May 2 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

I enjoyed (again) watching the prophecy update. However, I am wondering, when hearing about the cyber threat, how we can prepare. I am not afraid but being aware I would like to know some practical ways of preparing.


And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehends it not.

John 1:5


Well stated brother :slight_smile:

Jack…all I can say is HERE WE GO AGAIN

I so appreciate your patience and the way you represent yourself in Christ Jesus. But as for me…well, I for one refuse go back and forth with anyone any longer.


I must say, I so love and respect the way you so thoughtfully express yourself and am always so grateful for your responses.
From my hear to yours…thanks Teren!


Wow. Thanks dear sister for reading all of that. lol/ Very lovely gesture. I really appreciate your kind words and loving heart Vicki. I hope you have been well blessed lady. Any thing I can pray about ATM?

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Um… that is NOT John 16:16. It’s actually Mark 16:16. Just to clarify.


Remember, modest beginnings start with a single blow of a horn.

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One thing we also want to keep in mind - have emergency water devices. You can go without food but not without water. I bought a water purifying straw with a bottle. I also bought a water bob (emergency water storage device to put in your bath and fill with water). Think about buying extra food that can be kept in storage. Indeed, I have cash handy and will print out statements of bank and superannuation etc. Print copies of your cards and passport etc. Buy a bike so you can get around a bit easier than on foot.


This isn’t aimed at anyone in particular, I’m just slotting in my comments somewhere because I haven’t got a clue how to start a thread… x

I’ve been enjoying this forum, but what’s happening?.. I was learning so much, I’ve not been reading the bible very long, not been praying very long either… I was getting a lot out of the conversations and I was trying to put a bit back by praying for others, and being friendly… but this last few days it feels like it’s been non stop bickering, where has it come from, …Treat others as you yourself would like to be treat, love one another … I’m not feeling it at the moment…This is the only contact I have with anyone who believes in Christ Jesus, … here is where I come for loving company, I have never had the opportunity to pray beside another person, I dont know what fellowship is, or how it feels, everything I am learning about Christs family is right here on these pages… this isn’t aimed at anyone, I dont like causing trouble, but I’m a lone a baby Christian, and could really do with seeing some love thy neighbor right now, because you guys are the only people in the world that I have.
Unconditionally I love you x can we go back to how it was xx please xx Julie x


I believe you are correct. :slight_smile:

And yes that is (Mark 16:16)

So many miss the Baptism (by fire) of the Holy Spirit. Even John the Baptist spoke of it in (Mark 1:7-8).

It is an essential gift after salvation. So much so that Paul expresses concern for it in (Acts 19:1-7).

Here we see the difference in the shadow of things to come represented in the Law (water baptism), and the actual light that has now come from our Messiah who has finished His work for our salvation (Baptism of the Spirit).

Those who claim water baptism is required for salvation miss this new administration in the new covenant. It’s not that the old covenant is done away with, it is that the new covenant establishes the old and fulfills it in Christ our Lord, because we could not meet it’s requirements. This is why He says, “Without Me, you can do nothing”.


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This is so very true.

Fresh drinkable water is such an important emergency supply, whether for weather, E-quake, civil war, prepping long term , etc.

I have a water straw for my bug-out bag. They are relatively cheap for the amount of fresh water you can get through them.

People can also do research on water stills too.

Portable solar cookers are an option also, for both cooking and sterilizing (boiling) water. As long as you have sun access.


Wow well done Tucker…! Hes a brave man…


I’m sorry if I had any part in making you feel this way. disagreements make up maybe 25% of what I see on this forum and I want it to always lead to mutual love and respect. if I have failed in some way to be the way I should, I am sorry. I hope you see a better trend here quickly and will be encouraged by that. thank you for your message here.


Hi Julie😁 I’m so glad you are here and so so happy that you found Jesus! As tension rises in this world, we will see it everywhere. There are very kind and loving people here who truly just love others and the word of God. I understand how you feel because I feel it to. When it gets hard, remember HIS love, mercy and grace. In the end, that’s all that truly matters. HE is the way, the truth and the life and we are to share this with everyone, even believers because sometimes we forget.
Have a blessed day and keep looking up my friend.


This morning, on our local news, it was reported that a fully vaccinated person died of covid. They were scrambling to explain it. Lol. This world…gotta NOT love it.


Well said JRW. :slight_smile: As this forum is open to Christians from all different levels, walks, and diverse doctrinal leanings, there will be views shared here at times that may conjure up differing opinions. This forum has actually come along way in this regard. And it seems, to me, to be primed to mature into a richer fellowship dynamic. It is a good thing that we have moderators now from among our ranks which will assist greatly in steering our forum in an edifying and encouraging environment.

I am actually glad you shared this. I am not glad at all that you have come to feel this though. I am glad you shared this because your inputs help to shape our forum. I am not glad that you have come to feel this because that was never the idea and design in the heart of Pastor JD for this forum.

Julie, I think you will see a lot of love here in the days to come. This forum has gone through a lot during the months I have been here. And from what I see, it is heading in a good direction. One really wonderful quality about this forum is that, as far as I can see, this is not like the direction social media is headed. In this forum, there is a respect and appreciation of and for differing opinions. Unfortunately that may come with its measure of fall out from time to time. But as one of those that has some rather strong differing views in places than the general consensus of this forum, although imperfectly, I always strive for maturing and strengthening levels of discourse and fellowship here. And I think this is a really great place for that with huge potential. We hope to share in your feeling the love. And thanks for sharing your heart with us. :slight_smile: Blessings.

PS – I just noticed that your post was a response to an earlier post on this thread. If you not had a chance to read my initial thoughts on that earlier post, please check out my response post (it kind of gives a little more flavor hopefully of our unique environment here).

Click Here For My Earlier Post On This Issue…


As I said, it wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular…its something that was happening, I could see and feel was becoming more than a discussion and just needed calming down… for everyone’s sake… I’m not one to step in never have been, I absolutely love seeing the discussions and hope it doesn’t stop… I’m sorry too if I’ve made anyone uncomfortable that wasn’t my intention… God bless x