October 15, 2023: Bible Prophecy Update -- Why Israel, Why Now?

The forces of evil want and drive the people to destroy themselves so they can say their hands are clean and can fix it all if you just bow down.


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Holthaus doesn’t seem to be the only one who teaches this!

„The Misslers teach that a large percentage of saved people will experience weeping and gnashing of teeth.“

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Thank you Cora. I read the article about the Missler’s book. I’ve always thought Chuck Missler was solid, but hmmm…that book does not look like it is sound theology.

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I did and still do mostly but the Y2K scenario played out as a nothing burger and he pushed it as a catastrophe of biblical proportions coming. OK, I have been wanting to say they for a month everyone seems to be saying nothing burger.

I believe Chuck was a very good teacher but still made big mistakes on certain things pretty much like every preacher I have witnessed over 50 years. Look how Billy Graham ended, sad actually.

I had a short conversation a few years back when they were interviewing Kim Clement. And was giving him far too much credit for what he was doing as far as I was concerned. I even wondered if he was a project of DARPA still not sure.

The assistant told me they did not agree with what Ken said or did but were just looking for opportunities to have a conversation.

That sounded reasonable but it seemed like they gave him more credibility than I thought they would. God knows I don’t know even we believers are a mess, so why would we expect perfection on any of our parts?

It was interesting to hear his story for sure.


I think this is good advice to apply across the board. Amen. Blessings

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Yes, I believe most all of us believers are “a mess” lol. I always take criticism of leaders/ pastors with a grain of salt and realize we are all sinners, but at the same use Biblical truths to sift what they are teaching. And pray the Holy Spirit guides me.


Amen sister. Often we hold our convictions. A pastor bravely stands for our convictions. Sometimes that line can be blurred today and that conviction or that pastor may be the leading penetrant into our heart depending on situation. YET, I love what Pastor JD said in his latest update: “Don’t follow me, follow Jesus.” If we do just that (while extending it in like fashion to our temporal conviction perspective motif) 90% of church controversy and factions would disappear over night. Blessings.