May 2 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Assorted tidbits:

  1. I know about secret societies and globalist cabals ruling the world from behind the scenes. For those who would dub that ‘conspiracy theory,’ I refer those of you to go and read Psalm 2, where GOD Himself confirms conspiracies, so it’s not a ‘theory’ anymore, and they are even about what is happening today! (He tells us in advance, and so does His adversary, and we just read the script from both sides of the coin.) They control the media, movies, music that is popular and all that stuff. There is much information about how they communicate with one another using symbols. I have studied this for some time and after a while you begin to recognize them in big places. One of them is the ‘ouraboros’ a circle which is a snake eating itself. It can look like a circle with an arrow in one place. It happens to be the symbol for ‘the great reset’. Oh? Coincidence? Not a chance! Well you may know how they have been imposing symbols on tall buildings in places like NY. They had a hindu ‘god’ of destruction up there a while back. All of this can be researched online. Well… what I began seeing lately were tall skyscraper buildings that had the shape of an injection needle! Google for that. One time on the news the other day they flashed a glimpse of one like that while mentioning the word ‘death.’ Vaccines and deaths due to the ‘virus’ were being discussed. Hmmm. Just another insight to take note of…
  2. Surveillance. Many may not be aware, but our technology is spying on us. Heard of ‘alexa’? Did you know that device records what is happening inside the home? But there are other ways like that. The list is long. Edward Snowden tried to expose that some time ago.
    It’s no laughing matter.
  3. One area that I watch is what is happening with the issue of race in the world. We saw the BLM riots and all that. But there is something called CRT (critical race theory) that is spreading like a virus all over campuses in the West, at all grade levels from kinder through university. It also goes under the guise of ‘diversity trainings’ at work places, corporations, government agencies, etc. It is a marxist ideology that tries to claim that there is an oppressed and an oppressor class. The ‘oppressors’ are: whites, males, Christians, conservatives, capitalists, nationalists, constitutionalists, and so forth. The oppressed are claimed to be: non whites, lgbt, other religious groups, native tribes, progressives, the left, the poor, etc. Nevermind the fact that Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world, and increasingly so. We do no one any harm. Their false narrative lies in what they call ‘power structures,’ those who have the power or majority oppress the rest. They only fail to see that those they think are in the majority; are not. Sometimes, if they are, they are too nice and let in others like a trojan horse across their borders. Bad things happen. Then they get amnesia about the fact that there has been a black president. They sing the woes of the victim regardless of the stark reality of the facts. David Horowitz has a ‘freedom center’ that reports on this and how indoctrination is happening in schools all over the country. So this is the script they will use to come for us, as well as refusing the vaccine.

Now for some good news! That bit about the tracts in the restroom were so encouraging to me! I print my own tracts. It’s not hard. You just make a list of gospel points. Give it a title. I have a Bible verse as each point, many of them come from the first 8 chapters of Romans but others as well. I format the page, make small margins and font size and can fit four or six on a single page. I have at least ten items listed with an invitation to call on Jesus at the end. Well, I must have printed out a thousand of them over the years and used to live in a large metro area in So. Cal. I got around and put them everywhere, including restrooms! Of course I never heard anything but hope to meet some more in heaven who got one and just like JD, got saved sometime thereafter. So that struck a chord for me!
It’s a very inexpensive way to get the gospel out. You can hand them out or leave them around for people to find. Seeds are planted, and who knows what the harvest will be!
God bless!


Here is that 6 hour documentary…
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Thank you so much for sharing, @Kina1234!

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HSV? :grin: Holy Spirit
Thank you Jesus for your providence and for everything good. YOU are good and we are blessed to be used by you.


Hi all.
This is my first time posting. I have been listening to Pastor JD for about 18 months. Wow! Thank you team and fellow followers of Jesus and BP. The Lord sent you into my life at just the right time because I have been a student of BP since I was a child. (I’m 57) starting with my parents and church. I have not been in a church since that truly teaches BP. It is so hard to ‘see’ things and not have someone to share with. ( I can with my husband some) You all are much appreciated!!

