October 12, 2023: Ezekiel 28 -- Why Pride Is Satanic

:bible2: Ezekiel 28 – Why Pride Is Satanic

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: talks about how God, through the prophet Ezekiel, prophecies judgment on the prince of Tyre, then the king of Tyre, Satan himself, who is behind all pride, as the source of all pride.

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Thank you for confirmation of what I understood to be true. I hope God continues to do what needs to be done, so if He so chooses this servant, I give Him complete glory for what He did, does, and will do through me. Suffering for His glory, and my good. He is so loving and merciful to keep us in peace and joy regardless, because I would be devastated if I hurt my Father God’s heart, if I hurt my Jesus’s heart, if I quench the beautiful friend I was given, His Holy Spirit. Even though He knows all…I just hate considering the idea that He does not take delight in His daughter…because of unforseen pride coming onto my lips and out of my mouth, because of my heart. Break my heart o Lord my God, that I may glorify Your name in all of my breath, my thoughts, and my actions. In His name. Amen.


Know what is so cool? I was led to begin Ezekiel this week, and tonight on Ezekiel 2, that Pastor taught…it is talking about how God prepares us for what He has planned for us to do. He will not allow us to be in a situation that we can’t handle spiritually. God is so good. I need encouragement so much. My Mighty Counselor! Isaiah 9:6. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_tear:


Thank you for teaching from God’s Word on pride. It’s so easy to let it creep into our lives. We need to hear the Word and I thank God for giving you the gift of teaching His Word and reaching across the World on the internet. May God be the center of our lives and all that we do be pleasing to Him!


Well, okay! This sermon makes me want to pray for a thorn as effective as Paul’s. God bless Pastor JD… trying to get our motley crew into shape to meet Jesus. Yes, the saved are made righteous by the blood of Jesus… but it might show a little respect for our Lord; show a bit of appreciation for what He has done, if we combed our hair and brushed our teeth while waiting to be caught up to Heaven. imho


I felt led by the Holy Spirit to say this and this is for someone.

if you can’t say something nice then leave them alone. Also, if you have to be fake better to say nothing at all. Let’s be righteousness and holy because Jesus is coming any day now!


Oh, you made me laugh. Yes, let’s get cleaned up like we are going to be in a wedding…WAIT, we ARE going to be in a wedding, HALLELUJAH!


WE ARE! Counting the minutes… see you there, sister o’ mine!


I can’t wait to see everyone there!!


I will look for you, Harrison. Make sure your crown is on straight so I can find you…lol!


We all have been guilty of a haughty spirit dear sis. Oh, to be free soon of this sinful earthly flesh. Can’t wait for my glorified body, my white horse to ride all I want with no back problems (I really want a Palomino color). Will you go for a ride with me?? Can’t wait.


I have been thinking like this too…but then I know I am getting a beautiful glorified body soon. I guess take good care of the rental before we depart is the right way to see it? The One in us, who is our helper is the One cleaning house within. Our beautiful Savior and King, Jesus told us that what He started in us will be done to completion. I am glad it is up to Him overall to clean house, we just have to give Him the rent that is due Him, and the keys to our heart. He will do the rest. Walk in faith, truth, love, boldness, and meekness. Be sensitive to the Spirit’s call on your life. He deserves all praise, glory, and honor…and our breath mind you. Walk out amongst the troubled waters, and He will do the rest . Read His Word, seek Him diligently with tears (of joy, thankfulness, grief, and sorrow…wherever you are at or led), fellowship with our family of Christ Jesus, give the gospel and train up disciples, and seek every moment to serve Him, as He does this mighty work in you and through you, God will richly bless you in this life and the future we look to, to come. Keep our eyes on Jesus. No matter what, even as He fights off those pesky flies in our tabernacle. Hmm…:thinking::yum::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


Thanks! I’ll try to wear it straight, but I wear all my hats a little crooked here! Lol


I would love to ride with you sissy just not sure what color my horse will be because i love them all. i’ll let God decide what color horse he wants me to have since His taste is magnificent in everything!

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Maybe God will give you one that changes colors like this! :grin:


Maybe for you since that was your idea! Mine will be special unlike any other.

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I’m sure it will! We can’t begin to imagine the amazing things God has in store for us!!


Morning Leslie,

Thanks for such a thoughtful reply; agree 100%. The cleaning up I spoke of is better related in your two comments (quoted here).

And thanks for a morning giggle— pesky flies. Yep. They are bothersome! I’m anxiously awaiting a new me— one free of the temptation to sin, finally able to wholly worship, one who will walk closer to my Lord— in ways my natural self just doesn’t have the capacity. What a glorious day we look forward to!

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