March 30, 2023: Ezekiel 1 -- God Can Bloom You Where He Plants You

:bible2: God Can Bloom You Where He Plants You

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: explains how God would choose and use a young man by the name of Ezekiel and bloom him where He had planted him in Babylonian captivity.

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Due to the time difference i saw this friday 31. In my Facebook memory march 31 2002, 21 years ago i had relocated, due to health problems from CA, usa back to northern ireland. At times i questioned if i had misheard the Lord, the first few years were horrific it cost me a lot …but this update really encouraged me. God has blessed me with some wonderful friends and nonmaterial gifts that make money and sunshine trivial. Not that i dont appreciate both ! Thanking God that when he relocates us however painful it is at the time, his will is for our ultimate Good


Having read Ezekiel 1 before the study, I really had a hard time understanding how Farag was going to tie the message from the title into what I read in the chapter. I had really no clue. But knowing the background of why Ezekiel was where he was, and why he was given an envisioning of God and why Ezekiel shared it - finally tied it together. This is where you really need someone who understands things to walk you through messages that are there that you have to clear the obvious to comprehend the hidden gems waiting to be admired.



What nourishment this message is!
What a worshipful message!
What an encouragement to us in this time!


Here is screenshot of chart Pastor JD discussed when comparing Ezekiel 1 with Revelation 4:

It reminded me of the detailed studies by Chuck Missler ~ 15 years ago. The Design of the Gospels.

Jesus is in every book of the Bible.

Quote from Pastor JD this week reminding us:
“ …we search the Scriptures, but the Scriptures search us. We get into the Word, but the Word gets into us and it changes us. It transforms us. It renews us, the renewing of our mind by the word of God.”

These mid week Bible Study videos are worth watching! The Sunday morning Bible Study sermons, too.

I’m surprised how few discussions on this forum are about the BIBLE STUDY SERMONS. Are people here actually watching them & studying the Word together here?


I need to be more diligent with the studies but time gets away from me. I am more likely to get the midweek or sometimes I watch one from a few weeks ago. I guess there are a variety of reasons.

But please keep commenting-that is often what encourages( or reminds) me to watch!


I was captivated. I had never known why God chose Ezekiel and used him mightily even in captivity. I am going to love this book, I just know it. I can’t wait until Friday mornings to listen again.


Here is the configuration of the Israelite camps according to Numbers Chapter 2 that Pastor JD discussed in this Bible Study.

This old testament book describes the tribes camped in the shape of a cross as a Revelation of Jesus Christ who is at the center, a type of the finished work on the cross.

It is also a picture of four creatures described in Ezekiel 1, Revelation 4 and here in Numbers 2.

Each of the four camps had a banner. This is the detail is the exact likeness to Ezekiel’s vision.

One banner had the face of a lion. One had the ox. One had the face of a man. And one had an eagle.

This same cross configuration is a remembrance of the Passover / blood of unblemished lamb on door post to spare oldest male child in Egypt plagues & ties Jesus Christ.

Many here may have studied this before. Others may not have learned it yet. Probably will come up in sermons & study during Passover week / Resurrection Sunday services.

Love how verse by verse studies put us right where we need to be, at the time we need be to re-read scripture passages.


Things I look forward to learning:

Why was Ezekiel exiled to a concentration camp 50-100 miles south of Babylon? Why not taken to Babylon with Daniel et al?

Why did E’s wife have to abruptly die? Perhaps somehow related to destruction of Temple in Jerusalem?

Why was Ezekiel chosen to see these visions? Did he understand at the time what God was showing him? I cannot fathom the burden & responsibility of such a task.

@Susan, I look forward to a deep dive study into this book, as well!


I needed to hear this too. God has moved my adult kids and I from our home state of CA to MI. It hasn’t been an easy transition, and things still are rocky. But, God!


Thanks for sharing the illustrations! They’re great tools for a deeper study!!

Yes we have to remind ourselves that he chose the exact time and place where we would dwell
I love jd Bible studies they make everything so relevant and clear

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I completely agree with you <3

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I watch what I can but time escapes me too.
With , work, family responsibilities and attending my church , I fall behind.
I do love how JD teaches and basically just need to prioritize better , so I can listen to more sermons.

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