March 5, 2024: Prayer Meeting – How "NOT" To Pray

:bible2: Prayer Meeting – How “NOT” To Pray

Pastor JD expounds on the words of the Savior, Who, first teaches us how “NOT” to pray, then teaches us how to pray.

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please come quickly Jesus



Soon and very soon we are going to see the King :crown:
Keep your head up keep looking up eyes on Jesus


Probably one of the most valuable and powerful messages I have heard. what a blessing for my wife and I we have been struggling to spend time with God in prayer and we know he has had this on our hearts this message just uncomplicated and moved in right to the core simple and loving and so valuable Thank you so much Pastor JD we love you so much and we are so Happy about what God is doing right now in you and your wife’s lives GOD is just simply Amazing and Loving


Praise be to God for the good report on your wife’s condition. I was very happy to hear that. As I have prayed for her to receive as my wife did full remission I am very happy for you both that it is coming to pass. May God continue to bless you and your family through this trying time in even more trying times we all live in.


Hi All,
I have listened to this sermon multiple times and still have questions. I am a newbie and am confused; can someone please clarify or point me to where I can get clarification?

  1. Pastor mentions not to / no need to say Jesus’ name over and over in prayer. Is it wrong to do so? I feel the more I say the name of Jesus, the more it makes Satan mad and makes me happy.
  2. Pastor mentions no need to do a “recap” of why we are praying. I seem to do this, but not to give a recap, per se, but rather just talk through it for myself. Gather my thoughts, if you will.
  3. Pastor mentions no need to state your needs, as God already knows them. Then why have prayer requests? I must understand this wrong.
  4. How ARE we to pray? I am very loosely paraphrasing here, but if there is no need to say Jesus’ name multiple times, no need to “recap” why we are seeking Jesus in prayer, no need to state our requests…what ARE we to do during prayer?
  5. Side Question: Are we to ask for forgiveness for the SAME specific sin over and over? Or is it one and done? Meaning let’s say I did X sin on Y date. Once I ask for forgiveness for that specific instance, do I not need to ask for forgiveness again? But if I do X sin again on Z date…I need to ask for forgiveness. I understand that we are totally forgiven of our sins, but I grew up in an environment where a sin was brought up over and over and over and was told to repeatedly ask for forgiveness. But then I heard Pastor mention we don’t need to do that.
  6. I know there is not a specific formula and I don’t believe I am doing anything wrong in my current prayers, but this sermon did confuse me since I seem to be doing a lot of what Pastor says NOT to do.
    Thank you all, I enjoy the JD forum chat.

Hello, and thank you for your inquisitive mind. We all have asked many of your questions somewhere in our lives and what was the most important thing I think JD was trying to convey is that our prayers don’t have to be wordy. Simply, to the point and sincere. Oh, how many times I say Lord in my prayers and wonder if it is necessary. No specific words are necessary, just a humble heart, and worshipful heart and open ears to listen to His voice. There are many times I struggle to pray for the same things over and over and like JD pointed out, sometimes his prayers are just groanings as he has no words to express what is on his heart. Most times my prayers start out with a big list of “I need” but in most instances, they end up just in worshipful prayer and adoration for my God and His son and what He did for me. But however you want to pray, whatever you need to say (Jesus x100), do it with a sincere heart and in true worship and adoration. He just wants to hear from us, all day, every day, at any time. I pray this was a little bit of help and encouragement to be in prayer always.

P.S. When my sins are repetitive (and they really are), I confess them to the Lord as He says in His word:
If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleans us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

James 4:17 says Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.
Each time we do something we know is sin, we confess it to the Lord. Yes, He has already paid for that sin with His blood, but it is in the confessing that we ourselves acknowledge the sin which is healing. Its also our not wanting to sin that God sees and His Spirit will convict us of each and every one if we listen to His voice and turn from that sin.


Thank you so much for this blessed video and teaching Pastor JD!

It actually came to my mind recently that it’s not just how we pray, but who we pray to as we are praying that makes all the difference. Some churches and denominations choose to recommend praying to Mary, the mother of Jesus or any of the “Supposed” saints talked about in Roman Catholic churches.

That is so wrong, I can’t believe anyone who has ever read the bible can continue to pray to anyone other than God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit, which are all one under the God title.

It mentions multiple times in 1 and 2 Kings that God was very unhappy with all of the Kings of Israel who chose Idolatry rather than praying to God our creator. It mentions many times that Jeroboam the son of Nebat caused Israel to sin over and over again and also caused multiple Kings who came after him to do the same.

If you read the following page, it explains exactly what Jeroboam the son of Nebat did to cause God to be very angry with him and all who were idolizing inanimate objects rather than praying to God our Heavenly Father and creator. What was the sin of Jeroboam? |

The Catholic church does the same thing when they pray to Mary or any of the saints they say can be prayed to. It’s all idolatry. All of the statues are spread around all over churches of all kinds and it needs to stop. They are just making God angry and they will pay for it some day. Only God knows how or when, but God can not just look away.

Please mention this to anyone you know who still does this and show them the page above or the scriptures themselves that point out how wrong idolatry is. We all have so little time left to do our part to point people to Jesus and possibly help save their souls.

God Bless and be with you all, In Jesus’ Name, Amen!



Beautifully said Carole. :blush:


Amen, Pastor J.D. covers the topic again and even includes quite a few detailed examples on how to pray so that it gets directly to the point!

He has quite a few pages of prayer requests and we can all join in to help pray for those requests. Thank You Pastor J.D. and God Bless You Brother!.. When I Rightly Pray In The Wrong Way (with Worship) - JD Farag / Calvary Chapel Kaneohe