November 11, 2021 - Isaiah 48:1– Fiery Trials of Affliction

:bible: Fiery Trials of Affliction

:hawaiianshirt_3: Pastor JD explains why it is that oftentimes, God will deem it necessary to allow the fiery trials in the furnace of affliction to purify us.

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I was really encouraged when JD said that the affliction always increases just before the redemption. In my quiet time this morning just before listening to jd (we r 11 hrs ahead of hawaii) I was praying Lord when your people Israel called on you, you raised up Moses for the sake of your church…and praying for the persecuted church in N Korea/Afghanistan etc…then listened to JD and felt truly encouraged. He does hear he will act at just the right time. MARANTHA


Hi from Scottish Highlands! Listened to JD for years with my late husband. In these days of increasing global deception - in many churches also - the clear clarion call of God’s Word comes loudly through JD and his Holy Spirit inspired Biblical teachings and Prophecy Updates. I relate to his sharing that spiritual warfare always increases as deliverance draws near! Over many years I have experienced that when I feel almost overwhelmed and weary at increasing intensity of enemy tactics, often only able to cry out “Help!” - as with the cry of Jehoshaphat to God …” we have no might against this great company that cometh against us, neither know we what to do - but our eyes are upon You .” A drowning person will clutch at a straw - I’ve seen it, but to grasp and cling onto the only reliable Arm that will assuredly lift us up into safety way above the tempestuous roar of all that endeavours to destroy us- we know our deliverance is sure! We may feel we are losing strength to cling on but oh the wonderful assurance of His tightening grip! He will not let us go. He is our Deliverer. His Word of Promise doesn’t falter or change - He whispers into our hearts the same all-powerful Promise as He spoke in response to Jehoshaphat … ”Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude for the battle is not yours, but God’s…….You shall not need to fight in this battle…set yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord with you…” - and faithful to His Word which is creative - deliverance always comes. Not a moment too late! Yes, as JD says “revving up…” birth pains growing more intense by the hour - what repeated encouragement we hear from the Lord through JD ….when you see these things happening ….look up … for your redemption draws near…! In this forum it hits me so hard at all the hardships so many of you and yours are facing with increasing intensity - I’m driven to prayer - as yet, over here we are on the way to the fiery furnace but the intensity of heat has not fully hit us but it will. Sadly, most churches are ‘making daisy chains’. If I had to condense into one sentence - although I could fill books - of my many years of being in the fold of the Good Shepherd and experiencing His deliverance from ‘the thicket’ times without number - my testimony would be “HE IS FAITHFUL WHO PROMISED!” The Lord ‘s unfathomable Love for each of us sets His heart to feel our struggling.His eyes upon us, His ears listening to our every cry. He has a ‘rescue plan’ (no Plan B necessary) He is coming to lift us into His perfect deliverance sooner than we know! Maranatha my dear brothers and sisters!


Thank you, very encouraging. I was once more lectured at my own church for declining the jab. One dear lady told me a heartbreaking story of a friend who died of covid. How many thousands have died of the vaccine? How many millions starved when India shut down?


Hi Margaret,- it’s horrendous and I know first hand from a relative living abroad the heartbreaking tragedies everywhere and in our own countries. . But only the tip of the iceberg is known.Unreported in full facts by media. Weeping all over the world - weep with those who weep - and share in whatever way possible the Good News - which we, and hundreds of thousands already do. . Not so long ago this was welcome in our Land - once known as The Land of The Book - but now it carries a risk (worth taking) and angry reactions. Churches have been closing down over last few years and used as public houses (pubs) or private housing. The spread of the Gospel is not bound by bricks and mortar! Nothing and no-one can prevent Almighty God achieving His purpose! I personally could tell of amazing God-given opportunities to share His redeeming Love - as could we all- and Testimonies I hear in this Forum or via JD and from around the world testify to God’s amazing grace beyond every hostile barrier, restriction and dictate. I visit this forum quite frequently and am so grateful for all the input - and those who write it! We are a varied lot but united by His Love! Weeping endures for a night - Morning is assuredly coming when every tear He will wipe away! I was also encouraged by JD affirming that God WILL pour in an abundance of His overwhelming strength at the very time it is needed in severe persecution. I have often thought of Stephen- even as he was suffering final physical persecution he received God-given ability by the Holy Spirit to look up way beyond the rocks hitting him, beholding heavenly realities and to cry with a loud voice for those stoning him. There are current day similar testimonies worldwide. The indwelling power of the Holy Spirit WILL enable us to overcome by His strength. We all need to stay focused on Jesus the Living Word and not be distracted by increasing threats and hardships or friendly enticements of deception that have already hit us or will soon target us all - JD reminded us that He will keep each of us in perfect peace if our mind is stayed on Him. Not always easy for me, but feeding on the Word is the best diet to achieve that ‘staying’ power! ‘Those who KNOW their God WILL be strong and do exploits’ way beyond human thinking.I used to KNOW ABOUT Him and read His written Word but didn’t KNOW HIM until I met the Living Word - Jesus our Lord and Saviour! Maranatha….


Amen. Rather than try to fight deception or seduction keep our heart and eyes fixed on Jesus. God made knowable in flesh, the exact image of the father. Ps 103 v7 he made known his ways to moses, his deeds to the people of Israel. May we come to know not just his deeds but his ways. Where in Highlands are you, I love Scotland. I am in n ireland on a clear day we can see the Scottish coast.


Margaret thank you for those words. Northern Ireland has known wonderful times of the reality of God come down in answer to hearts crying out for Him. All over the world in these ever increasingly disturbing days hearts are crying for help - and the Very Present Help in times of trouble hears the faintest or silent cry. I am in the Northerly Highlands. Lovely to meet with you here in the forum! Maranatha!


We have had incredible moves of God’s Holy Spirit and many here are praying for revival. Scotland had incredible revival ln the islands in 1955. It’s wonderful knowing God has a remnant in the land of Knox. I hope he sends both our countries the gift of true repentance and revival. Marantha


Wonderful inaugural post @EliseAnne - welcome to this forum and fellowship under Christ, and a big Hi from the Southern Lowlands of England to the Northerly Highlands of Scotland.

Pressed on all sides, yet pushed closer to Christ and the brethren as a result, and always with the uplifting knowledge and hope that…

16 Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. 17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, 18 while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.
2 Corinthians 4

In Christ


Hi Jason -thank you! We may be dwelling on the same Island but connected in a way beyond what’s seen! Thank you for your apt encouragement from God’s Word - to keep focus beyond and above all that would fill our vision from this transient world - to keep our minds stayed on Him! Maranatha!