Need Arabic Resource

I have been sharing with an Arabic speaking Muslim off and on for 5 years. He speaks english moderately well but I am looking for an Arabic teaching on Messianic prophecy to include the deity of Jesus. I think JD speaks arabic, maybe he has some resources? I have an Arabic bible but looking for commentary explaining the verses.


Perhaps this will help, DG. This site has the Father’s Love Letter in 125 languages. It has the letter for children, too. And I noticed there’s a video at bottom of page in Arabic. Pretty sure it mirrors the English version— so you can see what ‘you’re’ saying.

May God bless you and keep you!


Dear @Destingirl

My father was from Baghdad, Iraq and came to the Lord in the 1990’s (and was called home in 2004). Whilst not a previously practising Muslim per se he was naturally inculcated and immersed in Islamic doctrine during childhood.

He came to the UK in the 1960’s from which point he essentially adopted a casual position of agnosticism. Naturally however many of his immediate contacts - family and friends - still held to the Islamic religion and influence to various degrees of severity (including his brother-in-law who vowed to stone him to death after hearing of his conversion to Christ).

Academically and professionally dad was a scientist with a PhD in engineering. A man with a fiercely analytical attitude and a brilliant brain that sought verifiable and testable proof for every thesis. Also a man with a huge heart that would harden quicker than caramel in Nebuchadnezzar’s furnace if crossed.

Dad was the type of man whose first response when I came home with a test result of 98% would be:

Huh!? Where is the other 2%?!!

Below are a couple of scans from my dad’s Arabic New Testament Bible - the Gospel of John - in which he had highlighted certain verses. Regrettably I never learnt the wonderful Arabic language so I’m not even sure exactly how they correspond to the English verses - however I suspect they were important enough to my father as a new believer in Christ to mark, and I pray they may be of some service if you’re able to pass them on.

All this to say that although I sadly cannot offer a literal Arabic commentary on the prophetic proof, fulfilment and deity of Christ Jesus I can offer that my dad’s coming to Christ is a commentary, proof and fulfilment of the power, majesty, mercy and deity of Christ Jesus.


I only know one word from Arabic and that’s Baba and easy for me to say.


Wow Jason @jasonacts177,

That was incredibly generous of you to share with DG (and with us by extension). Your dad, though in Heaven, is still sharing his beautiful testimony through you. God bless you for your faithfulness. And I’m so glad your dad was born again! Yay God!


Wow what an amazing testimony. I am sorry for the loss of your dad but we will see them again. He left you a great legacy.


Wow Jason !
I didn’t know this about your family history.
What an awesome story! Thank you for sharing.
( the “where’s the other 2%” was too funny )


Oh, this story is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!


All is in the gospel of John, his epistles and the book of Revelation.

If you are searching for an arabic version of a Christian Bible, there is the Bible of Smith and Van Dyke.

That Bible is included in my app “The Light”, you will find in following category, with KJV, Louis Segond if he speaks French.


Hi everyone thank you for your responses. I found an Arabic speaking believer to talk with him about what he is reading in his Arabic bible. It helps so much to have someone explain the bible in your native language! Pray for him to come to salvation please.