October 17, 2021 - Topical Study – The Greatest Prophecy

Pastor Mac offers a topical teaching discussing why the birth of Jesus was the greatest prophecy ever told. This teaching will look into specifics regarding this event in the attempt to connect the Scriptures as it relates to the birth of Jesus from Genesis to the book of Revelation. In addition, genealogies will be examined in the hopes to uncover some hidden jewels that should increase our faith in the inerrant word of God.

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It really smacked me in the head when Pastor made that comment about how so many read technical manuals with such absolute confidence and faith in their complete accuracy and yet question the Bible.

And yet in reality, so many of those manuals are not only full of errors as Pastor said, but also become obsolete in a matter of months!



Thank you Pastor Mac :+1:t2:

a much needed Word! God bless you :heart::pray:


Really loved this message! Great job, Pastor Mac! Specifically the explanation that Jesus IS God. I run into people all the time that Jesus isn’t GOD the Son.

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