I do have a question that I believe will be asked by my believing family— Since we are raptured before tribulation, why does it matter if we get the vaccine even if it may cause damage? I am looking for a concise answer for people that do not listen to updates.
Thanks in advance brothers and sisters!! So thankful for you.


In the end, each and all must make their choice. No one can make it for them, but only for ourselves. And these consequences of these choices are owned solely by them.

Since I can’t answer for anyone else, I will give you my outlook on the situation.

  • My faith causes me to object to this vaccine (that really isn’t)
  • My personal sovereignty over my own body and what goes in it objects to this vaccine (that really isn’t)
  • My intelligence and God given intellect objects to this vaccine (that really isn’t)
  • That it is coerced and bullied upon the masses by peer pressure is a Red Flag
  • That the lack of real trial testing over time, and the nefarious characters around it’s development and distribution are a Red Flag
  • That it is Gene Therapy (with patented, proprietary, and hidden information on what is really in it and what it targets and why) on a mass scale and not an actual Vaccine is a huge Red Flag

Assurance of salvation is fine, but our bodies are a temple of our God also. Would you drink a bottle of poison just because you know you are saved? :slight_smile:

I would rather die in my flesh standing firm to my faith and my rights under God, than to acquiesce to the threat of men and die by their poison.

Sounds a bit over the top doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

But I am just as serious about my faith in this way too.

To live is Christ, to die is gain.” - Philippians 1:21
Absent from the body, present with the Lord.” - 2 Corinthians 5:8


I Just went over to the World Economic Forum Site, and couldn’t find any events listed on their calendar for a Cyber Pandemic listed on July 9th as JD referenced in the video. where can I Find that info?

This talks about the July 9, 2021 cyber attack planning exercise JD talked about May 2…again the WEF


First, do we actually KNOW we are raptured before the Tribulation? Many of us here (including myself) believe that that, but there are plenty of God’s people who believe otherwise. Just saying.

Second, I agree with what @JackN said. I would add also to it:

We are repeatedly told in Scripture DO NOT BE DECEIVED
We know censorship is rampant and MSM is full of propaganda
We know we are being coerced and deceived
We know who the deceiver is and what his goal is

2 Thes. 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come , except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

2 Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 14 But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them ;

Rev. 20:10 And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone




Hello forum family,

I was hoping someone could help a while back on a thread someone posted sample letters to explain to left behind family members who would not be raptured about why if suddenly Christians disappear , I was looking for them but can’t find on threads , would anyone have the link??

Many thanks :pray::heart:


Yes, they will be eager to be rid of those who do not wish to participate in their new world…and we will be happy to leave. I know I do not belong in this world anymore.


Just taking a look at amazing word ministries… thanks for that

I have a question.

What happened to Paul’s companions Silas & Barnabus? They were in the Bible when I was in Bible College in the late 1990’s and now I can’t find their names anywhere.

Question 2
Why have the names of God in the Bible been charged to HE, HIS & HIM?

I thought we were not supposed to make changes to the Word of God, or is this the supernatural changes that I have been hearing from others and seeing myself?

I read a passage one day and unless I rewrite the passages by hand into my notebook, just like Grandma Wiebe taught me to do, I find the next time I go to read them the words are altered and sometimes the entire verse is missing. Yep, I always double check my addresses when rewriting the Scriptures.

I have an eye for details that occasionally is disturbing to me and others.

It is not my intent to get into a discussion on Bibles or translation things. I’m merely curious if anyone else has noticed the same things that I am.

Barbabus = son of Encouragement
Silas = colabourer of Paul in prison

Pastor JD, you and your team & church rock!!!
Thank you for all your teachings, especially the hard stuff. I wish I could get to see you in person, however without a passport or finances combined with the current situation only GOD can make that desire a reality. God bless you all from the bush country of Manitoba Canada. I go back to the city this weekend. Praise God for a place to retreat and refresh. God bless you all so very richly.


Barnabas should be found mainly in Acts but is found in other Books in the New Testament.


Thanks. I’ll get back into Acts tonight. I appreciate your help. :hugs::heart::hugs:

indeed, we are slated to be those robotic maids instead :[

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