truest representation of that would be a person that reflects the country honestly (with all its warts etc.). And unfortunately that would factor in Gen Z etc. Where our country has been under the influence of abortion rights for quite some time. So as difficult as that may be to consider, the will of the people is what I see on the ballot. Many would resign themselves to see voter cheating and it won’t matter. None of what I say here is meant to motivate anyone to vote. I’m on a watcher forum. And on that watch, I am just articulating what time I would see it is. I believe the end of the age of grace theater is an American representation mirror of the church age to realize her identity (people being created in the image of God) vs a theme park motif of our day of tyrants wanting to control the world. Demonstrationally I would see God prefer to make a point about His creation through His definition of His creation vs. the destruction of America. Saliently primed for Israel toward Ez 38.

You will likely disagree. And my view might of course be innacurate. But my focus is not on weakness to save a country. I would see that rebuttle as a thesis driven narrative incerted into the frey (although I would empathize why some might see it this way). And not much more than that. But rather I would see a nomenclature most likely belonging to the church as children of Providence. If that makes sense…lol. I would understand if not though. Blessings.

Wow your mind is like a book, Teren have you ever like high five a special need or down syndrome person like have you ever sat down and just visit with them? Just curious, some folks are uncomfortable hanging out with development disabilities. I can sense someone that’s uncomfortable talking to someone with a disability in real life. Most folks just pity them, belittle them and totally ignore them it’s really sad.


Thanks Stacey. Well i will tell you a little story. I met a man in bible study years ago that has Aspergers. He had some real challenges. He could be friendly but one of his troubles was that he could not control offensive outbursts towards others. His life is spent going from moment to moment offending people who of course turn away from him. He has sought help professionally but the doctors can’t handle being insulted to that degree. And don’t end up helping him.

For years i have tried to help him get help. But it was hard to do. One time i drove like 150 miles to help him in San Diego. Get into a facility for care. He made it in the interview up to the point they wanted certain info from him. He blew up, threw papers everywhere, and stormed out. As he was cussing his way down the street as i was trying to talk him back into going back into the facility. Amazingly, like a damzel to the rescue out of a story book, one of the nurses popped out of a class door balcony ledge near where we had walked away down the sidewalk path to…and they were calling him letting him know they wanted to give him another chance. It was so endearing Stacey. Years later when i travelled the country in trucking i wrote about that scene in a literary class because it had such impact on me. The whole story. Driving down there going on a toll road to get to him. Very early in the morning. Having a shouting match with him in the alley way behind his apartment at 7am. Trying to honestly get the guy some help. I could see a lot of him in me. In fact, i think in some ways he does life better even with that disadvantage.

Once i had a chance to work at St Jude for cancer kids. It was a job offered me because i helped a friend of mine out of church difficulty (the church i was with before were kind of mindgamey). He gave me info on the job before it went public. But Stacey, i was so spooked by my church’s theater antics (a man from our church worked at st Jude’s) i was really confused whether to take the job or not. I am actually better at helping others I think sometiimes than myself. Because i really saw that job as a gift handed from heaven for a number of reason. I would have been married had I went that route. But there was a lot of concern with the church i was going to in those days. Even so. God tanscends. And i would say dear sister, i know cancer patients are not the same as down. But those less fortunate. My attitude toward my church was almost like my friend with Aspergers toward ones he got bothered by. Perhaps i have a touch of it myself. But when i say “friend,” i mean friend. Part of the problem i think was that i treated the aspergers guy as though he had none at all. It would have made a great cit com for TV. That was for sure. I actually like the guy. And spent a lot of time with him in various scenarios. But it had its taxing moments of course.

The good thing though about that huge church i was in is that there were others with disabilites. And sometimes in the nursery our bible study with watch the kids. Some had down. Those were actually treasured time. Why do you aks though Stacey? Blessings.


I have been cranky today just felt like freely saying what i needed to say. Blessings


I think God Almighty is trying to tell us something…

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Yes i heard about this. Let’s get the party started ya’ll. :fire: By the way…feel free to be cranky any time. Always love your style. Hope my little story makes it a touch less cranky in any case lovely sister. Blessings.


I’ll read it later at work. Thanks for kindly replying back. Blessings

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