May 10, 2021 – Isaiah 20-23 - How God Gets My Attention

:bible2: How God Gets My Attention

:hawaiianshirt_2: Pastor JD talks about the means that God will choose to use in order to get our attention because of His love for us.


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What a brilliant bible study… I’m Glad God didn’t zap Lucifer… (lucie🤣)
I kept thinking about this, a couple of weeks ago…I mentioned it on a post, why didn’t God just get rid of satan and cut the sin out altogether… hahaaa! …Answer, …because we wouldn’t be here if he had, we would never have been made… we are working through a stage in our history where sin, for once and for all time. … will be gone, and we are the ones, witnessing, and working for God, in the war against sin… my heart has lifted, this study has really calmed and enlightened me… all the prophecy telling us what is actually happening now and what will happen aren’t to scare us, they are a comfort… God is doing exactly as he said he would… I cant wait for the bit where we join in…!! Also, i learned something new, the bible is the only holy book that has prophecy… no other religion has it…they cant have prophecy because their gods aren’t real… Only God, the real one, can know all these things…
Thanks JD, today is a good day… I love my brothers and sisters in Christ xxx
And I love God, so much, my heart fills till I overflow and cry :heart:


If there had been another way he would have but obviously there was not.

I think we all know its about trusting the plan fathers plan that is.



When JD said prophecy is 100% accurate 100% of the time, I wanted to see. But didn’t know where to look, I found this,

I believe the Scriptures to be true 100% of the time if there is a mistake its with us not The Word.



This special time of faith, his and ours shows us just how awesome, loving, courage our Abba and His Son is toward His own.


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