May this tragedy bring others to Jesus

We all know that tragedy often brings unbelievers to the foot of the cross. Please pray that the tragic death of the grand-niece of one of our sisters will not be in vain, and that the perpetrator(s) will be brought to justice quickly. Shalom.

Father in Heaven,
Thank You that we can come to You in our darkest hours and know that You are listening and holding us in Your everlasting arms. Thank You for redeeming the world. We need Your great love and redemption today.

Please be with this family whose beloved daughter has been taken from them. LORD, please send Your Holy Spirit to comfort them as only You can, and set their hearts on the path of healing, even as they mourn.

Father, we ask for justice— but more importantly, we ask that Your Name be glorified in this tragedy. We ask that this crime bring others, even the murderer(s), to Your beloved Son, and that You would pour out Your grace so that those who seek You, would come to believe in all Your Son Jesus, our blessed Kinsman-Redeemer has done for us. In His Name, we praise You and pray. Amen.


I’m sorry for the loss of your grand-niece. I pray she will be given more justice by Jesus for bringing them to human justice as we already know they will be brought to God’s judgement soon enough.


Heavenly Father comfort the family that lost a loved one and bring them to Jesus. Your will be done in all of this in the name of Yeshua! Amen!


Bowing my head and my heart to join you in this powerful prayer for this family in crisis. :two_hearts::pray:t3: thank you for sharing it Georgia Ruth.


Morning Jenn @Jenn1,

Of course my first thought anymore when I hear of someone passing is hoping/praying they were saved by Jesus.

I’m thankful your grand niece didn’t die at the hand of violence. I’m sorry she was alone and that her mom, Andrea, was the one to find her. But very grateful that her daughter was not a victim of violence.

Thanks for letting us know this detail. It is a comfort for me as I’m sure it must be a blessing for those who loved this girl.


Oh Jenn, I’m so sorry. I jumped to conclusions and I shouldn’t have. Please forgive me. More than anything, I pray that— even if with her last breath— she trusted Jesus to save her soul.


Dear Jenn, praying for your family and that this family will realize that we are not promised tomorrow and it will cause them to examine their lives. God can do mighty things when tragedy strikes. The heart is more open to the Hope we have in our heavenly Fathers plan for our life.


Prayers offered up for this devastated family. May the Lord carry them in his loving arms through this time of mourning and beyond. :pray: :heart: :pray: